by Dottie

I am wanting to discuss riding eyegear, specifically prescription sunglasses. Here is the deal. I wear contacts but the fact is I can see better when I wear my glasses. I am thinking of getting prescription sunglasses for riding because bad eyesight is another safety issue I don't want to have. I usually just wear my contacts with regular sunglasses when I am on the bike. Sometimes I have to admit that I have a hard time reading signs and stuff. However I am seriously thinking of another solution and the only thing I can think of is getting a pair of prescription riding sunglasses. I don't know where to go to find decent prices or even what exactly to look for. Any advice?


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Sep 06, 2011
by: AmandaI

You may go over Zenni Optical. Their glasses are very affordable and the qualities are also excellent. They offer several different kinds of prescription sunglasses, polarized clip-on sunshades which can turn the regular glasses into the sunglasses, tinted sunglasses, polarized sunglasses and photochromic glasses. Besides, as far as I?m concerned, their goggles are very suitable for cycling.

Aug 16, 2011
I LOVE mine
by: Dawn

My eye doctor didn't have any variety, so hubby and I tried online.

I used a place called Sport Rx, but my husband got his from somewhere else. (he just Googled prescription motorcycle glasses)

I absolutely love mine, they are Wiley X, don't remember the model, but they have removable foam so they fit kind of like goggles, but the sunglasses fit tight enough that I don't even use the foam insert unless it's really windy.They listed the sizes so I just picked a pair for a small-medium face, and they fit perfectly. They will need a copy of your prescription, and most of the frames can be fit with clear, tinted or the Transition type lenses.

Hubby has the Transitions in his and loves them, but they don't always work under a face shield though. Something about the UV coating on the shild blocking UV and the lenses need the UV to change color.

Disclaimer: Both hubby and I were nervous about online glasses, but since our prescriptions were simple, we gambled. If you have anything too tricky you may want to spend the money for the ones at the eye dr. My glasses through Sport Rx were less than $150.

Just typing this reminds me that I wanted another pair in clear for night.

Aug 15, 2011
by: Bonnie, Gander, NL

I also ride with glasses and I have a full face Scorpion helmet with the inside tinted visor that comes down. When I ride on a nice sunny day (day trip), I ride with my prescription sunglasses. I don't wear contacts so already have prescription sunglasses. I always carry my regular glasses in my tank bag for when we stop and shop ;) or for when the weather turns bad and I need to switch. However, if you are going thru tunnels or don't want to worry, the inside tinted visor I have in my Scorpion helmet is awesome! Just a simple flip (whether my clear visor is up or down) and I can go from tint to non-tint. Also, you don't need 'special' sunglasses. Take your helmet with you when trying on sunglasses and see which ones will fit with your helmet on and at the same time like them. Because this way, you can wear these sunglasses when you are not riding!

There are many options for you...go with what is the most comfortable for you.

Have fun and safe riding!



Aug 15, 2011
sun glasses
by: Anonymous

Oakley glasses have many styles that you put a perscription in, and they are made for the active person

Aug 15, 2011
riding Rx
by: Quynn V

The last time I was at my local eye doctor they had tinted riding glasses (with foam). I think you could even get them with clear lenses. My buddy that rides with me has prescription goggles that are both tinted and clear (he just has to change them out when it gets too dark). Another friend has clear goggles that are made to go over his prescription glasses.

Point is they are out there...I would talk to your eye doctor.

Aug 15, 2011
Rx Sunglasses
by: Sandra

I got prescription sunglasses long before my bike because I need them to play golf...and I got a pair at my local eye doctor where I get my regular glasses. But the last time I went for an exam and was telling Dr. about my new hobby - motorcycles - he was excited to share a new pair of glasses for those of us who need corrective lenses made especially for biking conditions (wind issues?). He was asking me how he could best promote them, such as a clinic to introduce such eye wear to local bikers at a biker meeting or ABATE group...

Personally, I wear my Rx sunglasses under my clear shield of my 3/4 helmet and carry my clear glasses in case conditions change rapidly. Then again, a tip I recently read regarding seeing better in a downpour indicates that sunglasses are more helpful than not...great for my car, but if it's raining that hard on my bike, I'm probably pulling over for a cup of coffee.

Short answer, ask your very own eye doctor.

Aug 15, 2011

I wear glasses and wouldn't dare ride without them. I tried goggles and hated the thick line that I could see at the bottom. Besides, they made it hard for me to read my gages. I ride with a 3/4 helmet with a clear shield, and the helmet also has a dark tinted shield that comes down behind the clear shield when the sun is in my eyes. Love this helmet. No need to change shields cause you want to ride at night. Just hit the button on top and your dark shade shield slides up into the helmet and out of the way. If you need the shades, just slide the slider on top of the helmet and the dark shield appears!

Aug 14, 2011
by: Lois

If you wear a full face helmet Scorpion has a helmet with a built in visor flip it up out of the way when you don't need it flip it down when you do. I have one and I love it, one road I like to ride has several tunnels on it no lights in them so I don't have to worry about trying to get the sunglasses off just flip the visor up go thru and flip it back down it's great.

Aug 14, 2011
I know somewhere
by: Kelly

That you can get prescription sunglasses, but they actually are wind glasses. The look like riding glasses only the sunglass part flips up and the prescription glasses are behind it.

Go to Zenni.com. They ran me about $40.

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