Riding On the Highway

by Marion
(Louisville, Ky )

Hi ladies,

This July will be a year since I have taken the motorcycle class. Best class ever. My problem is the highway(interstate) riding. I am very much afraid of it. It really is not the speed, because my husband and I have ridden out to the lake with speed of 55-60. I have this brick wall that I have built and I can not break it down.

I am afraid of the pavement of all things. It is hard to explain, but I will try. I think they are called the water lines, so when it rains, the water runs off of the street. I am fearful of that. I am afraid that the bike will swerve a lot and I will panic and down I go. Short of just doing it, has anyone else had this fear?? If so, please let me know how you overcome it. My husband and many of friends, also the salesman in the bike stores tell me that you do not feel them. That the bike rides right over them. I am so very tired of the stop and go traffic in town. I want to try the highway, but my fears are stopping me. I am so afraid of it, that I have thought about selling my bike; but I love to ride. Any suggestions??

I will be glad to hear what you think.

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Jul 16, 2012
by: marion

I started out going from exit to exit. My husband behind during this. (how boring for him) but he never said anything just watched me come out of my shell. We did this several times each day. Get onto the enterstate just to get off at the next. When I felt comfortable, I would go 2 exits and get off and gradually added miles. Of course I never left the right hand lane. Acutally to this day, I still will only use the right hand lane.That is where I am comfortable so that is where I ride.
Always have gum on you. It helps. chewing gum is good therapy. LOL It helps me to not clamp my teeth together. Just enjoy your ride and be safe out there.

Jul 16, 2012
fear of riding on highways geez
by: lilangel

i recently got a motorcycle last yr. my first on finally...650cc happy to ride and love it. i am scared to death of the highway..i need advice how to overcome this fear! i am fine with driving car no problem! i get scared if i go over 50mph geez. the wind scares me sometimes but the speed and other cars that whiz by scare me more maybe cause its faster than being in town. i know practice and patience pay off.. i went on hwy 2 miles was scary for me. i really want to get over this! please any advice helps. should i try short hwy streches then shoot for longer ones?

Jul 05, 2011
Highway Driving
by: Marion

I am no longer a highway virgin LOL . I am going on the highways more and more. Round trip, the longest my husband and I have been to date is 80 miles round trip. From where I live, that is almost driving to Indianapolis, Id. from Louisville Ky. Just short of about 20 miles. Pretty good for my first "long" trip. Sassy, the chewing gum is wonderful; so wonderful I have been passing that info on to other women riders.

Jul 04, 2011
Proud of You!
by: Sassy2731

I'm so proud of you girl! You did it! I told you that the chewing gum would help. Just make sure you have some every time you go out to ride. On that longer trip you want to do, just pace yourself and stop every 50-75 miles and stretch your legs and check your fuel or go to the ladies room. You will eventually build up to longer and longer rides. You go girl! You can do it!

Jun 11, 2011
Riding On the Highway
by: Marion

I did it!!! I drove on the interstate today, and did really good. What a ride; and what an ego booster. I can not stop talking about it. My husband is so very patient with me. I was told to chew gum; I made sure that I had some before we started, and there is something about it, but it does help. We stayed in the right lane. Next time out, we will be going on a very short trip; maybe 30 miles to start. I was thinking about triking my bike, but I'm not so sure now. I still have to think about it. I just don't know how it would be on a 7-8 hour trip that I want to take to go see my family. I guess I will just continue to practice and see how things go. Be safe and have fun.

Jun 01, 2011
Highway Driving
by: Marion

Hello ladies and good day to you, I will certainly try chewing gum; and as far as the right lane and exit to exit I will also try doing that. This is all wonderful advice from everyone. Again Thank You All. Be safe and enjoy.

Jun 01, 2011
by: sassy2731

You need something to help you relax a bit. I too have fears even after riding for over 5 years now. I did find a long time back that if I chew gum for some reason it helps me. I crashed on a moped many years back and I have a fear of cracks in the road of all things as that is what caused my crash. For some reason when I chew gum I tend to relax more, but yet I am able to concentrate more and stay more focused. Give it a try as it is inexpensive. Plus I've noticed the more I ride the more confident I get and bow I hardly notice the cracks any longer except in curves, and I tend to tense up, but the gum helps cause I chew away more in these situations. At least give it a try, but don't just give up.

May 31, 2011
Fear of the Road
by: jp

First, a certain amount of fear is a good thing and gently pushing yourself can get you past irrational fears. A reasonable amount of fear helps us to stay careful and 'reasonable' is different for everyone.

I was glad you said your husband is patient with you. Nothing worse than a riding partner who is impatient and pushing you beyond your abilities.

Like others have suggested I would try riding the interstate at a quiet time with little traffic and good visibility. Keep to the right where you can keep safe pull over spots in sight. Ride with people you trust and take it a little at a time until you run over those lines and find that indeed they don't upset your balance.

I used to fear having to change lanes in a construction site where one lane is higher than the other. I kept seeing myself hit it like a curb and go down, but they aren't common and when I did happen across one the tires just zipped up onto the next lane and I barely felt it.

May 31, 2011
Highway driving
by: Marion

Thank You for the kind words of encouragement. I do wear all of the safety gear; helmet, jacket and gloves. I will try doing a little at a time. My husband is very patient with me. I would love to be able to go on road trips with him; I just have to have as much faith in myself as he does in me if not more. Be safe

May 31, 2011
Next Exit Please
by: Donna

See if there is a quiet time on the highway maybe early on a Sunday morning? And know when your next exit is. I started by finding a spot where I could get on the highway and off at the next exit, turned out it wasn't so bad, good luck.

May 31, 2011
by: Anonymous

I too was fearful of riding on the highway. My fear was big trucks. I just did a little at a time, you have to stay within your comfort zone or your fear will be the one that crashes you. Your bike does go through the water lines fine. Still do little portions of highway then back onto familiar ground.

Good luck, you'll get comfy with it. Have a great summer.

May 31, 2011
Similar Fears
by: Wanda

I fretted about riding on the highway too. The only thing I know to do is keep practicing. My fear eventually went away. Let fear guide you, but don't let it stop you. Ask yourself how you can mitigate danger riding on the highway. Would wearing a high-visibility jacket make you feel safer? How about staying in the right hand lane most of the time, so you can ease off the side of the road if you get uncomfortable? Can you ride with friends, one in front and one behind you to sort of shield you a bit? I got super-sensitive at one point about the shape and curvature of the road and how much air I was getting through the left chin vent vs. the right. It almost drove me nuts for a little while. I persisted and kept riding. With time, I was able to ignore the things that didn't matter in terms of my safety and pay attention to the things that do. Good luck. I hope this helps.

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