You mean you don't look like all those models pictured on motorcycles?

by Vroomer
(Southern California)

I just think it is so funny how women are pictured on motorcycles with long thick flowing hair on magazines. Yeah right! We all know what our hair would look like if we hopped on the back of a bike with out some kind of wrap, ponytail, scarf dohickie thingamabob. I'm so sure! Not to mention what combing it out would feel like. Split ends would be an understatement.

Great hair tips though!

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Sep 18, 2010
Women make sales or opposite?
by: Anonymous

Haha, my family is VERY into bikes, and I mean that in the most dramatic way you could think of it. I think it's hilarious when advertisers put a half naked woman on a bike and my brother (who is fully attracted to women) states " why's that girl in the way?!?! I want to see the dang bike!" hah... thought you ladies might get a kick out of that ;)

Aug 14, 2010
Helmet hair
by: Darlene

I have a 2008 HD Nightster and I love riding my own bike...but I hate taking pictures right after I get off bike. Your not going to get you hair like the models...So, I have learned to work with it instead of against it.

Slick hair back in a low ponytail. Get a ponytail same color as your hair...put it in your pocket....or Harley Davidson purse. Once you get to your destination, take off helmet, get your ponytail...you can either adjust your ponytail higher or leave it low...then attach ponytail...and tada!!!! Pretty Rider...You can even put on your Harley Davidson cap or visor...
Its tough because you want to look pretty too....I wear sunblock dramatize the eyes...and some lipstick or gloss.

I care mostly about safety when riding. But its nice to look cute and sexy. If its hot stick to the vest. I live in Texas near South Padre Island....we have Bike fest in October and its still like 95 degrees...can't wear your beautiful HD leather jackets...even the mesh.

The bling is nice too. I have a great Swarovski Bling on bike. I have a Beautiful band on the back of my seat...and let me tell you...cars slow down or get next to me to take my picture. The Bling Sparkles and catches everyone's attention.

Happy Riding to all


May 05, 2010
by: Diane

Hear Hear!! Come on Harley!! Use REAL WOMAN RIDERS in your adds! Make your adds believable! My hair was a mess when I got to work this morning, but I sure LOVED the ride in! A hair brush and a few hours out of the helmet and it might be presentable..but oh well, my commute was a BLAST!

Apr 11, 2010
HD and Women Riders
by: Janice

HD has ads pushing motorcycle riding for women all over the place. In 2009, the local dealer had Rider's Edge courses for women only. I can only repeat this from hearsay, but when I bought my bike the dealer said HD had set a goal in 2009 to register 100,000 women riders that year. I took the Rider's Edge class with 5 other women, all of them very enthusiastic about riding. One of the five didn't make it. She took the class because her boyfriend wanted her to and was too afraid. I was also at first but too darn stubborn to give in to it.

Mar 16, 2010
by: Anonymous

Do you think that maybe it's all about the marketing . "If you buy this motorcycle , you'll get girls like this!". Ha ha. My observation is that it may possibly work, lol. Do you notice that woman riders seem to pick what grabs them, and "feels right?" I don't see a whole lot of marketing aimed at the many woman that are now riding they're own rides. I have recently read that Harley Davidson is launching more aggressive ad campaigns targeted at the ever growing woman who are now riding they're own. Haven't seen any as yet. Just my thoughts, for what they're worth.

Ride on.

Mar 15, 2010
Real Women Riders
by: Lynn - SW FL

I've seen magazine and online advertising for an insurance company who also insures motorcycles. The picture in the ad is a normal, middle-aged woman sitting on her bike in her gear. The ad. states that this is what an insurance agent looks like. (for that particular company) I love it!

Mar 14, 2010
Real Women on Bikes
by: Kristina

They need real biker women on bikes or selling their products....and stop showing women like that exploiting themselves to sell their bikes or show their products. I'd probably buy more stuff from these people if I saw women like me and you. I don't know? What do I know, right?

Mar 14, 2010
by: kenberlyc

I agree. They should make these models get on the bike and ride. Then take their picture with their hair all in knots, just like ours.

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