i am curious as to how i can go about signaling while riding passenger on the bike. i was thinking something along the lines of a lighted bracelet or something of the sort.. we live in illinois and i dont know if its legal or not but we have had some close calls with people not paying attention to the proper hand signals as well as the turn signals. how do i go about cathing the attention of the other drivers without breaking the law?

Comments for signaling

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Jun 03, 2012
by: Turtle

A lot of motorcycles don't have sufficient lights on the rear of their motorcycle. We added LED Lights to our motorcycle that we purchased from(www.strobesnmore.com) and changed the turn signal lens to amber colored, so when we apply the brakes and have our blinker on there is a distent difference. Another thing you can do is wear hi-viz clothing. I love the jackets from ansi reflective clothing and the shirts from ruseen.com Remember if someone will run into a train or out in front of a semi we are invisable. Riding a motorcycle you have to make others see you. I don't really care if I look cool but I do care if I make it back home. Most of the time I ride solo but when I ride with my husband, he is the one responsible for signaling, but I do turn my head and look where we are going to go and look if he is going to make a lane change, this helps the driver of the vehicle see you a little better. If you are the driver another little trick if the driver behind you is too close is to gently apply the breaks (this is where the LED lights come in great) and swerve back and forth ever so slightly. The driver doesn't know what is going on and will 90% of the time back off!

Jun 02, 2012
by: Turtle

There are several things that you can do to make yourself more visable. Most motorcycles have inadequate rear lighting. My husband and I along with several others that we ride with have added LED break lights from www.strobesnmore part number RS-03ZCR it takes a little work to put them on but it is so worth it. We changed the turn signal covers to amber color so when we break and have our turn signals on there is a deffinate differance. We also wear reflective jackets or shirts. Two great sites for these are reflectiveapparal.com and ruseen.com We use everything that is available to ensure that we are seen on the highway. I don't care to much about fashion but I do care about making it back home. Ride Safe!

Apr 27, 2012
Turn signals
by: Susanne

Came across something that may help with your issue. Bar end turn signals. LED turn signals mounted on the end of your handlebars. A company named Oberon makes some really neat looking ones.

Apr 09, 2012
by: Anonymous

I do not believe a passenger on a motorcycle has any business making signals. That responsibility belongs to the driver only!!!

Apr 06, 2012
helmet signals
by: DebS

There is some reflective tape that is arrow shaped you can add to your helmet. When you turn your head to look in blind spot it gives the illusion of signaling. There is also a light add on with GMAX helmets I believe that connect to brake/turn lights.
Safe riding lady,

Apr 05, 2012
bright gloves
by: Lynn - FL

Mary, Good suggestion about the bright gloves. I have ICON riding gloves that are hot pink & white & hopefully are more noticeable. They were a gift & very comfortable otherwise I wouldn't have selected the color.

I use my blinkers & hand signals and also tap my brake when down shifting so cars behind know I'm slowing down.

Sometimes when turning right people think I'm waving and wave back. Makes me laugh and at least I know they see me.

Apr 03, 2012
by: Susanne

Most people probably have no idea the proper hand signals for turning so I would forget that. Think Hi Viz jacket to make you more visible. Next consider upgrading your turn signals to a LED signal. They tend to be brighter. Or a larger signal all together. Just a thought.

Apr 03, 2012
by: Mary

Reflective or bright gloves?

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