2003 Honda Shadow Spirit 750

by Amy S
(Raeford NC)

I have several friends who ride Harleys and so of course a couple of years ago when they heard I planned to switch from my sport bike to a cruiser they all assumed I wanted a Harley as well. Which of course that was my original way of thinking until I started shopping around and test riding. After a couple of months I had narrowed my search down to 2 motorcycles (3 if you count the very unreasonable Victory Vegas Jackpot). An absolutely gorgeous Harley Sportster and a very attractive Honda Shadow. To be completely honest I was leaning more toward the Harley for the namesake and the black and orange cafe racer colors, but after riding the bikes one right after the other the Shadow was hands down the bike for me. And because I was buying my bike used I brought along a friend (Harley rider) to check out the bikes and give me his seal of approval. After he too rode both bikes we were both very surprised to find that he too actually like the balance and handling of the Honda more than the Harley. Of course he still has his Harley Dyna but I am the proud owner of a Honda Shadow Spirit. I still get lots of flack from friends (and obnoxious strangers) about not having a Harley but I still LOVE my bike and am very happy with my choice.

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Dec 29, 2016
Congrats NEW
by: Jeff

Nice looking Shadow you have. I too was in a similar situation, looking for a cruiser,preferably a Harley. After searching, testing, I fell in love with a 2008 Suzuki Boulevard C50T that was turned into a bobber. Yes, I get flack from my Harley buddies but the looks, feel, balance, reliabilty,etc..it was perfect and I do not regret it. I am sure you will not either! How do you like it compared to your previous bike?

Aug 10, 2013
Honda vs Harley
by: Anonymous

I have a PhD in Harley Davidson Technology.
First Bike was a 250 rebel, that was returned in less than 30 days. lol
1994 1200 sportster new 7,000.00
Loved that Bike
1993 FXDWG Chopped it rode it Killed It. :)
2007 suzuki GXF 500 great little bike, but very dangerous.
2003 Used Honda Shadow 750 ACE
Very Impressed with the ride, better than a sporty.
However, Cheaply made, just spent 5 hours maintaining it, and I broke the dip.

A little tiny cast stub coming off of the engine case cover helps to support the drive sprocket cover. Couldnt get it back on and broke the little stub thing, now I can use it , but Only 1 screw holds it on.

Changed the rear sprocket to a 38 tooth.
OMG what an improvement.
New Chain, New Air cleaner, New Sub air filter
Oil Change,
Beautiful ride.

Just have to check to make sure the hub went back together correctly because the thing comes apart when you remove the axle. Now I may be draggin the rear drum ...Doh!

Have fun Ride Safe

Mar 26, 2013
by: GARY

My wife owns a Honda Spirit and absolutely loves it, she also looked at some Harleys but went with the Spirit and after a few custom upgrades this bike is one of a kind in our town. The bike is fast and dependable plus has great sound with the after market Vance & Hines Long shots. Super sweet bike with great performance, I give this bike two thumbs up.

Nov 24, 2012
by: steve aka elfnyc

congrats on your scoot !! you should be proud of that scoot! loved my honda shadow phantom - it was one of a kind ! u can go check it out on utube elfnyc - was in an accident with it and miss the hell out of that bike !
make your bike your own and ride it like ya stole it ;)
if ya ever need any help with anything on that scoot run over to hondashadowgarage forum they call me yoda for everything i know about them lol
theres tons of great info on ur scoot and loads of crazy smart people there ! good luck with ur scoot

Jun 05, 2012
Honda vs Harley
by: Anonymous

LOL I know exactly what you mean!! I am a Honda gal through and through - on my 3rd cruiser over a 20 year period. First was a Shadow Ace 1100, followed by 2 VTX 1300. The VTXs are very short girl friendly, beautiful balance with low center of gravity, handle like a dream. AND - I can easily reach the kick stand. Seems like Harleys' have the stand stuck waaaaay out there and at 5' 3" I can barely reach them.

Jun 02, 2012
Honda Shadow
by: Anonymous

Have always ridden Hondas and love them. I turned my 1999 Honda Valkyrie into a trike and it rides like a dream. We owned a Shadow in the past and really liked the ride.
Enjoying your bike is all that matters.

May 30, 2012
Women rider
by: Sproket

"It's not about the bike the woman rides, it's about the woman who rides the bike."

Former Harley Sportster rider turned Kawasaki Vulcan. I love my bike and I proudly ride to the Harley shop with my guy who rides a Harley Streetbob. (And I get a particular sense of glee when I think about the difference between our monthly bike payments.)

I wave to everyone, regardless of what they ride and I take no offense from those who don't wave back. We are all on two wheels and that's all that matters.

Enjoy that bike and ride it proudly. You are a woman on a motorcycle.

May 30, 2012
harley's and honda's
by: bikermama

I am blessed enough to own a Harley Sportster 883 and a Honda Shadow VLX. I love both my bikes equally well. Neither is superior to the other. They are both beautiful and a blast to ride.

May 30, 2012
wish I had more
by: Dee

I have a Honda as well. '84 sabre. I would like to add a Honda VTX 1300......it is soooo on my "wish list"!!!

May 30, 2012
I LOVE my Shadow
by: Rogue9362

My 2007 Honda Shadow Spirit c2 with her smooth shaft drive...her 4.5 inch ground clearance... her beautiful electric blue color... and 33,000 miles I put on her...
Need I say more?

Unfortunately, there are still some Harley snobs out there... they believe that if you are not riding a Harley, you're not riding...period. I have adopted a biker only lifestyle and don't even own another vehicle. I do my grocery shopping on her... my vacationing on her... and just returned yesterday from a 1000 mile trip in 5 days.

What gets me, is the women who ride on the BACK of a harley... and they're still looking down on me because I'm on the front of a honda. That's funny!

So enjoy your ride, because it's not WHAT you ride its THAT you ride

May 30, 2012
by: Amy S

After getting rid of the lunch box tail light and replacing it with the the cat-eye light and adding a shorty windshield, sissy (kiddie) bar and highway bars my bike is almost perfect.
I did have Cobra drag pipes at one point but removed them because I hated the popping (backfiring sounds) on downshifts and couldn't seem to find a shop that could fix the problem so I took them off and will be replacing them with V&H when I have the extra funds available. After that I'd like to remove the Shadow emblem from the tank THEN all will be perfect AND I will ride my Shadow till the wheels fall off.

May 30, 2012
Love your bike not the brand
by: Pamel

I am a South African Female (53yr old) whose been riding since I was 18 - I've always only rode Hondas - my last Honda (Shadow 600cc) I had since 1986 till January of this year, when my husband thought he'd surprise me, sold my bike to a very avid collector and bought me a Suzuki Boulevard C50T, 800cc with all the trimmings. I do love my new bike, but miss my Shadow something terrible.

May 30, 2012
by: Deb P

I am with you. For some reason I have tried both bikes and I now have a Honda Shadow 750 and I love it! I want a bike to ride without worrying about the name. So many choices out there. I do have a jacket and chaps that say Harley! hehehe

May 30, 2012
Love your bike
by: Stephanie

I have a white 2009 Honda Shadow Spirit. My husband rides a Harley. It feels intimidating when we ride to the Harley shop together.

I wanted a Honda for a long time because I know they last. My dad knew a lady who had one for 30 years. She took good care of it. That's just what I plan to do.

Love your bike!

Keep the shiny side up!

May 30, 2012
Congrats on the bike!
by: Kelly

I don't ride a Harley either, didn't have the need to ride the name, just ride.

I get MANY compliments on my bike (v star 650 classic) and I know you will too.

I ride my bike, not park it in my garage and tell everyone I have a Harley, ha ha! No digs on the Harley gals, not at all. Not all Harley riders feel like their bike maker is the only one worth it.

So have fun with the beautiful bike you have!

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