Second drop & I feel like SHIET

by DL
(Canon City, Colorado)

I don't mean to make myself sound stand-offish by the curse word in the title.

Today, I went canyon riding with a small group and I decided to move my bike in one of the hilliest parking lot there was since if I had parked my bike the bike would roll off the kickstand, so i attempt to move it, I come to a complete stop and plop. Only one of my foot could touch the ground and I didnt have my balance with the bike, that's why I tipped over.

My first bike drop was with my first bike, same thing in a parking lot.. it was hilly, it was 8pm (worked all day) didn't get a chance to eat (yes, really) then went riding with a group of friends to go eat but they took forever running their errands, fatigue set in and finally came to a complete stop in parking lot and plopped. My handle bars were slightly turned, there was also another random motorcyclist that joined our group and i got distracted by that and didn't focus entirely on myself. I can find many factors that lead up to the bike drop in that one reasonable enough to look past and learn from it, but today, I just couldn't find an excuse just that I realllly suck, to have my 2nd drop within 4 months of riding and only 2,350 miles of riding experience... it makes me feel beaten up.

Most of the riders I have rode with and including some friends started the same time with MSF course and obtaining the license, but they have not had a fall or only on their first fall.

Then I started thinking that maybe my bike is too big for me? I went from a Suzuki SV650 to Yamaha FZ1. I've never had any other problems with the FZ1 until I dropped it. Now I'm reconsidering on getting something else smaller, like the SV650 again?

I've dropped by bike in front of only guys and to my surprise most of them were very supportive.. done deal, never talked about it like they never even saw what happened. They tell me that it happens to everyone.. but to me, I feel it happens more than often.

It was embarrassing to just plop like that. And being a female, I feel like guys give a ticket to pass up for something like that, which just makes me feel crappier.

Thanks for reading and give me your reality check thoughts and opinions. I feel like these guys are my friends and they just know the right words to say.

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Dec 27, 2011
Quick fix
by: Nicole

This IS embarassing. I've dropped my FZ1 in an intersection... a big audience... and my husband had to run out and pick it up for me. Horrible! However, the saying is... its on two wheels, its going to go down... its just a matter of when. The most frustrating thing I think for me is that as women riders we seem to have more to prove than our male counterparts. I hate the idea that those who saw me drop my bike are thinking, "ya that bikes too big for her"... Its not. Sheit happens, as you eloquently put it. To assist with the size issue, my husband lowered my bike. He says its a 10 minute job that makes a big difference. Just replace the rear suspension dog bones (whatever that is) and drop the front forks in the triple trees to keep the geometry the same.
Good luck and hang in there.

Oct 23, 2011
sheet happens
by: Anonymous

It is embarassing, I only have 1500 miles on my bike so far and have dropped it twice, both times making slow turns. Worst part is I can't pick it up myself yet, have to practice that one! I just get right back on it. I found that other riders are supportive when that happens, think it has happened to everybody

Oct 08, 2011
by: Anonymous

I've been riding my own for over 21 years and have dropped my bikes 3 or 4 times, all in parking lots or at very slow turning speed in a driveway. It happens, not IF, but WHEN. I ride anywhere from 7,000 to 14,000 miles a year, and it happens. I used to beat myself up and be embarrassed about it, now I just turn to the guys and get help getting it up. And I've also helped guys pick their bikes up. You pick it up, dust yourself off, check it over, and ride off! Keep riding, you'll get confident! Good luck!

Oct 05, 2011
RE: Bike Drop
by: DL

Hey everyone. thanks for the words of encouragement and tips.

Yeah I could reach the ground with both of my feet. Only my heels are off the ground a bit, but I was riding horizontal on an incline trying to repark my bike. That's why one side could touch the ground and the other side couldn't.

Oct 04, 2011
Dropping the bike
by: GenkiChin

I am a beginner, but middle-aged and 4 feet 11 inches tall, and I HATE to drop it, let alone it is dangerous. I have been trying to learn on my husband's Honda Shadow in the backyard but honestly it is just too heavy for me. Once it starts to go it is GONE. So we are agreed I will buy a Honda Rebel 250 cc even though it is not sexy. I will learn on that for a year and then I will buy a sexy H-D but a tricycle version and not worry and just have fun! I can strap a small dog crate on the back and enjoy cruising with one of my little Japanese Chin without worrying about dumping it and seriously injuring us.

Oct 03, 2011
dropping bike
by: bikermama

it happens. don't beat yourself up. i have had my sportster for 2 years and just dropped her for the first time at the end of my driveway for all the world to see. i couldn't get her back up so had to wait for my husband to show up and help me. i have dropped my honda shadow multiple times. each time i can attribute it to simple human error. it happens to all of us. just get back on and ride.

Oct 03, 2011
It happens
by: Susanne

Oh my god I think I've dropped my various bikes five or six times. Hey who's counting. Dropped it backing out of the garage,turning around in the drive. Truly I've lost track. I just dust myself off and get back on and I never cry. I don't care if I'm oozing stuff or things are sticking out. I dropped my $20,000 Ducati with a thousand miles on it on the day I was taking it to the dealer for new exhaust. $400.00 later and she's as good as new and I couldn't be happier. With my Ninja650r I lowered it with a lowering bracket and never dropped it again. Seemed to make it a little easier for me to handle. There are lots of lowering brackets out there as long as you also lower the forks it doesn't hurt a thing. I think I rode so much better because I felt a little more stable.

Oct 03, 2011
No big deal!!
by: Martinique

I've racked up over 12,000 miles in the 8 months I've been riding, and I can't COUNT the number of times I've dropped my bike. AND I ride fast on the track!! I crashed in the first 6 miles, and busted my bike and myself so bad, that we both needed 8 weeks to heal (broken fibula, bent forks). Then, two months later, riding back from a gf's place a few hours away, drizzling rain, slide mid-corner, and without enough experience to fix the problem, down I went again, but no significant damage to me or the bike. And those are just my actual crashes...

In the parking log, after picking up my purty Ninja 650R, we were practicing while the BF watched me go around and around. I wasn't used to the weight distribution, and I tipped her over THREE times that first day, and another one in the driveway at home. Then a few days later, that first crash. Then, after she's back together, I tip it over a few more times... Ugh.

The worst was right before out 1500 mile trip. I want to see how my new luggage set up works on the bike before we head out in a few days. So we're inching down the gravel driveway (steep, and you gotta go slow cause you gotta stop right at the end and peak your head out to see if anyone's comin'). Anyways, I got a little too fast, with the BF behind me, and I slide in the and my short legs can't get footing (5'5") and down I go, break the brake lever. There was enough left to ride still, just had to be sure I got a good grab on what was left. Luckily he had a spare from another bike lying around that just happened to fit. It all worked out. Then, ON our trip, on the 4th day, we hit this REALLY awesome rode with a friend as were were coming through were he lives, and a GSXR gets in with us. We're tearing it up, I'm somehow managing to stay behind my racer boyfriend, and this GSXR is up my ass, but he can't pass me, so I'm feeling good about the run. Anyways, BF decides to turn around in some gravel at the end so we can hit it the other way. We turn in, I try and slow down, and I lose my footing, down I go, lol. :)

So, see, I can't count the number of times I've "dumped" my bike, but, the bike is kinda tall for me. And no way I'm going to lower my suspension to "fix" the problem. I need all that suspension travel for the track. It's no big deal, one of my guy friends trys to give me crap about it, but I just deliver it right back to him. It's not cause you're a girl, it's prol cause you're shorter, and prol not as strong, so it's not as easy to balance.

So don't get discouraged, and keep on riding!! TRY and keep the shiny side up, and if it don't happy, well, don't sweat it too much. ;)

Oct 03, 2011
No big deal?
by: Sandra

They are SMART men...they aren't giving you a bunch of crap about it because men don't like to have the tables turned and have to TAKE crap from a little lady! In other words, their kindness extended toward you is because it really DOES happen to lots of riders and for lots of reasons on any given day. Perhaps if you are having difficulty flat footing your stopped bike you can find a way to lower the seat or lower the bike to help you...

It's hard to beat yourself up too much if you are challenged by seat height. Just FIX IT and enjoy your ride!

Oct 03, 2011
parking lots
by: Lynn - Florida

I've only ever dropped my bikes in parking lots. Sometimes they can be the scariest part of riding day. Nothing worse than pulling into a lot with pot holes, sand, crushed shells, missing asphalt, and the list goes on! Including steep terrain. It happens to all of us, including the guys!

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