Throttling up when using the handbrake

by Samantha

Hi, I have just bought my first bike, Yamaha V Star 250(going for lessons in about three weeks) but gave it test ride in the front garden to practice my stop starts and get used to the clutch; but I found everytime I went to use the handbrake, I tended to throttle up. Is this normal? I feel like my hand is too small or maybe I'm gripping it wrong?

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Sep 26, 2011
yeah!! My wonderful Partner has fixed my problem.
by: Samantha

My wonderful Partner has fixed my clutch and hand brake handles, moving them closer by about 1cm, Now I can wrap my fingers around the handle instead of just using my finger tips. It makes such the difference!! He tapped a screw into the Brake handle, it still leaves plenty of "freeplay and throw" for those mechanics out there. The clutch has a screw adjustment hidden under a rubber grommet, he just screwed that in and I can now reach!! No more throttling up when braking. I had my first bike ride too, for the first 1/2 hour the bike went where it wanted to go (we were in a large field), after 2 hours, I was like Steve MacQueen on the Great Escape, my top speed was 40kms/hr but that felt really fast!! My next field lesson will be braking and throttling down using the clutch. Love my Yamaha V Star 250, Even more now that I can reach my handles easily. I can add photo's when I work out how.

Sep 23, 2011
I agree
by: Anonymous

It is a feel thing. You should see if you can adjust the levers...I have to on every bike I ride because of small hands, but after that it is truly a feel. Relaxing you arms and shoulders will help a lot and then practice, practice, practice.

Sep 20, 2011
throttling /usining handbrake
by: Anonymous

Anonymous...that was great advice. I had to learn to do the same thing. The only thing I would add is to relax. I was doing it because I was afraid to loosen my grip, anxiety and nerves.

She will have to relax in order to allow enough slack in her grip to let the throttle spring back. I think she said she's a new rider. She could just be holding on too tight. I know I was. I held on for dear life, but if you loosen up you will control everything better, not the other way around, which is usually a newbies way of thinking.

Sep 20, 2011
some adjustments perhaps??
by: Samantha

A friend of mine is a bike mechanic so he's going to come and look and make sure I'm set up properly. Might be able to make some adjustments, here's hoping!

Sep 19, 2011
by: Sandra

Nope; it is not good...that's how I dumped my bike that first ride I ever took...well that was the first of many riding mistakes I made in that 8 seconds...

Sep 18, 2011
Relax your grip
by: Anonymous

I used to do this too. It's technique. You have to learn to ease your grip when you go to brake. Like letting the steering wheel of a car slide through your hands after a turn. You need to let the throttle spring back before you grip the brake.

My problem was when I accelerated, I shifted my grip up when I was done accelerating for less strain on my wrist at a faster speed. Then when I rolled off the throttle, my fingers were too far forward and I ended up rolling the throttle faster with my palm when I tried to grip the brake. Once I learned to ease up on the grip and let the throttle spring back a bit on it's own the problem cured itself.

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