by Sandra

My White Dragon!

My White Dragon!

Hey! What a great forum - and active, too...

I'm new to riding my own bike, and haven't even been on the back of one for decades. Took MSF course w/my husband back in May (Mother's Day weekend) and got licensed together. He bought a used HD Heritage Softail and I found a 2006 Suzuki C50 Boulevard (LOVE HER!!); both are dressed out, (but I have no faring or roll bars). The bikes were his idea - at least he'd been talking about getting one for him for 2-3 years. I kept saying no because when he had a Honda 750 he never wanted a passenger and I like riding - so why would I want to sit and watch him have all the fun, right? When I suggested getting my own, I think he thought I was kidding...

He does not feel like I should go anywhere outside our small town until I've got more practice - I feel like the practice comes from riding. I would like to ride into my office, 38 miles into a congested metro area with expressways, etc. I will admit it makes me nervous to think of taking this ride, but it would be about 9 miles of interstate and then a 4 lane divided highway with some 19 stop lights (NO turns) to reach my destination; oh and another 15 miles or so of county roads through countryside on the home end.

I've been traveling this path for 8 years in my car; blessed to never witness an accident much less be involved in one, although I've seen a few fender benders pulled over and the occasional roll-over or really crunched car. But my husband is sure I'm totally insane for even considering it...I think he would sell the bikes if he could!

Am I being cocky, overconfident and overanxious with only 300 miles seat time? I'm okay with my 30 minute runs in the evening, but just want to ride all the time. Out of respect for his concern for me I'm honoring his wishes, but...is there an answer here?

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Jul 19, 2010
Just Do It
by: Aili

I didn't spend a lot of time practicing. I brought my bike home in a pick up truck, rolled it down the ramp and rode around the neighborhood for 15 minutes. By then, I took it on the main route going 40-ish mph. Next day I took it to work, about 8 miles each way, mostly back roads but my shop is on a very busy city street.

I have a small bike that's not good for the highway, but I say if you're not afraid, then go for it. If you are afraid, then go for some nice long rides on secondary roads. Poker runs are great for not-very-experienced riders because the route is usually a nice laid-back ride and you have other riders around to watch and chat with. Many average 40-70 miles in length, with several stops (to draw a card for your poker hand), and they end with food and hanging out.

I think your husband is the overanxious one. Maybe instead of telling him you're riding to work before you do, tell him you rode to work when you get home from work.

Jul 19, 2010
Chill Out Girl!
by: Dawna

I have to say I was nervous too about riding anywhere. You have to chill out. You took the class, so you have the skills, now you just have to build your confidence. There is no way you can build your confidence without just doing it! Get out there and just go! You'll do fine and think of how proud of yourself you'll be!! Sure, you might be nervous, but that is normal with anything new. Just ride it to the mall or something, not far at first, but just a little farther than normal and then go a little farther each time you have some ride time.

You'll do fine, just trust yourself! :0)

Jul 04, 2010
by: Sandra

I LOVE this bike! I know it looks monstrous for a first bike, and it has zip at take off that makes hubby nervous - she is powerful...but with half the weight of Harley Softail, I do not feel intimidated in the saddle at all. Seat height is nice and low for my 5'6" self and I do not feel "over-biked".

Yes, I think seat time is a good idea...that's all I really want anyway! :) Just got my new 3/4 helmet (had a shorty - felt too exposed) and my new Milwaukee Renegade motorcycle boots and took another really short jaunt today. Killed the bike at every stop and could not find neutral when stopped at a gas station...after the 6th time or so, I realized the new boots were really throwing me off - with neutral - AND with my heel shifting me into 2nd w/the back part of my shifter without my feeling it (not used to the over-sized work boot and heaviness). Now that I'm aware of the problem, I should learn quickly to better place my left foot to avoid these stop-light annoyances. And I was worried about being heavy on the brake!

Ride safely!

Jul 03, 2010
Nice bike!
by: Carey

My husband and I just bought a 2007 c50 special edition. I've rode it a few times. It looks rather large (several men in our neighborhood have said that the first time they see it--and tell my husband to not let me ride it!) but it's actually very easy to ride. I haven't jumped on the bandwagon to go riding all the time, so I know how you feel. I always think about where/when before I agree to ride on my own. Sometimes I just like being a passenger. But I'm working on feeling more confident. The accident part does scare me a bit!

Jul 02, 2010
Seat Time
by: Anonymous

Get more seat time on your country roads, do the highway, and try town. You have to do it sometime, if your confident you can pull it off then go for it. Maybe you need to ride more in the country with your husband to show him you can ride and are safe.


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