V-Star or HD Softail Deluxe?

by Kim

Purple dream....or not?

Purple dream....or not?

Hi Ladies,

I am wondering if anybody has experience riding the Yamaha V-Star 650 and the HD Softail Deluxe?

My "dream bike" that inspired me wanting to ride a motorcycle, was a custom painted HD Softail Deluxe. I have always wanted to own a bike like the one I saw that day in the Reno shop.

Of course, that was years ago, and that bike is long gone. but the memory, lives on.

I have a used 650 Yamaha V-Star that is purple and I like it a lot. But, I can't stop thinking of the HD Softail Deluxe.

I also know the cost of the HD is 3x the amount of the Yamaha and I question whether it is actually a better bike or not?

How does the HD softail deluxe ride compared to the Yamaha V-Star (whether 650 or 1100).

In 2011, the HD softail deluxe will come out in a color combination that I will like, but I question really whether my mind is stable or not. Perhaps the V-Star rides better anyways, of which, I have it already....

I have attached a picture of the purple v-star. The picture was taken on a cloudy day. The color is actually quite a vibrant purple. It is a 2003 Yamaha V-Star 650 with 12,000 km.....


Warm regards,


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Aug 14, 2012
Vstar 650
by: robert

I also had the same question in mind, I hadn't a bike since 1978 ( H.D. Sportster) So in 2007 my wife asked me to get another bike after all these years so, ecconomy was my farmost importance and I purchased the XVS 650 Classic, I currantly have 12 thousand miles on it and have not had to do a thing to it but general maintenace, "nothing like my Harley" It's shaft driven so I don't even have to worry about chain tention, this bike is so great on gas I still get 49 miles to the gallon, I still have the same tires on it from when I bought it brand new off the show room floor and I beleive from the way they look I will get another 5000 miles on them easily. The only things I have done to it, is give ia a little more personality - Apes, up sweep fishtails, sissy bar, bullet tail & turning signals and lowered as low as I could go! she is Black and beautiful :) ♠♠♠

Jun 21, 2012
V-Star or HD Softail Deluxe?
by: Fay

This is an easy one !
I am also vertically challenged, at 5 ft. I owned a V-Star 1100 and loved that bike. Many long road trips it did me well. However I alwasy wanted the Softail Deluxe. I have purchased a 2008 FLSTN with 2690 miles on it and LOVE it. Best thing I ever did.It rides way smoother, just like going from the Toyota to a Cadilac !
My daughter has the V-Star now, and next year will also be getting a Softail Deluxe.
Go for it ! There are lots of great deals out there right now !

Feb 20, 2012
by: Anonymous

Just Bought a 2007 Vstar 650. My husband as a HD sportster. Mine- Paid for. His- has about 2 more years of payments. I love my bike, I actually get more comments on mine than he does. I use to want a soft tail but my Vstar is the same to me.

Nov 13, 2010
Softail is the Bike
by: Lori

I can't speak for the Vstar but I have an 07 softail deluxe and the bike is awesome. Great styling, great maneuverability. I'm 5'2" and I feel in good control of the bike and can make slow u-turns without worrying. Get the softail.

Oct 08, 2010
Go For Your Dream Bike
by: Elaine

I rode a Kawaski Vulcan 1500 for 3 years and then I got my 2008 Softail Deluxe 2 years ago. 23,000 miles later I love my softail. My Vulcan felt like it had a heavy front end. My Harley corners so much better. Get your Softail Deluxe. It was also my dream.

Oct 05, 2010
You're kidding right!!
by: Anonymous

Softail deluxe wins hands down!!! Which planet are u on! Buy the deluxe when it comes out in the colour combi you like you will NEVER look back!!!

Oct 04, 2010
Better Bike
by: Anonymous

It's not the name of the bike you should think about, but how you feel on the bike you ride now. If you feel good on the bike you ride now, why change that. Yes the HD looks good, but I bet you any money the Yamaha you drive now gives a better ride.

Oct 01, 2010
Deluxe vs VStar
by: Karen

Hi, I have owned and ridden both. Keep in mind the softail family is not rubber mounted! Your VStar is. On the Harley you feel the road as the vstar you feel nothing.... Higher speeds feel different but I guess that is the romance of a Harley! More road feel....

Aug 11, 2010
Deluxe Without Question
by: Anna

Kim..my first bike is a V-Star 650 Classic. I love it because it looks like a mini-Softail. I have been riding since May 2010 and it is perfect for me. I am only 4'9" and my feet are flat on the ground with my V-Star. I recently test rode a Softail Deluxe and LOVED it! It was an awesome ride and comfortable. I decided to purchase it, but unfortunately the deal fell through. I will get one as soon as I can as I have always wanted a Softail. Anna

Aug 11, 2010
V-Star vs. Softail Deluxe
by: Anna

Kim: I have a V-Star 650, my first bike and I LOVE it. I have only been riding since May but what a thrill! I am only 4'9" and the V-Star fits me perfectly, but I have always wanted a Softail. About a week ago I saw this sweet Softail Deluxe at a local HD with an almost identical color/paint job as my V-Star. I test rode it and fell in love. I would trade my V-Star in a heartbeat for the Deluxe. It is a great ride and feels nice. But I know if I could have both I would. Good luck in your decision. Anna

Jul 26, 2010
by: Joe

The Deluxe weighs 690 lbs Low center of gravity easy to ride A classic looking bike. You will love it. I have an 06 and love it no problems whatsoever so far!!!!

Jul 17, 2010
I've owned both...
by: Heidi

My first bike was a 2007 Yamaha V-Star 650 Silverado. I HATED it. Sure it was light, but there was something about the shaft drive that I just couldn't get used to.

I traded it in this March for a Softail Deluxe. Overall, it was a great decision, but the Softail Deluxe really IS much heavier than the V-Star and my husband hates the way the handlebars are (they can be adjusted).

It's up to you on what you want to ride. just keep in mind that the V-Star is shaft drive and the Softail is belt drive and there definitely is a huge difference in weight. Maybe you should go to your local H-D dealer and test drive one to see if you like the weight and feel. Good luck!

Jul 15, 2010
Love My Deluxe
by: Ellen

I had a Yamaha Vstar 1100. Everyone I rode with tried to talk me into getting a Harley. Why? I liked the Vstar, it was a good price, and got me where I wanted to go. I fought the "Get a Harley" for 3 years. What finally convinced me was the fact that Harley dealers are everywhere, and easy to find it you break down. We ride a lot, and that is a big plus. I have owned my deluxe for 2 years. It's the nicest bike I've owned. It has a smooth ride, and better balance.

Jul 07, 2010
Definately the Softail
by: Anonymous

Hi, I had a V-Star 1100 and found it top heavy. Once I rode the softail it was an instant trade up. The style, balance, seat height (I'm just under 5'7") is perfect. I regretted the -star from the purchase. I had to sell the HD but keep looking for another one.

Jul 06, 2010
Bike Looking Good
by: Anonymous

Hi Kim, It's not the make of the bike that counts. It's what you think of your bike. If you like your bike, put a few accessories on your bike and make it better. Remember, all the money you can save not buying the Harley.

Jul 01, 2010
BIG weight difference!
by: Sandra

I have a Suzuki Boulevard C50T (600 pounds) and DH has a Heritage Softail; his buddy has the Softail Deluxe. Their bikes weigh in just under 1000 pounds. They have both driven my bike and both comment on how LIGHT my bike is, even though it looks the same size as their HD's. The 600 pounds is a good weight for me; I don't know if I'd like to add another 300-400 to that, even tho we're rolling them, not carrying them. Yet my insurance agent (female) has a Softail, as did my sister-in-law once upon a time (she switched to a Corvette - go figure)and they both are in complete control on them.

I think if no one was listening, my guys would say they kinda like the lighter bike...but they both have Harley-itis and could never say so in public. ;-) As a new rider w/not so much saddle time, I'd work my way up to such a large bike. Just my opinion.

Jun 01, 2010
by: Lynn - SW FL

Big difference between a VStar 650 and HD Softtail. I ride the VStar 1100 and it has plenty of power. It also runs on low-test gasoline where a lot of the Harley's require high-test.

Jun 01, 2010
Softail Deluxe
by: Keely

My first bike was the most beautiful V-Star 650 and I loved it! It had different pipes, air cleaner and completely chromed out so it was quite pretty. I rode that bike to Sturgis (from Michigan) and it kept up just fine with the Harley's. I thought I would keep that bike forever! Last summer it broke down in the Smokies and it was too costly to repair so I left it there and bought a new 650. Stripped off much of the chrome in the parking lot of the dealership to put on the new bike. I hated that bike! Sounded like a sewing machine and had no guts! I came home and traded it in for a Softail. I love my new bike! It's a smooth ride, very solid feeling. It has such a classic look to it and so many options to add chrome! If you can afford the Harley, buy it! If not, switch out the pipes and add an air cleaner to the Yamaha to beef it up a bit. Either way, you'll love the ride! After all, that's what's it all about!

May 29, 2010
Deluxe vs V-Star
by: merry wayne

A good friend just got a 2009 Yamaha 650 V-Star and loves it. It's a bit small for me. I just recently rode a 2010 deluxe and did not like the handlebars at all. Of course you can change anything. The ride was smooth and comfortable and of course has a 1600cc engine compared to the 650, so the power is great. Think I'll keep my 2007 Dyna Low Rider for now.

May 29, 2010
V-Star vs Deluxe
by: Diane

I have a 2007 V-Star 650 classic Silverado, it is my first bike and I like it a lot. I also sat on a Deluxe recently and fell in love but didn't ride it.. It feels more substantial and solid than my star Also fell in love with an Indian at a bike show, but it was 35K. That sorta makes the HD look like a bargain.

May 29, 2010
V-Star, All the Way
by: Anonymous

I am not a HD bike lover,so if you like your yamaha,enjoy it to the fullest. Just ride, ride, and enjoy.

May 29, 2010
V-Star and Softtail
by: kenberlyc

Harley dealers have certain days when you can go and test ride any bike as long as you have a license with a motorcycle endorsement. I say go try the softtail out. My brother in law and my friend have the softtail deluxe's and they are awesome bikes. My husband has a springer softtail classic and wow, what a bike. I do love the look of the v star and yours is a beauty. I personally own a Honda Shadow and a Harley Sportster and I love them both.

May 29, 2010
by: Rocco

I used to own a purple V-star 650. Took it from Denver to Sturgis 2x. I've owned about 12 bikes, different makers, and the V-stars in my book are the best. You can easily and afford-ably accessorize these bikes. So many options. They have precise handling. Low to the ground.

I put 6in risers on, which gave it a pull-back feel. Replaced the pass seat with a chrome rack. Replaced the stock pipes with V and H. Put a small shield on. What a beauty. Can't comment on the Softail Deluxe. Have to say, My husband and I were ready to sign papers on 2 new Harley's, and at the last minute decided not to. Reason being, you can have as much a bike for a fraction of the cost.

You do pay for the Harley name. Husband has a Suzuki Boulevard 1500 and I have the 1100 V-star. We couldn't be happier. Good luck with your decision. Enjoy your ride.......

May 28, 2010
HD Deluxe
by: MorningCoffee

I went to a women's national ride in last year and with over 500 women there I found a large number of women who could ride anything they wanted were on Deluxe's. I asked why and they said, price wasn't a factor as trade in or resale is always high, the height is the best for women, it's a heavy bike - not all over the road, and they liked the HD name and service.

Most had done some customizing on their Deluxe's.
If you have always wanted a Deluxe, I say go for it. Or rent one at a dealer and try it out on a longer trip if you can.

May 28, 2010
Silverado Classic
by: Julie

Hey Kim,

I can't compare to the HD never ridden one, I do have a Yamaha Silverado Classic. I love this bike. Wish I would have gotten the 1100. It is my first bike and money was a factor. I bought the 650 new in 2007. I love the bike and hate it when the ride ends. Good luck. Enjoy!

May 28, 2010
by: shari

Pretty Bike, I would say the weight of the v-star versus the harley, the deluxe weights what? 500 some odd pounds? the v-star a bit less. You should go test drive one, i totally love the deluxe, I love those fenders and they sit lower then a lot of Harley's and I am short! I have a 08 sportster and the deluxe sits lower, If I could find a home for the sporty I would be all over the deluxe.

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