Overcoming Fear Post Accident

by Veronica
(Valley Forge)

It has been 2weeks since riding my bike into a 4 foot ditch and a week since surgery on my right wrist where a permanent plate was put in. I have about four more weeks before I am splint free. My bike is in the process of being repaired. I find that when thinking about riding again I am now feeling apprehensive, a feeling I didn't have after the crash. Would love to know how other riders have dealt with riding again post accident, how you overcame the fear and the steps you took to get back in the saddle. I am a new rider and have found my soul -- can't bear the thought of giving it up.

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Aug 19, 2017
Good NEW
by: Anonymous


Nov 05, 2013
Slow Steps
by: Tammy

I can relate to your story and your fear. Four weeks ago, I crashed while riding my bike to work - someone pulled out in front of me as I was turning into the parking lot at my office, and I slid out trying not to hit her. My injuries were much less severe than yours - I had bruises and a couple of fabric burns on my legs, but it was a low-speed crash and my armor did its job - but my bike spent two weeks in the shop being patched back together. Getting back in the saddle again has been a series of small steps: A bit of riding coaching from a very experienced friend, a short ride with another person to help get my confidence back up, a longer ride with company. Today was my first solo ride (to work) since the crash, and although I felt a twinge of nerves, I also felt confident that I could handle the bike - and that I'd learned from my mistake. Keep persevering, and above all, keep riding!

Oct 29, 2013
by: Lois

I know how you feel I also wrecked my bike, thankfully I didn't get anymore than a concussion and a few scrapes. My bike didn't fair so good 4000 dollars and 3 months later I got her back. I guess I feel lucky because I had 2 bikes and 5 days later I went for a short ride. I just needed to see if I could do it, no one was pushing me to do it I just had to know for myself.
I still hate to see gravel in the road but I just squeeze the tank with my knees and go on. Just remember make it your idea to get back on don't do it to please someone else, just like riding in the first place it has to be for YOU.

Oct 28, 2013
Overcoming fear
by: BarbieButzer

I wrecked my bike 3rd time out. Did a rookie mistake and ran into a tree. The next day, I got back on the bike and revved it up. I didn't want to be afraid of the bike.

Best advice: OWN YOUR OWN SPACE!!! Also, don't let the bike run you. You run the bike.

It's been a year since then and guess what? I just completed the Dragons Tail in Deals Gap, NC. What a transformation and what a difference a year makes.

Keep riding........Just get back on - but do your homework. Watch videos, talk to other bikers, listen to their advice. Who knows better - you or an experienced biker?

I started out riding in neighborhoods - by myself. To get a feel for the bike. Stop and go, turns, up hill - anything to get some time on the bike. Ride in the country - anything to get your confidence up.

Every mile is another milestone.

WOMEN ROCK and YOU CAN learn to ride properly.

An excellent source is Ridelikeapro.com Check him out on you-tube...like never use your front brake when turning the bike. Look where you want to go, etc.

Good luck!!

Oct 27, 2013
I to feel this way
by: Anonymous

Thanks for posting this -- I dropped my bike this year and have not been back on it since. I too am apprehensive on getting back on the bike! I didn't even get hurt! I know that I will ride again next spring but will take it slow. I work 22 miles from my house, so I think I will be just riding around the block -so to speak- just to make sure I am okay.

Oct 27, 2013
Give it time
by: Mrstarzan

For a little of my background see this post here:https://www.her-motorcycle.com/first-freedom-second-to-conquer-fear.html
My best advice is just give it time. Since you are not in a position to ride right now you don't need to jump these hurdles, even in your mind. Give your soul and psyche time to heal as well. Everyone's big question was "are you going to ride again?", to which I would never commit one way or another although I knew I would. Oddly enough, telling people that actually took the pressure and fear off me. You will know when you are ready to try it again.
I was telling my husband recently that I have fear when I think about going for a ride, but when I get on the bike it disappears. I think it's because when I physically sit on the bike I "feel" confident in my abilities now. I know what I did wrong that caused my accident and I know how to avoid it.
When you are ready to get back on do it in safety course of some sort. It will really help your confidence. Until then, just heal!

Oct 26, 2013
post accident fear
by: donna1200

I took my first ride after my accident on the one year anniversary of my wreck which was on July 10, 2013. I know how you feel. I had to have my left leg surgically repaired requiring two plates. (comminuted fracture of my tibia, fractured fibula, fractured big toe) I was 10 weeks with no weight bearing so essentially in a wheelchair and using a walker when i needed to stand and hop. Then 6 weeks of physical therapy to get my leg to work again. After that anniversary ride (it was all of about 4 miles) I didn't get on again for about 2 months. Then I rode it to work on a Saturday which is about 6 miles round trip. I've done that a couple more times now. It gets easier each time. I haven't done any long rides but I hadn't done that yet before my wreck either. I wrecked 3 months after getting my motorcycle endorsement. I ride a Harley Sportster which is my first and only bike. It came through the wreck better than I did :) So your fear is very understandable. I am still somewhat apprehensive and just hope it eases in time. I wrecked making a left hand turn at the intersection of town so now I avoid intersections. Some day I will make that turn again but it might be a while yet. :) Good luck to you! Get on and ride when you feel you are ready. Whenever that may be...

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