by Holly
(Chattanooga, TN)

How do I take my Dooney and Bourke on a motorcyle with my sweetie? I can't be without my Dooney. :)

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Jul 28, 2012
by: Anonymous

As a newbee i asked same question to my harley dealer this 250 lb biker picked out my new saddle bags and told me his wife had the same problem. As to people who say ur not a real biker their just jealous some poeple can ride and look good!!

Dec 28, 2011
gotta get saddlebags/topcase
by: karen

...where else do you stash your purse?

Aug 15, 2011
Boxes for Bags!
by: Jenna

My husband mounted a top box on his bike which is lockable and waterproof. My purse fits in there along with all our other odds and ends (emergency tools, lunch, etc.) We use our bike as a mode of transportation as well as an adventure tourer - it's a Triumph Tiger 800. Don't listen to the "bikers" who say if you need to bring a purse, you're not a real biker. They'd be laughed out of any other forum. Serious bikers ride their bikes as much as possible - they don't let it collect dust and then only take it out for a few hours on a perfect Saturday.

Long explanation short, consider suggesting a top box, tank bag, or panniers to your sweetie. The more things you bring, the longer you can be on the road :)

Aug 03, 2011
Get a Backpack
by: Anonymous

I like to be able to carry my Dooney or Coach handbag. So, what I do is put it in a backpack and ride with it that way. When I get to work or other destination, I can pull it out and be on my way.

Jul 02, 2011
I too am a Dooney girl!
by: veronica

I feel your pain girl. I have many Dooney's and here's what I do if I have to carry one of my girls cause it matches my outfit...I will use one of those shoulder straps that they give you from some of their purses. You know the ones; they allow you to carry it cross-body. Anyways, most Dooney's have two metal rings on the side and you can just attach the long strap and wear it cross-body until you get to where you are going. Don't give up fashion...its a sin!


Jun 29, 2011
You don't need it.
by: Sunny

If it's bigger than a wallet there is nothing in there you "need". Leave it home so it doesn't get wrecked. I have a really cute Coach that I love, but I would never bring it riding. Just one more extra piece of "stuff" to keep track of. And even if you did stick it in a saddle bag, do you really want it stuffed in there with the spare sweaty bandanna, plasticy smelling rain suit, greasy tool kit and dirty parking puck?

On a bike as either passenger or rider less is better. Riding is all about the ride itself and not the accessories unless they have a practical purpose. You'll just look like a diva who doesn't get what riding is about.

But if you just can't part with it, get a long strap and strap it cross wise on your shoulder. Or put it in saddle bag.

Jun 29, 2011
by: Anonymous

Just a thought what happens when you get caught in the rain and said purse is soaking wet? Who's fault will it be yours for taking the chance or this because it rained?

Jun 28, 2011
So it's a bag?
by: Ev

Oh, don't be so harsh on the girl. It gave me a good laugh!!

Put it in his tank bag, hang on to it (your a pillion right?) or invest in a bike jacket that has a full width pocket on the back. My jacket has a pocket that is about 30cm x 20cm, but I must admit, mine is used for putting basic First Aid gear in.

Or...make him pay for lunch and leave your purse at home.

Jun 27, 2011
My 2 cents...for what it's worth.
by: Ladonna

Well to be fair, you can still BELONG on a bike and be someone that cares about designer bags. The fact that others were so quick to put you out of the biker world is a little sad to me...that's the thing about riding...it's for anyone that wants to feel free and just enjoy the ride! Depending on how big the purse is, ask your sweetie about saddle bags to put your purse in. Nothing wrong with keeping it along with you if you have the room to put it :) I myself love to look good, but you have to remember that safety comes before looks when on a bike. If you can still be safe and have the looks too...HEY, that's double pleasure!

Jun 27, 2011
by: Anonymous


Jun 27, 2011
by: Anonymous

I agree with Judy......

Jun 27, 2011
Get a Car
by: Judy

If your main concern in riding a motorcycle is bringing some ridiculous "designer" purse along, you don't belong on a bike. Go find a car to ride in.

If you DO get serious about riding bikes, we can talk about proper gear to wear and have, and it doesn't include some phony, pseudo "status symbol" which I had to look up and see what you were talking about...I'd never heard that name before.

Forum moderator - If you choose not to publish this, then I'll know you are less concerned with telling people what they should hear vs. an attitude of being "supportive" of people who may not actually belong on a bike. If you REALLY care about women on bikes you WON'T be supportive of such a shallow-minded individual who needs to hear what's an appropriate attitude for riding.

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