Pros and Cons of Female MC Clubs

by Lone Rider
(Washington, DC)

Hi Fellow Female Riders,

I am trying to decide if I should join one of the many growing number of female riding/MC Clubs. I'm a bit of a loner and I don't mind, its just that I would like to ride more often and I think a group would give me more time in the saddle then by myself or with my hubby. My concerns are some of the things I heard about being a prospect for a year which is like a probationary period and mandatory dues and meetings. I just want some folks to ride with that are in or near my area. However, I do like that they seem to consider themselves family and I like the idea of a close knit group and a cool nickname. I have friends that I do the shopping and movies and other girly things with, but none of them share my love for riding( unless it's in a car on the way to the mall:) and I feel I need another batch sort of speak who share my interest in this. Also, my dear hubby already belongs to a MC Club and sometimes he's already tired from riding with his group on outings and charity events to ride with me. Should I open myself up to the "group thing" or just ride when I can alone and let that be that?

I would love and appreciate your thoughts on this.

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Nov 27, 2012
There is more..
by: ChromeShine

onething that was not mentioned is the Sisterhood that many clubs and organizations have. I belong to an organization and yes we have dues.. less than $50 a year.. The organization I belogn to is National and I belong to a local Chapter..

I love my Chapter Sisters, we have a lot of fun when we are out riding. We have fun at our meetings too.. But more than that They are a huge network and resource for me.. not just with riding and bike mechanical stuff.. but in Life.. We are there for eachother... for example we have a member with a husband a small children who is in the hospital.. We, her sisters are able to lessen the stress and all for her family.. we prepare meals, watch the children, keeping on the house and yard so her husband can be with her in the hospital.. When he can't be there or needs a break.. we are there with her..

Before I joined I too had those same questions and thoughts... I am glad I made the choice to joined.. As I said my organization is a National one and this summer I took a 3 week trip on my bike with 4 other of my sisters.. we met and stayed with sisters of other chapters.. they tood good care of us.. we stayed for two days at one of our sister chapters houses and her husband a certified motorcycle mechanic when over our bikes.. The trip was possible and affordable because of our sister chapters opening up their home to us.. we only stayed in hotel rooms 4 nights out of the whole 3 week trip..

For me the dues and meetings are more than worth it.. I joined to have a few other women to ride with.. and what I got what a sisterhood that I didn't even know was missing in life...

Aug 16, 2011
by: Lois

Check out the Motor Maids they are the oldest womens riding club/org. they are everywhere.

Aug 06, 2011
Agree with some...my 2 cents
by: Anonymous

Although I have my license circumstances are such for me right now that I don't have a bike to ride. My hubby and I did, however, join a Chapter of a Nat'l Assoc. Great at first, didnt' mind the once a month meeting, low dues a year, but I'm such a "type A" personality that it started to really get under my skin when the people who had "official jobs/titles" in the group didn't take it seriously. I ended up doing the job of the secty and the publicist! Finally had a falling out with the president over mis/inadequate information he provided for a ride.

My advice...craigslist (being ultra careful) or meetup.com. Or perhaps you could contact whoever is in charge of a club you're interested in and ask to go on a ride to see if they're a group you'd like to join.

Jul 26, 2011
MC clubs for introverts?
by: Robin

I'm a new rider and total introvert. Yet, I really wanted to find a mentor or riding buddy to take me out for a few rides, answer my dumb questions and help me build my skills. I'm also a working mom, so I don't have time or disposable income for clubs.

I posted in my local Craigslist for a riding buddy, and I got some great responses from genuinely nice people, experienced riders, willing to help me out. I went on a beautiful 2-hour ride through cool, shady twisties on a perfect blue-sky summer day with someone I met on Craigslist. It was awesome. I thought to myself, now this is the kind of social activity I like: a kickass ride and no monthly dues or forced chitchat!

Try Craigslist or meetups.com. It's been great for me. BE SAFE - get information about the person before you meet them, meet in a safe place, and go there with a friend or tell someone where you're going and who you're with.

Jul 26, 2011
Same Issues Here
by: Cindy

I also tend to be a loner, and although that works out well most of the time, company on rides here and there would be nice. I found a strong lead (through word-of-mouth) on a possible low maintenance, fun, inexpensive women's riding club in my region. I agree that if a club membership is too much of a commitment or too much "work", I would have little interest. I probably would not have found this group on a Google search, so ask around. I think belonging to a group would be positive, and increase one's options regarding rides.

Jul 22, 2011
Contra Costa County, CA
by: Rene L

The RC idea sounds really good. I have the same issue. Anyone know of any female RC's in the east bay northern California?

Jul 21, 2011
MC vs RC
by: Anonymous

I agree with Lynn that a Ladies Riding Club is probably a better choice over a Motorcycle Club. I don't mind paying an annual due but I don't want to be required to do any rides I don't want to do. I am an adult and I ride for my pleasure. The up side of riding with a RC is... you are not on the road by yourself and friendship & fellowship. What I did was made 1-2 friends that had same riding skills and style and then those are the ones I ride with 99% of the time. Again I would steer clear of MC or RC that want to tell me when, where & how to ride. Try out several different ones, the only one I know of is Sisters in Spirit and I think they already may some members in your area. Also ask you local dealers if they have weekly or monthly rides, this would allow you to meet other riders you like to be with and to form your own riding group with no fees or requirements.

Jul 21, 2011
Womens M.C. Clubs
by: Lynn

I decided that I preferred R.C. (Riding Clubs) over M.C. (Motorcycle Clubs) as they were more concerned with riding and less with raising money for charities. I also found that women who ride tend to be assertive and strong women (which is a good thing), but put them together & try to organize an event and it can make for a power struggle. Please let us know what you decide and what club if you join one.

Jul 21, 2011
Plusses and Minuses
by: Anonymous

I wanted the same as you. Mostly I ride alone to be with my own thoughts. But every now and then I wanted to ride with others. I've got a number of choices where I live and joined two of them to see what, if any I liked.

I really clicked with one group of women. Nothing wrong with the other group of people, meetings and rides just didn't feel as fun.

Other than dues of less than $50 a year, in order to keep my membership, I have to participate in 2 or three rides a year including one of their charitable rides, and attend a few of the once a month meetings per year. At the meetings we discuss rides, riding safety, organizing charity rides, and often have guest speakers. But my biggest benefit is that after a tough work week I go out on a fun ride that I didn't have to plan. And since I'm with other really experienced riders they help me wit my technique if I ask, we stop at good restaurants, and I don't worry about flying into a ditch and never being found.

I certainly think experiences with MC can vary widely with whomever is running things like any other group.

Jul 21, 2011
MC Clubs
by: Ev

I wouldnt join a MC Club if it meant attending meetings etc, so many times a month. You join for the fun and meeting like-minded people. If it becomes a chore, than why join in the first place? Look into the clubs on offer and see what their rules are. If they sound pretty relaxed, I'd say "Give it a go and see"

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