So Disappointed

by Jeanette

Well I now join the ranks of those who failed their test first time around. I took my MSF course over this past weekend and the test was at the end. I didn't do anything unsafe and learned a lot in the class. I actually took a curve too slow (lost 5 out of 11 max points there). Then I was docked 3 points because my wheel touched(barely)the white line going around a sharp curve while accelerating. The space between the lines was one foot... grrr. I guess I didn't accelerate fast enough .. another 3 points. What sealed my fate was the controlled stop on a curve... I had never missed this one all weekend.. did it perfect every time. On the test I ended outside the line when I stopped..3 more points....so ok I need a little more practice.. no problem. I am fine with that but what did bother me was what happened next.
When I made that last mistake the instructor asked me to leave the bike right there as I was not allowed to drive it over to the others. Really!!!! I still had me learners permit... I wasn't unsafe in any act.... Why do the rules call for humiliation ontop of disappointment??????? The instructors were very nice, truly were sorry i didn't pass and assured me i was a good rider and would be great. I felt so disconnected at that point. Everyone who had already finished, encouraged me. I just packed up my stuff and left.
I guess I don't understand why they don't just let you finish and give you your results with everyone else. I know the major reason I failed is because I get super nervouse during tests, when people are watching me. I did all those moves perfect many times over the weekend. Humiliation is not a motivational tool... just makes you feel like crap..
I have every intention of passing next time...

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Aug 19, 2012
Instructors who do this because they love riding...
by: Lexxia

and aren't getting paid to do it (they voluntee)...seem to make the best ones.

I attended the course with the Motorcycle Safety Council and their instructors do this training because they are all riders who love riding and also love teaching others how to ride safely.

The instructors I've been reading about here who made students get off their bikes and leave if they dumped them or if they failed the test, etc., are, in my opinion, unprofessional and should not be teaching anyone.

The instructors my husband and I had were awesome. You could tell they loved being there and they really enjoyed teaching. They were incredibly supportive, their encouragement was amazing and not one single student was ever made to feel embarrassed, unteachable or anything. They were always discreet...we never knew whether someone passed or failed as they put everyone through the signing off of their paper work as they finished the test course. People were leaving, others were staying...pass or fail. No one was told to leave before they'd completed the test and everyone completed it whether they passed or failed.

My husband thinks that the College instructors are there because they want the money...our Instructors were there because they loved to ride and teach...they don't get paid to do these courses, they are all volunteers so I think maybe he could be right.

All the best with your next test. You'll pass without any issues I'm sure. Good luck!!

Jul 19, 2012
me too
by: Brenda

I took my class in June. The only experience I had prior to taking my test was about two hours of learning to pull out, shift and stop in a parking lot. I was the only woman in a class of men who all had prior experience so I was pretty nervous.

I felt really good after the first day of riding class. Day two started out with a double u turn within a teeny tiny box. I absolutely couldn't get the hang of that and it kind of set the tone for the whole day. By the time we were ready to take the test I was feeling better but I get way nervous about tests in general and I think I beat myself mentally. Things that I did fine in practice, like the quick stop, just didn't come together on the test. It didn't help my confidence any that I had to go last on every skill and all the other students were lined up watching me having already succesfully completed their skills.

So I was the only one in my class that failed and felt pretty horrible. I felt like selling my bike. A few days later I took a ride on the road for the first time with a friend and it was utter disaster. My neighborhood is very hilly...and I had yet to learn to pull out on a hill. So now I'm really feeling like giving up.

Another friend took me to a parking lot of an empty store not far from my house. There are loading docks behind the building and he used that incline to teach me to pull out on a hill. After riding with his encouragement for about an hour I started feeling confident and we took the bikes on the road. I'm taking it slow and staying in my comfort zone. After a couple months of riding I'm hoping to go back in the fall and pass the test on the next try.

Jul 17, 2012
took action
by: Jeanette

HI everyone... I decided to contact the college and find out who came up with the rule to make you get off your bike the minute your points go over and see about getting the genius who came up with that to change it... I`ll keep you all posted

Jul 17, 2012
It's ok to be disappointed
by: Mrs. B

You will do better next time! I'm sorry to hear the instructor humiliated you, but it's better than humiliating yourself like I did. I did the emergency stop/downshift drill too fast and locked up the brakes - flew off the left side of the bike and tore my ACL.

Jul 17, 2012
to Katie
by: Jeanette

Hey Katie: I am from Windsor Ontario. I am sure I will do fine next time... I wish we had that 7 hr class option but they don't offer it here.
We get time to practice before the retest. The total time is 3hrs and I can't imagine the test taking more than an hr or so...
I am feeling way more comfortable and in a wierd way am glad I am forced into learning these moves even better. It will just prepare me much better for the streets.
Look me up on facebook..jeanette vallance or email me jeanettevallance@gmail.com to stay in touch :)

Jul 17, 2012
You got this
by: Katie

WOW another Canuck! Where are you from.
You will totally get it the 2nd time. In my case, I benefited huge from the 7 hours of extra training so it all worked out. I did my course at Conestoga College

Please keep me posted on how you do. I have no doubt you will get it. THOUGH if you are anything like me you will be so nervous. I was so relieved when it was done and I passed. GOOD luck.


Jul 16, 2012
by: Jeanette

Thanks so much for the encouragement.... Katie I am Canadian too...Gonna be 49 in December.. was it at a college that you did your course? I don`t think I have the option for that 7 hr class but it sounds amazing..I went back to the lot where they did the testing, set up my own cones and ran the course with my own bike of course. Sure felt different on my much bigger and heavier bike... Did well and I plan to go back a couple of times a week between now and my August 4 retest date...
Hopefully i will know the course so well it will be second nature...nerves or not... I should pass. Now that I know what is expected.. I am spending some time just going the around the corners at 25-30klm to get the feel for it.I know i`ll get it. :)

Jul 16, 2012
You will get it next time
by: Katie

You will get it next time. I failed the first time by one point and I was devastated. I was too slow for all my points. I wish the instructors had told me that. They told one of the guys to slow down. I was the only female in the class and I was 45 and the class was full of young men. I had a choice of going back and just retesting or taking another 7 hour course full of people who failed the course. OMG it was awesome. There were 6 of us with 2 instructors 4 women 2 men, we all wanted to be there. We learned so much and all passed the lowest score was 5 marks wrong (this was last October) since then I have logged over 7000 KM. Over the July 1st long weekend (I am Canadian) 6 of us did a 5 day 1650k bike ride from Guelph to Sault St Marie. I ride to work and I am doing great. I have dropped my bike been pissed off but damn I a 46 year old cancer survivor mother of 2 who loves riding. I am getting a bigger bike next year as my 650 Suzuki GSXF is not meant for long trips and that is what we love to do.

My 16 year old daughter at the time who is legally blind said mom, we often have it tough but you will get it next time. I thought really with all she is going through I will get this! Just do it again and enjoy.


Jul 16, 2012
by: Jenny

I too failed the first time I took the test due to nerves. However, my instructors pulled every person aside and told them how they did then called each person up front to receive their card. You got a card even if you failed but it had "void" across it. That way no one knew who failed & who passed. I practiced at home and went back. This time I passed. When the instructor handed me my card, I handed him the one with "voided" on it. He just laughed and said "you like the new one better.". Don't give up, you'll pass easy next time. Was still nervous but not nearly so bad as first time. Now I'm practicing around neighborhood and doing great. Good luck, you're not alone!

Jul 16, 2012
DAS stupidity
by: Trudi

I was really fedup after failing my DAS. The daft thing was I had to ride the hire bike 45 miles to a city in the next county across country because as a Learner both my Instructor (escorting me) and myself could not use the motorway system. Yes, I'd been to the city before, but never by motorbike and hardly ever used a 500cc to practice. I had no idea where I was going.
It was great I loved the trip until I got there. I was so tired I dropped the bike just before the test centre at a junction on a tilted camber :( After a break of 20 minutes, I took the Off Road test and failed.

I was just so tired with the concentration through the city I couldn't manage the figure of 8 or the slow ride and misunderstood the examiner for the aviodance test.
Anyway I got point across afterwards. I had failed my test, right? I am not allowed to ride anything bigger than my 125cc on the road?
So how was I to get the schools Honda 500 back home, 45 miles away through what was now city rush hour?
That's OK, you have an escort...............
(But Bill was on another bike infront of me)
I got the bike home through heavy traffic and successfully avioded an 'oik' that did a U-turn out of queueing traffic. (Never heard what Bill said to the driver, he turned his intercom off!)
Bill was gutted on my behalf-
Can't afford to take the test again so it's my 125cc until next time.

Jul 16, 2012
by: Lynn - FL

I don't believe all instructors do this. When you retake the test, ask for another instructor if possible. It does sound very harsh and some people would give up if treated in such a way. It's not like you dropped the bike during your test. Yeesh! Please don't give up!

Jul 16, 2012
by: Jeanette

Diane I meant Break..not brake.. LOL
I lose my insurance break which is over $600 if I don't graduate from an MSF course...
I do get a free retest which I am taking on August 4

Jul 16, 2012
by: jeanette

Thanks for the encouraging words. I am fine with testing again.. I don't beleive I have the option to do a one on one.. maybe i will be the only one in the retest which would be fantatstic.
Diane: OMG how did you crash and brake your leg? Did you go back later and get your license?

Jul 16, 2012
Don't Give Up!
by: Anonymous

You did better than me too - crashed twice - once on Saturday (leg contusion) and once on Sunday (separated my shoulder!) But I'd go back and do it again and you should too. Spend some time riding and practicing then take the course again...or practice till you're confident and then just go to motor vehicles and get your endorsement.

Jul 16, 2012
I know I test bad
by: Anonymous

so....I dropped out of class, and finished up with a 4-hour one on one session with my instructor, who was a woman, and liked that, women, teaching women... :) She was so great, I didn't even know when she was testing me, she was just putting me thru the paces on the course, and tested me and I passed with plenty of points to spare! I duck walked the figure 8 and those were the only points taken off.. Not sure I would have passed if I tested the first time either in class...If you can arrange to re-test one on one with your instructor, I think you will find it is much easier on the nerves...and leave there a licensed rider! Good luck!!!!!!!

Jul 16, 2012
Hang in there
by: Anonymous

I have been driving since 2002 without a license. I rencently took the class and thought it wouldnt be bad because I had years of experience. I passed but I was so nervous it was harder then I thought.
You will do Great next time.

Jul 16, 2012
Better than Me
by: Diane

You did a damned sight better than I did. I crashed and broke my leg.

Jul 16, 2012
Too Strict
by: Stephanie

Sounds to me like your instructors were a bit too strict. Don't worry. You will ace it next time.

I barely passed. One more point would have sunk me. I felt terrible because everyone in my class knew it. Then the one instructor who was encouraging said to me "Do you know what they call the medical student who graduates at the bottom of the class? Doctor."

It can be nerve racking to know that the class is watching you take the test. I rooted for my classmates. When I was testing, I told myself they were rooting for me too. (I wouldn't have known either way over the noise.)

Dust yourself off and get back on your bike. You will pass with flying colors next time. I might retake the class myself.

Jul 16, 2012
Hang in There
by: Joan

Jeanette, I had two instructors for my course and one I clicked with the other I didn't. The one that I didn't care for intimidated me and unfortunately when I took the final test didn't pass. I took a refresher course and passed with flying colors. Hang in there -- it is well worth it.

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