Ready to give up...

by Michelle
(Boston, MA)


I just got my motorcycle license and purchased a bike; a Hyosung Aquila 250. The bike is fine but I'm feeling quite anxious and scared to get out there. My boyfriend is not a rider but he's supportive. When I ride, he drives behind me but he is unable to help me with questions I may have regarding the operation of my motorcycle. Also, I need to stop relying on him as my "protector" on the road.

At this point, I'm ready to sell my bike and find another interest. I don't know any other riders in Boston and it's really frustrating not having anyone to ask questions or ride with me.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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Jun 09, 2012
by: Turtle

I agree with Heather, I started riding years ago and purchased the ride like a pro video and practiced what they preached. I now ride many miles a year, and do competition riding. I met Jerry and Donna who own ride likeapro several years ago and told them how much the video helped. They ask myself and my husband to be in the last video The New Ride Like a Pro video and it is great to explain how to ride. All you have to do is practice. Start off with this. From a stop, place your foot gently on the rear break, ease out on the clutch while rolling on the throttle. Get up to a good walking pace. Then set up some Walmart cones in a streight line 20 feet apart. Swerve throught these until you get proficient, then move them closer together, then offset them until you are able to go through them with ease. Also practice your breaking and u-turns. One of the most important things is to LOOK where you want to go and the motorcycle will go there. Keep your eyes up and turn your head. It Works! and before you know it you'll be riding with the best of them.

Jun 05, 2012
Try ride like a pro
by: Heather

I am a beginner and am building my confidence and skills by riding ride like a pro obstacle courses in a local abandoned parking lot. It seems to work. I ride 2 hrs a day and ma getting better everyday.

good luck


May 31, 2012
dont quit
by: Anonymous

I restarted riding at 57. took the motorcycle safety class($25) Instills confidence and safety. ride near home on familier low traffic streets, or a large empty parking lot. As you gain confidence increase your distance from home.
Riding is a continual learning process. time will increase your skills, you will begin to relax and enjoy the ride. best wishes.

May 30, 2012
Don't give up
by: Lisa

Yeah join a club so ya don't feel so isolated; motorcycling is about feeling liberated. I do hope you can find this. Good luck

May 29, 2012
by: Susanne

Google Boston area women's motorcycle club and you will be surprised at the groups in your area. Join a group and I'm positive they will gladly help you out. As someone else posted please take a safety course. It will improve your riding and give you a boost of confidence.

May 29, 2012
Lay it down
by: Karen

Go to meetup.com and find a sympatico group of riders. You can generally choose between groups that go bar hopping or ice cream shopping. Some are even all-woman. Within my local group, I found someone who was willing to go out riding with me and coach me. They might even have a helmet intercomm you can use.

Here's another fear-buster. Take your bike to the mechanic and tell them you want to pick it up, to prove to yourself that you can. They can lay it over on its side gently (on a mat if they really resist -- goodness they're protective!) and you can back into the seat and use your legs to lever it up.

Now when you fall over (and we ALL practice horizontal parking occasionally), you know you can get it back together.

May 29, 2012
Don't give up
by: Anonymous

First you need to get some practial hands on instruction. That means fnd a Motorcycle Safty course...and sign up for it.
They will answer all your questions and show you all the basics of motorcycle riding.

this should have first on your schedule, it is really hard to ride when you don't what you are doing.

But even after you take the course and learn the the basics...that is all you will have is the basic..so you need to ride and build on that. Then find a group to ride with, you can learn from them also.
So don't give up, it just take more than just the wanting to ride...practice practice practice
Good luck

May 29, 2012
Don't give up
by: Susan

Please don't give up.
I got my learners permit and bought a Honda VTR250 in January. It took everything I had to keep getting on the bike. Some days I would look at it and be petrified and make excuses to not ride (too hot, too cold, looks like rain, rah rah rah). It was fear of failure that was stopping me from enjoying it and learning something new. I was scared I might crash, might drop the bike, might get hit or hit someone, make an idiot of myself....

But I pushed on. Baby steps. Each day I made myself do something I hadn't done the time before. I started just riding around the block, then moving out to larger roads then eventually the highway. I now ride at least once a week and have met a guy who rides and who has asked me to join his club.

The exhilaration that comes with riding after you grow your confidence is like nothing else. All the hard work and slog pays off.

I would suggest joining as many facebook and web groups as you can. Not just for women but for everyone. My experience has shown me that men are extremely enthusiastic about women riders and welcome us. Check out your local bike mechanic - my one conducts group rides once a month. In Australia we have an online group called Netrider - they have learner friendly rides on Saturdays and Sunday. They are out there - you just gotta spend a bit of time online looking for something close to you.

Bikers are a very social group. But riding can be a very solitary activity. I think you need to make friends with others who ride. It will make a world of difference.

And please hang in there! (sorry for the long post but I am so passionate about riding nowadays)

May 29, 2012
by: Jo-Anne

Check out this group on Facebook, Hooligals all women in the area plan rides thru out the riding months here in the Northeast. We have a ride going out to the Worcester area on June 17th, check the page for the details. You can do it, is what I always say to myself when riding, I feel your frustration I was the same way, keep at it you will finally come to terms with your bike!!

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