R u sure u should b riding if yur so worried aabout yur hair!

by Bobsters

Me at rest after a long ride.

Me at rest after a long ride.

If yur that worried about yur hair...ya shouldnt b ridin, where r the real women riders...grow a vagina, not balls, cause vaginas can take a pounding, balls are weak, and sensitive!..and quit worrying about yur damn hair, tie it up and let the wind have its way with it!...Isn't that the reason u like to ride in the first place..the encompassing freedom of being one with universal sites, smells, and feel of Nature!!!..

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Feb 08, 2017
Hair NEW
by: Anonymous

Wow! These days are tumultuous that a simple subject turns nasty lets all return to being civilized. I just enjoying riding my bike I like to ride solitary because of the comments and the pressure other female riders want to push their ideas on me. I ride because I want to for myself. Let all this crap go and go for the ride and the joy of it.

Feb 08, 2017
Geez! NEW
by: Vicky

Finally! At age 66 I am proud to say I got my motorcycle license, my bike, and I am one happy lady. I came to this site on the recommendation of a friend and have found it to be interesting and very helpful - - especially for a newbie. After reading so many of the forums I came to this one looking for a few tricks/tips from experienced female riders regarding hair and was just surprised at the one comment by another "female" and just wanted to know WHY. WHY, after all the crap we as women have put up with over the years, do you feel the need to put down your gender, if in fact you are female?

I protested for equal pay for equal work for equal opportunity back in the late 60's and early 70's and finally secured my coveted profession - law enforcement. I found it more successful to be a 5'4" 120 lb. "lady" verses a rough-talking-walking John Wayne wannabe and had more luck walking into a bar fight and coming out unscathed because I could talk respectfully verses being a rude, crude, tough-talking broad. "Send in the girl," became a source of pride after arriving at a scene and having a half dozen uniformed guys waiting for ME....and let me tell you, there wasn't a drunk that I couldn't persuade to come outside with me and get him settled down so we all could leave the scene without us getting involved in a fight and then worst of all, having to write the dreaded report about it.

Respect goes a long way and I guess I was just disappointed to find a "woman" on this forum that lacked it and I'm talking about respect for yourself as well as other women. We have come too far not to use our intelligence to speak in a civil manner, to appreciate each other as the STRONGER SEX and to frankly enjoy being women.

I earned the respect of the men I worked with after proving that a WOMAN could do the job as well as they could, and STILL BE A WOMAN, and that's all I wanted - just a chance because I knew I could do it. So, please, whoever you are, whatever you are; just show a little respect - - it goes a long way and you'll find people will respond to you with respect and isn't that what we all want?

And yes, I realize this response comes late in the game, but I'm just hoping a certain "woman" reads it, thinks about it, and understands....

Oct 07, 2014
A touchie subject
by: Anonymous

Ladies! The helmet hair comment really touched a raw nerve..We can disagree without being rude. That one little comment really brought the worst in us.Why criticize someone's spelling and grammar.Maybe if you're like me ,you are on a little tablet or iPhone with hardly a keyboard and must use a stylus. We are women who love to ride.II for one love your comments and find them useful and inspirational. I am sorry about the typo errors I make and the spelling too.
Let us not put each other down. WE ARE WOMEN AND WE RIDE MOTORCYCLES..

Jul 29, 2012
Live and let live babe.
by: Kelly

Hahahahahah hilarious. I know you. Still a liar and a phony with a big mouth and a shitty attitude. Some people never change. PS this is not Sturgis. No one here is getting turned on by your ugly (and false) bravado (except the like minded). Live and let live babe.

Jun 12, 2012
That is not a very nice comment
by: Brenda

Wow, your comment is not very nice. I worry about my hair getting damaged more than helmet head. I agree it can be fun to just have it blowing around. But if I do that with my hair, it becomes a damaged, tangled mess. And I do need to look professional at work also. So I like seeing what other women have tried. There is no need to be rude and judge others for wanting to look nice.

Apr 21, 2012
by: Anonymous

I'm not sure that is your true picture. I think I've seen this picture somewhere!.

Mar 09, 2012
Who are you to question who can ride?
by: Clarissa

I'm not fussy about my hair but it sure doesn't look beautiful and wind-blown after a ride. If I'm being safe and wearing a helmet (which I hope everyone is), hair looks flat and stupid after a ride.

Like others have pointed out, I have to go into an office where I need to manage my team and I look professional doing so not like I just got out of bed.

Further to that, I hate dealing with tangles from a ride that make showering and grooming unnecessarily time-consuming so to hell with this idea of wind-blown hair.

My solution was to cut all my hair off but unlike you I don't presume that in order to be a good or serious rider every woman should need to be shorn of their hair or do away with any desire for neat and tidy hair anymore than I presume that you are unintelligent simply because your grammar is appalling.

People have different priorities. Let them. Clearly from the responses to this article there are plenty of ways avoiding helmet hair can fit neatly into a fun, wild and safe ride.

Mar 02, 2012
Get over yourself
by: Anonymous

Excuse me, but I ride during the week for economy, and I have to show up at work looking professional, not like some windblown mess. So I would appreciate any tips I can find for how to deal with helmet hair. If you prefer to that's your business.

You have an attitude problem and your general disrespect for those of us who use this site for encouragement and tips in not appreciated. At least not by me.

Get over yourself, if you frequent this site, you will find that most of the posters are friendly, helpful, and generally encouraging. Unless someone is a hazard to themselves, very seldom does anyone on this forum post such a venom as you have.

I hope you do not become a regular contributor. Or the webmaster censors you.

Dec 26, 2011
Hell Yeah
by: Anonymous

I think you should be riding. Screw everyone that can't take your comments! I love that you are free and wild, and let them worry about scraping what ever overpriced hair care product they purchased out of thier helmets! I'd love to ride with ya any day and we can let our beautiful hair whip through the wind, free and proud just how its supposed to be. If you cant handle a little rude, find another hobby. This is where the big girls play.

Dec 07, 2011
nothing to do
by: Anonymous

Every person has things they find special to themselves and it does not do to attack each other. Attacking the opposite opinion does not make your opinion any more true or theres any less. This forum is to ask questions without having to feel judged alritey? In response to the post I actually want to ride to feel the wind blowing through my hair its one of the best feelings ever but I think its also fun to worry about my hair sometimes too. There's nothing wrong with wanting your hair to look nice.

Nov 21, 2011
y kant u speell?
by: Anonymous

First of all, learn to spell. Spelling incorrectly on purpose is not attractive. Secondly, is there some kind of rule that says a woman can't be beautiful and badass at the same time? Wanting to look pretty does not make someone less passionate about riding.

Nov 08, 2011
by: Anonymous

I am offended by your grammar and your rudeness, and I do not worry about my hair. I just ride to ride. I also don't have a ridiculous picture of myself posted without my motorcycle. When Betty White made the comment about growing balls, it was funny, when you repeated it, it wasn't.

Nov 07, 2011
happy for you
by: Lydie-Texas

I am happy that you don't think about you hair and just ride that is the way I am. I am the women with the flattop haircut,I just ride mess no fuss. Thanks

Nov 07, 2011
by: Anonymous

You could have stated your point in a much less rude manner. Also, your grammar and spelling are completely lacking, which makes it quite difficult to give your post any sensible consideration.

I think if women motorcyclists want to worry about their hair, then let them! Worrying about your hair is just part of being a woman! Some women care about some things while other women care about different things. Just because you don't mind "helmet hair" doesn't mean that others shouldn't mind it. People are different. Get over it. I don't see why you have taken such offense to others trying to look good after riding.

Nov 07, 2011
Miss Grammer!..
by: Anonymous

...obviously, Yur one of the people probably still lookin in the mirror wondering how that head of Yurs is going to look while it is saturated with every product known to the salon world, and having a regal fit cause u can't or don't wanna pull off Yur lid..( do u need bike talk trying too)..U grow the Hell up, an pull yur big gurl underwear up for that fact...I am speaking plain English, u understood,...does that make you oh so better than everyone else..careful how u point the finger, its pretty sad when its irrevocably directed back at ya!

Nov 07, 2011
un called for
by: Anonymous

That first comment was uncalled for. .. grown up.


Nov 07, 2011
by: Anonymous

Are you sure you should be riding when you apparently have not finished grammar school from the looks of your spelling and grammar?

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