Target Fixation

by Sandy

I took the BRC a couple of months ago and obviously we talked a lot about Target Fixation. At that time I thought: "Well, that makes sense and sure looks easy to control! No sweat".
Oh well... not exactly!

Right after the BRC, I bought my bike and started riding - Left curve, right curve... outside-inside-outside... until I faced my worst enemy: Target Fixation.
Yeap! I SAW the gravel on the road, I HIT the gravel on the road!

Luckily, besides a few bruises on my knee, my ego was really the one crashed down. Well, that and my baby bike.

Right after the crash, I felt ok and still very confident to ride back home and lick my wounds.
But now, a couple of weeks later, it seams that I forgot everything I learned, and I cannot set my mind free of al types of situations where I can have an accident.
Basically I'm not having fun anymore :-(

I would truly apreciate if you could share some experiences related to this? Am I just those type of people that has no 'talent' to ride?

I am soooo frustated right now....


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Jun 15, 2012
New Update
by: Sandy

Thank you for your feedback.

FYI -I decided to take the Advance Riding Course with Riding Academy of New Jersey, and that was the best decision ever.
Not only I regain my confidence in riding, improved my techniques, but most important, I'm having fun again!
I know that I'm a long way to consider myself as a great rider, but a least now I know I'm on the right track. Now, I just have to continue practice, practice, practice...

Highly recommend for any of you, experienced, non experience riders, to take the Advance Riding Course. Ray (the owner), Super Dave, Joann and Joshua from the Riding Academy were the best!


Jun 09, 2012
Target Fixation
by: Turtle

I went to a seminar at a HOG Rally several years ago that talked about this very topic. There were several motorcycles in a group. The first one wrecked and two others fixated on them and also joined in the wreck. The trailiing motorcycle rider turned his head and looked where he wanted to go and avoided the crash. I love to ride and do competition riding as well as riding for pleasure on the road. The best advise I can give you is go back to the basics. Get in a parkinglot set up some of the small walmart cones or tennis balls cut in half and practice u-turns, off set cone weaves and break and escape and breaking on a curve (you might also order the video ridelikeapro which teaches you these techniques) until you become comfortable. Then get back on the road and lookig ahead down the road and look where you want the motorcycle to go and it will. NEVER outride your skill level or try to keep up with someone just because you don't want to be left behind. You don't want to ride too slow that it impeeds trafic, this is just as dangerous as riding to fast but you want to use the skills you learned in the class. Also, you could go back through the class again. I have ridden over 200,000 miles but I take every class that is in my area, no matter what level it is. You never stop learning. Hope this helps!

Jun 06, 2012
your not alone
by: Sassy2731

Don't worry even us seasoned riders can have times that are hard to overcome. I crashed a moped over 10 years ago then went and took the class and I still have problems with big cracks in the pavement. I only ride motorcycles with big fat tires. I fear the skinny tires on the front wheel for the simple fact that the moped I crashed was an older model and it had a skinny tire. I still get nervous when a crack is in the pavement and I try and steer away from it because that is what caused the wheel wobble that crashed me. I've been riding motorcycles for 6 years now and that moped wreck and the cracks still unnerve me when riding. Try some chewing gum it helps somewhat to keep you from focusing too much on your fears. I now have some speakers mounted on my bike and I plug in my mp3 player and jam to my music and that helps also. You'll never forget your crash, but it does get much easier riding. I had problems after a friend crashed and died as well, but you just have to keep getting back on your bike and keep going. If you let your fear get to you then you let it beat you. If you truly enjoy riding you will get through this minor setback. I did!!!

Jun 05, 2012
Hang in there...
by: Connie

Don't give up! Take it back a few notches and start slowly again to build your confidence. Practice, practice, practice the beginning skills you learned in your rider's course. You know now to keep your chin up, so that's half the battle! You can do it!! Keep us posted! You'll be fine!

Jun 05, 2012
Overcoming Target Fixation
by: Tina

Hi, I too just recently took the BRC (April 1st) got my bike and have been loving it. I have found a lot of help and support from many sites, especially her-motorcycle.com but the one I have listed below I think might help with your issue.


In the comments of this are more suggestions from others. Good luck and don't let the frustration take away something you love to do!

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