Road Rage

by Mrs. B

I am a new rider who rode my Sporty on a 200 mile round trip with my DH. This was my fifth time on the bike and my first trip of more than 70 miles. The first 100 miles were okay - it was a cool morning and most of the trip was highway with very little traffic so I wasn't too nervous. The day warmed up and I knew I was getting tired but had to be alert for the trip home. Coming home the road went from three lanes down to two lanes and a Mercedes merged between me and my DH. DH thought I had been cut off and proceeded to slow to 20 mph on the roadway causing the Benz and me to brake hard. I tried to signal that I was okay just to keep going but DH proceeded to flip off the Mercedes and then chase the car down the road once it got around him. I freaked out! I screamed at him to stop (like he could hear me - duh), honked my horn, and started crying all the while trying to keep the bike at the posted speed. When I finally caught up to DH I pulled off the road and just bawled. How could he leave me like that??? He said he just snapped and for me to stop crying because I know how to ride. I kept crying and got the dry heaves. He promised he would never leave me like that again. As we finished the trip home, I promised God if we made it home safely I would never operate a bike again. Once we got home, I gave my DH the keys and said I would never again ride my own. DH said I would get back on it in time, but I made a promise to God who did get us home without further incident. What now?

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Dec 27, 2011
It's ok, but...
by: Anonymous

As long as you waited until you had parked before losing it, I think a few tears are ok.
(I've had a few miscommunications, myself.)
I would suggest that you find another riding partner for a while.
Your husband probably freaked himself when he thought you were in danger, but maybe you both need a little space before riding together again.

Oct 03, 2011
by: shalli

It's fine.. I got used to my fiance leaving me behind. I do the maximum speed limit, he does over. So I don't even try catching up because I don't want to get a ticket.

Not to be attitudy, but my fiance is SUPER HORRIBLE at leading and leaves me behind or he'll be in the 3rd (fastest lane) and make a quick exit within 100 ft and I miss that exit because I'm not a risk-taker as I am already at risk riding a motorcycle, you know, then I just tell myself i'm not up for catching up or being mislead, so i break away and do my own ride. Ride my own pace and ROAD.

I REALLY need to get bluetooth. Because when he does that I just wanna kill him too, especially being a bad lead.

Sep 23, 2011
road rage
by: nie

i feel for you..one thing is never ever ride when your tired you should of make a pit stop and then go on with the riding,....there is such thing as riders fatigue...thats dangerous...is an incident that was learn that day and it wasn't your cup or tea..be brave and get back into your riding..also find out if that is what u want to do..i like riding my own as well as riding monkey with my husband..some people don't get that...but i like doing both..riding on your own by yourself or with girlfriends help too..!...good luck

Sep 23, 2011
by: Mrs. B

Thanks Ladies for the suggestions and encouragement.

Sep 22, 2011
Sell the bike or get a thicker skin
by: Dawn

Couple things here. I don't mean to be a mean critical bit**, BUT....
1. Your DH needs to get a grip, I would NEVER put up with that behavior. PERIOD. Even if you had been cut off, making a bad situation worse by acting like a huge butt head is not going to help.

2. You don't belong on a bike if you can't learn to adjust to the situation. So he left you, big deal, causing a traffic hazzard and getting hysterical was way out there if you ask me. It happens all the time, take a breath and ride on. You should have discussed these things before you even left home. Where to meet up if you get separated, how often to stop, etc.

3. If your faith is that strong that a promise to God is binding. Sell the bike. You won't be able to live with yourself if you became a hypocrite and went back on your promises.

Or if your faith is like so many others and you are one of the millions that use God when he's convenient. (Not being judgemental just inquiring), then ask for forgiveness for riding again and move on.

If you enjoy riding, get back on, but learn to deal better. Until you do, you are a hazzard to me and everyone else on the road.

Sep 22, 2011
road rage
by: Marion

Just like Susannne, my husband and I have the communication system. It is wonderful. He has taken off when someone has cut me off, but I have told me not to do that anymore. That it would possibly just cause more problems. The good times out way the bad; please don't stop. I know that it is scary when that happens, but just remember what you were taught in class. Next time you go out get some chewing gum, that will relaxe you so you can enjoy the ride. You love to ride, I can tell just by the way you are talking. Just make sure that you are always wearing your safety gear. Helmet, jacket, gloves and riding pants if you have them. Be safe out there and enjoy.

Sep 21, 2011
by: Anonymous

You really need to HTFU. I'm sorry to be so blunt, but if you can drive a car, you should have no problem operating your bike on a road. This was not your DH's fault, you got upset, not him, you cried so hard you dry heaved, not him, you couldn't get your emotions under control and just look to riding safely. If this is ever going to happen again, you're going to put yourself in danger, and other road users in danger.
I get cut off, yelled at, I've nearly been run into a barrier, and yet I keep getting on.
Honestly ask yourself: "Looking back at this incident, how could I have reacted differently? and How would that have affected my overall riding experience on that day?".
Please don't think I'm against you riding, but come on, was your reaction just a little over the top?

Sep 21, 2011
Road Rage
by: Anonymous

Road rage happens when you drive a car. The space that we leave between motorcycles when riding is an invitation to cars to cut us off and use that space. Happens to me all the time.
One of the things our motorcycle safety class taught us is not to get involved in road rage or we would always be angry. There are rude drivers all over. I have been cut off on my bicycle , when walking, driving and riding my motorcycle. Just make sure when you are behind the wheel that you respect the space between motorcycles. I think riding a motorcycle makes us better drivers.
You will most likely get back on your bike but I think when you and yours ride together you need to talk about how you are going to react to this stuff. Those streets are pretty mean. I have to be mentally prepared to ride as you never know what is going to happen.
Safe riding to you and when you feel mentally ready get back on your bike as it sounds like you were having a great ride.
Keep the shinny side up.

Sep 21, 2011
by: Susanne

Thankfully that has not happened to me but if my husband done something like that I would of kicked his butt. You don't mention if you were wearing helmets but if you do may I recommend something to you. Get communicators. We use the Scala G4 Bluetooth headsets. They have saved our marriage and his life. On a couple occasions because I've wanted to kill him and once from a punk in a Honda. Don't give up riding because of one bad incident. You'll have others but the enjoyment of riding is worth it all.

Sep 21, 2011
rode rage
by: jp

You getting back on your bike and riding again is besides the point.
Anyone, DH or otherwise, that acted in that manner, putting himself, the mercedes and you in that kind of danger because things weren't going as he thought it should, would be the biggest concern to me.
It would be a cold day in h*** before I would EVER ride with someone like that ever again. Life's too short.

Sep 21, 2011
Road rage
by: roxanne

Same thing has happened to me. I have threatened to sell mine a hundred times, it will get easier.

Sep 21, 2011
Dear Mrs. B
by: Linda

God will understand if you don't want to ride pillar with your DH. I think you were just tired and overwrought with the effort to get your DH's attention. Get back on that two-wheeler and ride -- show your DH how to do it right!

And keep smiling.

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