What kind of bike do I get?

I'm a beginner rider. No previous experience to my BRC. I was told I caught on really fast though and improved more than some who had been riding for a couple years. I'm looking at different types of bikes. I haven't got a lot of money to spend and I want one that I will like the look of and can learn on. I tend to like the look of sportbikes or naked bikes. I don't want to kill myself though. I plan to take whatever bike I get to a parking lot and practice A LOT!

I've read some places that a 250 can be too small, that you outgrow it too fast and it's not good on the highway. However, I don't want something huge either that will overpower me.

What's a good middle ground? Any suggestions for a sporty bike that's okay for a beginner?

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Jun 24, 2011
Thanks Ladies
by: Iphi

Thanks for all the good advice. (I was the original poster) : ) As was mentioned by someone below, I did hear that there was a difference between Ninja 250's and other 250 bikes in power. That's good to know. I'm having fun doing some shopping and I visit craigslist just for fun. Finally, something I enjoy shopping for. ha ha Thanks again, I appreciate it.

Jun 24, 2011
Choosing a First Bike
by: Anonymous

I agree with most of the comments here about choosing a first time bike, however, after I finished my riding course, our instructors suggested getting the bike you want and learn on that one. Don't run out and buy a Sportster and then 6 months later wish you had something bigger. But again, it's all what you want to do, what kind of riding you want to do.

I just bought my very first bike, 2011 Heritage Softail and it fits nicely, it seems big and a bit intimidating. But the riding I want to do will eventually be long cruising trips.

The instructors also explained that a bit of bigger bike is somewhat easier to learn on as they are a smoother ride.

Good luck!

Jun 19, 2011
Get one you can flat foot.
by: Wanda

Sit on a bunch of motorcycles to see which one fits you best. My first and only bike is a BMW G650GS. I highly recommend it for someone planning to do dual sport riding. It is a pleasure to ride on or off road. I am 5'4" tall, and I can flat foot it with ease. Congrats on choosing to ride and successfully completing your BRC. Adventure awaits. Good luck finding the right bike for you.

Jun 19, 2011
Bike choices
by: Anonymous

You also have to decide what type of riding do you want to do.

Will it be traveling on a cruiser, do you need a dual sport to go on and off rode. Do you just like the look of the sports bikes cuz they look good. Make sure you decide what type of riding you want to do. How much do or can you pay. As someone suggested buying used is good but again what type of riding are you going. Is it just a street bike you want. Think about it and what do you want to carry and can this bike carry your gear once to start wanting to go on weekend or extended trips. If you caught on quickly you might move up in cc's quickly. Maybe a 750cc would be a good first bike. That is why there are so many bikes as there is different styles of riding.

Good luck and keep the shiny side up.

Jun 19, 2011
250s Differ Tremendously
by: Ninja250, not others

The power of a earlier generation Ninja250 ('07 & older) isn't significant under approx. 5000 rpm; that's what makes it a great beginner bike. However, I've been riding since the mid-70s. I currently own 12 bikes from 55cc Mini Cafe Racers to a Z1000 Naked Superbike, and the Ninja 250 (I had a '95 I bought for my Nephew to learn on) was among the most fun bikes I've ever ridden or owned. I hated to see it go when he was ready to go out on his own!

The people that usually say, it's underpowered or "you'll get bored" never even ride them to near their limit. There's an old adage amongst rides like me, 50+ who've ridden for decades: "It's more fun to ride a slower bike fast than a faster bike slower."

The Cruiser style 250s (especially) like the Honda Rebel are woefully underpowered to the Ninja by comparison. I rode my '95 up to Seattle from Portland and although I hate the freeway, I had to make time & rode it 85mph most of the way with a decent amount of throttle left; this, while I'm considerably heavier than most people on here, and the bike was begging for more. I can flog those through the twisties leaning even more than my modified RZ350 two-stroke superbike. Unless a person can ride a Ninja 250 to it's FULL potential with NO chicken strips, they have no all to say, "I got bored."

Most likely they were just another "straight-line hero" and any fool can twist a throttle. I can just about guarantee you a Ninja 250 will make you from a confident Newbie to a seasoned twisty road enthusiast far sooner than any other bike you might choose.

If I had room in my garage I'd have another one.

Just be sure if the bike has the old stock tires, or any tires older than 2-3 years, replace them immediately with a nice, fresh set of Pirelli Sport Demons, and you'll be amazed by the much greater feel and stability quality rubber will give you!

(DISCLAIMER no I don't work in the industry or have any financial interest in those, I merely LOVE them on a nice condition Ninja 250). I sure miss that bike!

Jun 19, 2011
Buy Used
by: jojo

Hi Lois,

I would suggest going to a motorcycle shop and sitting on several different bikes. For me, that's the fun part.

Also, I would suggest to buy used. Check Craigslist, there is always a ton of bikes for sale. That way you can ride it, and not feel horrible if/when you drop it. And you can always turn around and sell it if you decide to go bigger after a few months.

My husband bought a Ninja 250 which he uses to commute to work. It's perfect for the roads he travels, no freeway driving.

I bought a Suzuki Boulevard S40 and am enjoying it.

Have fun and be safe!

Jun 18, 2011
by: Lois

If you can find a Ninja 500 give it a look. I have one and think it's great, not to big, nimble in the turns and plenty of speed for the highway. I think what I like most is I can ride it all day and not be worn out at the end it's not so heavy it wears you down. Just look around and try as many as you can for fit. Also liked the price on the Ninja under $5000 out of the showroom.

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