The best bike for a woman is ....

Whatever bike she can handle well and safely. Why is it that you show a Sportster here as the Harley for a woman. I'm so surprised! A Sporty might work for some but it is one of the hardest bikes to ride... it's top heavy with a short wheel base. The bigger the bike, the more well balanced it is and easier to handle. I'm 5'1" and weigh 125 lbs and started out on a Sportster because a salesman told me that's what I needed because I was small. BS! I rode the heck out of it for 3 years because I was upside down in it. When I moved to the 03 Dyna, it was like heaven! And then I moved on up to an 06 Deluxe which is the ultimate for me and alot of other women. Within in the next year, I will buy another bike... can't decide if I want a Fat Boy or a Road King. I've been on my own bike for 12 years and have been told by many guys that they would rather ride with me than some of their buddies because I know how to ride... well, confidently and safely. I'm also the founder and president of a women's MC and a writer for a nationally published MC enthusiast magazine. Thanks!

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Oct 17, 2014
Your absolutely correct!
by: DianeG

The salesmen always send women to the Sportsters, they are lighter weight but not by much!
They are the most uncomfortable bike that Harley makes.
My current (together 2 yrs) BF had a sporty too, I wasn't impressed, so I took lessons after 25 yrs of NOT riding. Last yr,I chose the Dyna LOWRIDER as my 1st bike! Handles great, weight is centered, wheel base incredible. Pegs are comfortable for me (5'2")as they are close to seats.
I will buy another Dyna.
Just a coincidence "I guess" but my BF traded his Sporty in for a Softtail Heritage last week! My Dyna has a bigger CC motor than his 1200 Sporty.

Dec 04, 2011
sportster versus deluxe
by: Shelly

Got my lisence in 2003. I'm 5'1". I drove a sporster until this year. my 1200L could def. keep up with the big bikes. Then I tried out a 2012 softail deluxe. and never looked back. the narrower seat and low feature is just right.and I wont need to add higway pegs with the floorboards. but best of all is the ride. no more feeling those bumps in the road. If you can afford skip the sportster. the only bad thing is the extra weight. hard to back up if theres even a small incline.

Nov 23, 2011
Same model, different bikes!
by: Gypsy Spirit

Love my '95 883! I never wanted a Harley, was a Honda person from way back, but when my boyfriend produced two Sportys, a '95 Deluxe and an '03 Hugger and gave me my choice for my birthday ... well!

He thought I'd want the '03 because I'm short and it's lower. I didn't like it. Though the '95 has a higher center of gravity, it has great balance and handles well in the twisties ... the bigger bikes have a hard time keeping up! I did switch seats and add road pegs and pull-back risers to make it more comfortable for distance riding (check out my journal at GypsySpiritsRides.weebly.com).

The bottom line is every bike is its own creature (are two cats from the same litter the same? No!) Every little tweak, from model year to the position of the bars make it different. Whatever bike you choose ... tweak it for you ... no matter what anybody else thinks! The perfect bike for anyone is one you can ride all day and still look forward to riding all day again tomorrow! Happy Trails!

Oct 18, 2011
Ducati Ryder
by: Anonymous

If you want a bike that actually performs, buy anything but a Hardley Ableson.

Oct 13, 2011
my choice of bikes
by: Madeline

I ride a Ducati Monster, Triumph Bonneville and a little 50cc scooter. This summer I accomplished one of my goals and rode my Triumph Bonneville coast to coast alone. Check out my site, http://missrider.com/

I am always the leader in the rides with the men because they cannot keep up with me. LOL
I out ride them all as they say. As a result, I have very few people that will ride with me, so most of my rides are alone unfortunately. However, I love riding with groups when possible.

My next purchase for a bike will be a Harley V-Rod or a BMW K1600 or a Ducati Monster. My heart leans more towards the V-Rod just because I need a Harley in my collection.

Webmaster --> What is the link to your magazine?

Oct 12, 2011
by: Jeanne

I ride a Sporty 883 and I love it. It is the only bike I have ever ridden, except that I test drove a Heritage and WOW, what a difference. I did not realize how ackward my sporty is until I rode something with a longer wheel base that was so much better balanced and had good suspension. I still ride my sporty because I cannot afford a new bike at this moment. I do love my current bike and I have put 10,000 miles on it this year alone, but I look forward to a bigger bike soon.

Oct 12, 2011
I own 3 HD's
by: Sassy2731

Well I happen to own one of each, Sportster, Fatboy, and a Roadking, and they all have their good and bad aspects. I love all of my bikes, but I do ride them for different reasons. I too am only 5'2" or so as I really think I have shrunk the older I get. I actually think my favorite all round bike would be the Fatboy. I do feel the most comfortable on it when I ride alone or with a group of other women. But I really love the smooth ride of the roadking. Just can't beat the air ride for those long highway rides. So you see it is to each their own and there is no one bike that fits everyone or woman. My personal opinion for the best ladies bike would be one of three either the Fatboy, Heritage or Deluxe, but then again they are the same frame just dressed up differently. I would suggest when choosing a bike for you to sit on or ride as many different kinds to get the feel of them all and you make the choice. But always do remember that anybike can be lowered and adjusted to fit you! Ride safely!

Oct 12, 2011
by: Anonymous

I have a sporter and love it you are full of shit It is not top heavy just because you think you are great rider I think you are full of it or you would not run any bike down that i not done in the biker world. You don't know shit about the real biker world. I have been a pres. of abike club for 21 yrs. so stop running your stupid trap I don't care what kind of mag you write for.

Oct 12, 2011
Love my Sporster!
by: Joan

I have a 2011 Sportster Superlow and have never felt like it was top heavy. While the older models might have been, this one is not. It is easy to ride, easy to move and just a lot of fun. I wouldn't hesitate recommending this particular model/year to any rider. Everyone has different opinions and basically it just comes down to what they are comfortable on. Right now, for me, I am comfortable on my Superlow. Someday I might move up to something bigger, but for now I am very happy riding my sporty!

Oct 12, 2011
I also agree...
by: Melodee

When I started looking at bikes, I thought I wanted a Sportster. My HD salesman told me that if that is what I really wanted, he would show me one, but, he said he thought that I would not be happy. I asked what he thought would be best for me and he showed me the Deluxe. That is what I ended up buying and I love, love, love it. It handles well and has the power for the hills and curves where I live.

Oct 12, 2011
I agree!!
by: Sandra

...but don't tell those ladies that LOVE their Sportsters...some get really defensive. :)

A Harley salesman once told me that although Sportsters were marketed toward women, they are not necessarily the best choice for ladies because they are TOP HEAVY!

I ended up with a Suzuki Boulevard C50C and have loved every minute on this bike...after my first 5 minutes! Really bad first experience. ;) But I learned from it.

Good luck on your next ride!

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