Riding alone-is it safe and how do I stay safe?

by Laura
(Altoona PA)

I am single and I ride alone all the time. I have had some guys pull up along side me and ask stupid questions,cat calls and such, I try to be nice because I don't want to upset them and start something. I feel vulnerable a lot of the time, but the joy of riding doesn't stop me.

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Jul 22, 2009
Brian's Right
by: Anonymous

I ride alone just about everywhere - short town trips, 1500 mile trips, just about anything you can think of. It's mostly because someone has to stay to watch the kids, so either he's on his or I'm on mine.

Brian is completely right. These guys are just excited to see a confident female rider. They are just dreaming about how cool it would be to have a girl like that. They know you are out of their league. Just give them a smile and take off or ignore them entirely.

May 18, 2009
It's Awesome
by: Donna

I love it when guys mess with me, especially at a stop sign, I leave them in the dust :) but then I'm not that timid either, and hardly ever get scared alone.

Jan 24, 2009
Not All Guys Are Jerks
by: Laura

Thanks Brian for your very positive comment! I haven't judged you all based upon a few bad apples :) I have a couple guy friends who are the most respectful and patient men around. It seems some men like it when a girl has a bike of her own. I've only been riding a couple years and have gotten to know some of the signs those MMM's give out when they are going to be jerks. I do think learning to ride was one of the best things I ever did. Your right, I will smile and ride away, and think to myself -- I am a beautiful sight and your looking at me riding away :)

Jan 23, 2009
Some Guys Are Jerks
by: Brian

Let me just start off by asking you to try and not judge the rest of us by the actions of a few mmm's (male mental midgets)

... I'm a fella who thinks that a gal twisting the throttle on a thunder bucket is one of the best things the Boss ever created...

A fine bike, with a fine lady in the saddle is the definition of grace and beauty!

... when you run across one of those pea brains... just smile and ... ride off from him... Not worth any effort tryin' to educate the fool

Oct 09, 2008
by: LIZZ1958

Don't let them get to you. You can't reason with stupid anyway.
Enjoy every ride as if it were your first ride.
Stay confidant...that'll get em every time!


Jul 05, 2008
Stay confident
by: Kirsten

Michelle - Laura said it, remain confident. The power to intentions is at work in our lives, you manifest what you see in your mind. See yourself as confidently riding past those morons and chances are that they'll be too intimidated to say a word. Get in touch with your inner Viking!

Good luck, ride safe.

Jun 24, 2008
Ride Alone
by: Michelle

I also ride alone often. I'm a SAHM, so I enjoy my ride during the day when my children are at school. I usually stick to roads I know. I always get gas a the station by my house where the guys who run it know me. I don't give looky-loos the time of day, because I don't want to encourage them. It's very redneck where I live so the men are a bit womanizing when they see a women on a bike. And I never ride at night alone.

Jun 22, 2008
Riding Alone
by: Laura

Many women ride alone, I will tell you, first be VERY confident, try really hard to only stop where there is more than one person, most riders are super nice, helpful, and not asses, altho a few are. Dress appropriately, and keep a cell phone handy. Anyone else????

Jun 16, 2008
Riding Alone
by: Anonymous

I ride alone a lot too. I am sorry for the idiots that make all those noises to you. I usually get the thumbs up for being a female driver. Around here where I live the men and young guys really like to see the females riding. I had one yesterday say that he thinks women look awesome driving. I live in a small area in Northern Upstate NY and for the most part they are nice here. Good luck and keep the ride alive.

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