Should I buy a bike?

by Wendy
(Atlanta, GA)

I am 35, soon to be 36. Single, no kids (well, my kids are covered in fur! :D )

I have wanted a motorcycle since I was about 13 years old. I have ridden with ex husband and boyfriends for about 15 years and I love it, but, everytime I get ready to buy myself, I become stuck with fear.

I do live in a very built up city (Atlanta, GA) and I do see a lot of motorcycle wrecks. As sad is this is to say, dying in a motorcycle wreck seems like a wonderful way to go!!! Being seriously injured however is my greatest fear.

What do I do? I am told that there are only two types of riders, one that's been down, and one that's going down. If I can not deal with that fact, should I leave it alone?


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Aug 18, 2010
Proficient Motorcycling...
by: Sandra


Aug 17, 2010
Buying a Bike
by: Anonymous

Take a motorcycle class and see how you feel about it all.

Read Proficient Motorcycle by David Hough, it is a great book.

Start on a small 250 to 300cc bike. Practice, Practice, Practice.

I have read article after article and some folks do drop their bikes but they get up and keep riding. They do show you how to pick up your bike when it falls. So it is nice to have a bike that you can handle.

I myself ride a bike with a side car. I love my side car. I can go off road, do major grocery shopping and go camping with all my gear in the side car or the trunk. It is my style. But this too has it's own inherit problems of handling.

I didn't know how I would feel so I took the class and progressed from there . My friend started on a Suzuki 125 cc and progressed to a Harley and then she took a cross county trip. So small steps.

Best of luck!

Aug 17, 2010
Go get it...
by: Sandra

You know you want to; you already have your dream bike picked out! Now, go and get it...but you CAN take baby steps if it makes you more comfortable!


This is the most common place to take that class mentioned below. In Illinois msf teams up with the state universities and offers courses all summer all over the state...and classes fill up overnight! Also in IL the cost of the Basic Rider Safety course, the one that gets us our motorcycle license endorsement, costs $20. Upon completion of the course we can get a refund, or donate it to the program. They provide us with a 250 cc motorcycle (lots of Kawasaki's, a Suzuki or 2, some Honda Rebels) and fuel, a 3/4 motorcycle helmet, classroom, book, instructors and a large parking area set up with driving courses. We must come prepared to watch films, read materials provided, take quizzes and tests and get out there and RIDE those bikes. We must wear jean type long pants, protective over-the-ankle boots, long sleeved shirts/jackets and gloves to ride. And we must pass the written test and driving test to get that endorsement. Many of your fears will be alleviated as you learn that you can perform the maneuvers. After that, it's practice, practice, practice!

Your dream bike can be your first bike; or you may wish to pick up a smaller 250 cc type bike for the first year or so. Not EVERYONE drops their bike...but most of us do, sometimes in the silliest of mistakes, like forgetting to put the kick stand in place before dismounting! It's less painful to lay down a "starter" bike than the dream bike...

But if you have enjoyed riding for that long, I'm confident you will enjoy owning one that much more. I had no idea I would enjoy riding my own so much - had never considered it, although I've tagged along on back for decades. I was comfortable back there; but up front, I'm joyful!

My neighbor got her endorsement, too. She's still shopping for her bike. Her husband has a Harley she used to ride w/him all the time. She refuses to ride behind him anymore! She's holding out for her own ride - it's THAT good!

Aug 17, 2010
Take a Class
by: Lynn - Florida


I strongly suggest you taking the motorcycle riding class. They provide the motorcycle and sometimes the helmet too. This way you can check it out and make your own decision.

Everything in life is dangerous! It's true about the horror stories. When I was PG back in the 80s all the old ladies told me their horror stories. I didn't have one problem!

My feeling is that motorcycles aren't dangerous, PEOPLE are dangerous. It's the connection between the seat and handlebars that makes all the difference. Of course I can imagine how scary it will be riding with all the traffic in Atlanta. It is a decision you will have to make, but I hope you at least take the class first.

Aug 16, 2010
Wow, that really helps!
by: Wendy


I found your comment on childbirth so funny! Funny in the fact that I am also not having kids because the thought of going through all that outweighs the want for a child, so I see your point very strongly.

I am looking for a sports bike. A GSXR 600. I have no interest in ever popping a wheelie or anything that would put me intentionally in harms way, so I love the way you explain this too.

All in all, this has helped me a lot. This is the kind of comment I need to keep me pursuing my life long dream.

Very much appreciated.


Aug 16, 2010
I love it more than I fear it.
by: Fiddler

You mention you have ridden with men for fifteen years. Wendy, I am terrified to ride on the back of any guy's bike because I just don't think that men are necessarily good drivers. In fact, the ego and testosterone thing works against them. JMHO. In a car, I don't think my husband is as good a driver as I am. I'm certainly not going to sit behind him on a bike. Guess that makes me a control freak.

None of us want to be injured. None of us want to get hit. None of us even want to accidentally drop our lovely bikes in the garage. (I hate it when that happens!) But things do happen. But no, not to everybody. I DO see a lot of old bikers! I do not see them doing wheelies on the public roads or weaving through traffic at over 100 miles per hour. (Not a rant against sport bikes... I actually prefer sport bikes!)

I used to ride and train jumping horses. Every time I told someone about my hobby, they had to tell me about Christopher Reeve. Wow, that got really old. I know you don't have kids, but how about the pregnancy and childbirth stories? Every pregnant woman has to listen to tales of how something went horribly wrong with the pregnancy of someone they know, someone they read about, or something they merely saw on TV. Now a few years later I have a motorcycle and I get to hear all of the motorcycle horror stories. Later on I suppose I'll have to suffer the sagas of nursing home nightmares.

As for me, it comes down to the fact that I love it more than I fear it. It's not everybody's choice, but it's mine.

And nothing happens without God's permission.

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