Packing for 2 On 1 Bike

by Tracy Jo
(Tolstoy, SD)

What to Pack?

What to Pack?

My hubby and I are taking our first long trip on the bike. We are headed to Alaska from South Dakota and will be out for about 17 days. We do plan to take a couple weekend runs before our Alaska trip, but I need some suggestions of what all to bring, what all I don't need to bring and how on earth to fit it all on our bike. There is no doubt that we'll need to take bare minimums...but I am worried that I'll not have something important. He is in charge of necessary tools and bike stuffs...my job is everything else! We are camping for the most part...have the sleeping bags and tent...any help and suggestions would be appreciated.

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Feb 11, 2011
New Rider
by: Blackrockerbabe

Hi, I have been reading your comments and I find them very helpful. My boyfriend just bought a Harley and I have never been on a long trip and he bought it for that purpose. I was totally stressing about how to pack because I normally pack three bags just for me for an overnight trip and because I am black (that's my excuse) I have to have all my hair stuff. If you have any further suggestions for me that would be totally wonderful.

Apr 08, 2010
Packing Light
by: Lisa G

We've taken lots of trips on our bikes and I have learned to pack light. I have always over packed - extra jeans, shirts, socks, etc. - for "just in case". Whenever we got home, I found out that 70% of the stuff I packed was never worn or used. Most campgrounds and other places you stay have laundry facilities and you can usually buy a single load detergent and/or softener there. If they are not onsite, you can usually always find a laundromat close by.

As far as packing for 2 - I'll take each of us a couple of pairs of jeans, several shirts, undies, socks, and light jackets. I have one gallon size ziplock with our contact stuff & other toiletries and another ziplock bag with our chargers. I usually take a backpack with my laptop in it and a smaller duffel bag for shoes. We keep rain gear and bike covers in the saddle bags on the bikes at all times. During colder weather, we always have our leather chaps and heavy jackets but those are worn so we don't have to worry about packing them.

If you're gonna be tent camping, don't forget towels and washcloths and a battery powered lamp. I usually take a small bottle of liquid soap and the travel size shampoo & conditioner.

I don't worry about taking a hair dryer, curling irons and all that stuff because I'm gonna have helmet hair anyway ... lol ... so I make sure to throw in a couple of extra du-rags but I always keep a cap velcro'd on my risers so as soon as my helmet comes off, my cap goes on. I do take a small bag of makeup - just cuz sometimes I wanna feel girly but a lot of times I don't even fool with it even though I've got it.

I hope you have a great trip to Alaska! Take pics and make sure you post some here when ya'll get back. Safe travels!

Apr 08, 2010
Packing for 2 on 1 Bike
by: Barbara - Tulsa


Steve & I have been touring 2 up on one bike for about 10 years now and we have this down to a science, we never take our car on vacation. From the picture I see your either on a BMW or a Victory which means you have 2 side bags and a trunk.

Here is what how and what I pack. I designate one side bags for Steve and one for me and the top truck is misc things you may need to get to during the day. I can pack for 2 weeks in just these 3 bags.

This is what goes in each side bag.

2 extra pairs of jeans
3-4 pairs of socks
1 pair of underwear for everyday plus couple of extras just in case
3-4 T-shirts plus, for her, 1-2 tank tops
1-long sleeve shirt
long johns
phone chargers

If your camping, something to sleep in so you can walk to the bathhouse without having get dressed in the tent.

Try to roll everything or fold it so it no wider than the bottom of your bags..Note our bike came with 3 bags that fits inside of the hard saddle bags & trunk. They are like a gym bag ..and this is what I pack. These come put nightly and go in the tent/motel with us, along with our toilet bags and what ever else we need in the top trunk

1 extra pair of shoes each
rain/winter gear

We use our top bag for items we may need to get to during the day. Such as if it suddenly rains (which it will) we can change from just our riding jackets to rain gear without having to unpack everything else.

Each of us also have our own toilet bags with toothpaste & toothbrush etc ..what ever you need to shower and clean up. I DO NOT take any any hair dryers, curling irons etc. and very little makeup.

Most campgrounds and motels will have guest laundry rooms so you can do laundry every 2-3 days. We both wear our jeans 2-3 days in a row, and I usually get 2 days out of a shirt, guys can get more.

I put our cell phones in the little side compartments by the speakers (if you have them) or the top bag.

I also DO NOT take a big purse. I have a small one that attaches to 2 of my belt loops on my jeans so it is with me at all times and the only thing that goes in it is my drivers license/ID credit cards and money.

Hope this helps.

Have a GREAT time, a motorcycle is the only way to travel!

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