"Sophie" 2010 Suzuki S40 Boulevard

by Bonnie
(Gander, NL, Canada)

Me & Sophie When I Bought Her

Me & Sophie When I Bought Her

Me & Sophie When I Bought Her
Saddlebags and Windshield Installed
Another View

Hi everyone! I am brand new rider...my husband and I took the course in April and then as soon as we passed when went to the dealer and picked up our bikes. I love my bike and she is the perfect starter bike for me, that and I am partial to Suzuki (my car is a Suzuki). I am still getting used to the gear shifting and what she does and does not like, but I know we will have a long and great relationship! Every time I go for a ride, just before I start her up, I talk to her (yep, I do!)...it is like a pep talk for me :)

I have added (sorry, my husband has added), saddlebags and a windshield to her. Still looking for back/sissy bar luggage, but haven't found anything that tickles my fancy.

She is the perfect bike for me...for now ;)

Cheers! Happy riding and stay safe!

PS: The bike in the background on our driveway is my husbands...Suzuki V-Strom 650. My feet can't even touch the ground on that one...so he is safe from me trying to ride it (ha ha).

Comments for "Sophie" 2010 Suzuki S40 Boulevard

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Oct 21, 2015
+1 on where did you get those great bags
by: Anonymous

+1 on where did you get those great bags and how did you mount

Sep 06, 2015
nice side bags!
by: Anonymous

where did you get the nice side bags? what brand etc?

Aug 26, 2015
Tugging and Back firing
by: Julianne

Hey there, love my bike too. But after a year and a half riding the back firing got worse and the bike started to die after riding at high speeds moving down to 50 km or so.
Went on www.suzukisavage.com and found a forum to ask questions. (the mechanic at the bike shop could not figure it out even though, it is a known problem).
You may have to replace the Fuel Valve (Petcock). Met a lady a few months back in a parking lot, she asked me about the hesitating. She said she can not even ride it anymore. Now I know what it is. 50% of the stock fuel vales are faulty.
Now i have had 5 good rides with no issues.
Safe Ride !

Jun 04, 2013
Windshield Response
by: Bonnie

Hi Lisa: I measured my windshield from top to the top of the headlamp and it is 15". I ordered the windshield and mount for the S40. My husband installed it, no need for a dealer to do it :) I am in my third riding season and I still love Sophie. While there are times I do "itch" for a bigger bike, she is just so great to ride and easy to handle, I don't know if I could give her up (ha ha). I also put on heated grips.

Happy riding!


Jun 04, 2013
by: Lisa

I have a 2011 S40 and need to buy a windshield. Can you tell me if you have the 15" or 17", and is it a "do it yourself" installation or will I need to have the dealer install it?

Jun 03, 2012
by: Zahir J

These Thumpers are great bikes - once you re-jet the carb. When done right, that jerkiness (stumble) in 1st and 2nd disappears, the bike pulls strong and smooth all the way through the gears and you gain more top speed.

The best mod you'll ever make to Sophie is to have her rejetted.

Jun 21, 2011
Low Speeds
by: Steph

When I first started riding her at low parking lot speeds I didn't have the shut down backfire but now that I take her out for actual cruises around the neighborhood she does puff when turning off. Not every time but often enough. These S40 gals are known to do that.

I got her up to 35mph (woohoo!) and found a long winding tree-lined road near my house. It was blissful. She's great to learn on and I'm happy I got her.

My giraffe legs are a little cramped and I find a relaxed foot placement is a few inches farther than where the pegs are set. Next year when I'm going on longer rides I'll either need to make modifications to the seat height or look into a bigger bike.

You are right about the chugging if you change gears at too low of a speed. I'm having a better time shifting up smoother between 2nd & 3rd. I still haven't found the sweet spot between 1st & 2nd. I'm going by sound but also sometimes use the speedometer as help/guidance since we are lacking a tach. I still can't tell how fast I am going without looking at it but I don't have a windshield. That's why 30 mph feels like an exciting rush! haha!

Jun 21, 2011
Low Speeds
by: Bonnie

Hi Steph. Yes, Sophie is jerky in lower speeds and really good at higher speeds. I find that once she hits the 60km mark (approx. 37mph) she smooths out. However, there are no 60km zones inside my town :(

I also find that she needs to be at the right speed to gear up or she really jerks/chugs telling you that she was not ready but I think that is me still learning the sound of the engine since there is no tachometer. Does Stella backfire when you shut her down? Every time I pull into the driveway and kill the engine, she backfires (albeit softly). Apparently this is common with this bike.

How are you liking the ride so far?



Jun 20, 2011
Low Speeds
by: Steph

Hi Bonnie,

Do you find that she is sometimes jerky in 1st & 2nd at low speeds? It's very subtle and could be the nature of a 1 cyl but I feel little tugs when under 25mph and keeping a steady throttle.

Jun 16, 2011
Hard Saddlebags
by: Bonnie

Hi Steph! Yes, I am happy with the hard saddlebags. I am not partial to the leather bags or soft bags (just my personal preference). The only down side is that the saddlebags now hide my helmet lock so I bought lock cable and just lock my helmet elsewhere on the bike. It is crazy how much selection is out there...you just have to narrow it down with your preferences. Good luck and happy shopping!

Jun 16, 2011
by: Lynn - Florida

Congrats on the new bike! I bought a used bike that came with nice leather saddlebags & a leather trunk. I would love to replace them with hardbags. Water doesn't make its way into hardbags like it does with leather. P.S. I talk to my bike too. He is my best friend at times, especially if I'm a little down.

Jun 15, 2011
Thanks for Sharing
by: Steph

Thank you for posting the pics. Are you happy with the hard case saddlebags?

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