Starting My 94 Honda Shadow VLX in Gear

by Christine
(Manville, NJ USA)

94 Honda Shadow 600 VLX

94 Honda Shadow 600 VLX

I know it doesn't happen often to the more experienced riders, but being a rookie of only about 4 months of riding, I still stall the bike at traffic lights and stop signs. I used to be able to restart the Honda in 1st gear but now I have to find N and then press start. The Honda just got a 'clean bill of health' from the shop after some carb issues in April. My husband checked the clutch switch, the side stand switch and he jumper-ed the wires for the clutch switch and I still can't start in gear. HELP!! Before he begins to take my bike apart.

Thank you!


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Jun 08, 2010
Starting in Gear
by: Lynn - SW FL

Best to let the mechanic figure it out. I have been riding for a couple of years with lots of mileage under my belt. On occasion I still stall my bike on take-off (usually at the worse possible time) and can quickly pull the clutch and restart my bike and get going while still in gear. It's not just a rookie thing, it happens to everyone. Sometimes you need to get moving and out of the way of cars so I hear what you are saying. I hope you get the problem resolved soon.

Jun 07, 2010
by: Christine

Thank you everyone.

Jun 06, 2010
In Gear
by: Anonymous

You should always start your bike in neutral!

Jun 06, 2010
Startiing in Gear
by: Linda in OZ


It's my understanding that it's much safer to start a bike in neutral. If you start it in gear and the clutch is not engaged properly you have a chance that the bike will lurch forward unexpectedly and could topple over with the momentum.

You'll get over the stalling with a little more practice. Is the action of your clutch lever good for you so you have it properly engaged when you come to a stop? Maybe it could be a little softer?

Cheers, Linda

Jun 06, 2010
New Rider Stuff
by: Rene L


More experienced riders will probably have much better advice, but I too am still a fairly new rider and have had a few times when I forgot simple stuff about starting my bike and thought there was some mechanical problem. I'm sure you have probably thought about all of this but for both my bikes, Suzuki's, the bike won't start if the kickstand is down and I'm sure you have probably made sure that you had the clutch engaged - would be necessary if it is in gear and on both my Suzuki's was necessary in general.

One other thing the mechanic told me is that if I have trouble getting the bike to change gears from a dead stop to engage and disengage the clutch and then try to put it in gear. Seems to help with the Suzuki's.

I love the bright color of your bike. My first was a bright pink and now I have a blue and white one with a little metal flake in the paint so it kind of shimmers in the light.


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