Something for the Newbies

by Lori Bell

Really like this forum. I thought I’d write something to the new riders. I’ve been riding for 6 years and when I was a new rider I got online and read everything I could find about other riders’ experiences – what to do and what not to do! I researched everything that I could find about riding (forums, magazines, watched videos about riding, etc). It helped so much, and don't ever be shy or intimidated about asking a more experience rider about riding. You’ll find varied opinions, but pretty much I found consistency in answers and advice. I started riding at age 47 (I just turned 53 this month). Riding my motorcycle is my passion and I’ll never give it up as long as I am physically able to ride. If I ever get too old to lift my bike off its kickstand I’ll get a trike! Practice, practice … and practice some more. I always say the difference between a being a mediocre rider and an excellent rider can be the difference between life and death. Keep riding ladies – we need more of us out there.

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Nov 27, 2010
A newbie looking for advice.
by: Annie.

My boyfriend has a Honda Silverwing, haven't had chance to ride on it yet; but hopefully will next year. I'm totally inexperienced at being a passenger, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Sep 30, 2010
Must be loving it!!
by: Lisa

I've only been riding for 9 months, a pillion before that. Yes I was and still am nervous at times, although less often, I actually forget myself and feel one with the world more and more often. Went for a weekend ride with my husband 850klms in all. Got to see the Australian countryside after rain, every hill earned a ohhhh! I must be enjoying myself, as starting riding at 47 I'm already thinking- Hm what can I ride when the bike becomes too much, hopefully 30yrs down the track!!

Sep 28, 2010
by: Helen Wheels

Another thing to keep in mind is that even very experienced riders screw up occasionally. They may have good advice and plenty of experience to back them up, but everyone makes mistakes. I used to always get so nervous riding with the boys who had a lifetime of experience compared to my few months until a braggart with 27 years of riding pulled a boner in front of me and dropped his bike twice and stalled it three times after getting his buddies to pick it up. I still get nervous riding with the boys, but I always think of that guy and how easy it is to screw up.

Sep 28, 2010
Newbie Advice
by: Anonymous

Thank u for your comments. I started riding @ 63. In the past I was a passenger. Since I new that I would have some physical limitations I decided on riding a side car. I figured I would not be strong enough to pick up my 2 wheel if I dropped it . I love riding and wish I would have started sooner but I was into other things like sailing which was my passion for years. So now I can ride my side car to the store and pack loads of groceries. I can go off road and take my camping gear and camp in wonderful places.

I find the help that I have gotten from seasoned riders is so valuable.

Happy Riding to all.

Sep 28, 2010
Thanks for the encouragement!
by: Sandra

I found this site this spring after I got my endorsement, and, like you I was looking for advice EVERYWHERE! I still check this site almost daily because there's so much shared here...

Just this weekend I went on a 120 mile poker run w/6 other bikes. It was an AWESOME afternoon, that only would have been better if my husband had been along - but farmers work Sundays, too, during harvest season... :(

I've been licensed since May, and JUST this ride, started feeling that oneness w/my machine. It felt right, good and comfortable to actually lean with my turns. I've been fighting it, trying to lean, but not trusting the technique...even after being a passenger who LOVED turns for years. It finally clicked, and it was a noticeable difference in smoothness and enjoyment to trust my bike.

We hit a twisty stretch with about 3 miles of switch-backs downhill. That was ... different! Don't ride the brake during turns, right? And another 3 miles of grooved pavement (hint: keep the speed up a bit to reduce steering w/brute force). And fresh oil...splattering my pretty White Dragon...but she stayed clean - she's a Good Girl! Wish I were going again tomorrow!

Sep 28, 2010
by: Robin

Very well said, my sentiments exactly, practice, practice, practice. And listen to those that have ridden forever. They know.

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