Oops! How Embarassing

by Jeanne
(Oswego, IL)

I have done not so smart things on my bike, like driving through a few front lawns, killing the engine in heavy traffic and jumping a curb, but yesterday takes the cake. I have gone from one type of person to another....from one who will dump their bike to one who has!!! I am little salty with my husband, however, this was entirely my fault. There are two ways out of my neighborhood. One has a stoplight and you are turning from a nice wide lane into a nice wide lane. I ALWAYS go that way. The other way is from a narrow two way lane onto a busy two lane highway (Route 34 and Clark St. if you live near here.) My husband always gets aggravated with me over not wanting to the "quicker" way and turn off of the narrow street. I tell him he needs to respect what I am comfortable with and get over it. That is all the husband blaming I will do. So yesterday we are going to ride from Oswego to Woodstock after work, he pulls out ahead of me and goes right to the narrow street I don't like. Instead of just going my own way and meeting him at the gas station, I lose all common sense and follow him. Then he beats me to the stop sign by like 500 feet and then doesn't wait. So I get to the stop sign, I am seeing traffic coming in both directions. I wait FOREVER until there are no cars coming either way I try to pull out. I dumped the clutch a little bit (nerves) and then started revving the engine and for some stupid reason I hit the front brake and down she goes, right in the middle of a busy road at 5:15 at night when everyone is driving on it! How embarrassing! Luckily I had taken a class to learn how to pick it up. I remained calm, got up, dusted off, put out my kick stand and started to right the bike. Luckily another biker was going by the other way (probably wondering what all the commotion was) and helped me pick her up. I rode to the gas station and there was my husband pumping gas, completely unaware of what happened. That is the THIRD time I have had an incident and he doesn't notice!!! Me thinks me needs a new riding buddy.

On the bright side, the bike is scratched but fine, my knees are scratched but fine and we rode to Woodstock anyway, I got my new rain suit and nothing else bad happened. Guess I will think of it as a learning experience, as in learn to respect my own comfort zone and NOT follow my husband when he is not respecting it.....oh and don't hit the front brake with the handle bars turned.

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Jun 09, 2011
Get a set of bike to bike communication!!
by: Dana

My husband and I have a set of these and we would never go anywhere without them. It allows the front rider to let the back rider know what's ahead, dog, vehicle, pot-holes, etc. They are wonderful.

May 08, 2011
by: Jeanne

Thanks for all the encouragement ladies. I had a weekend full of riding, even in the rain on Saturday when we did the Epic Memorial Ride. The confidence is going up. Also my bike had it's 1,000 check up today and the mechanic noticed that my throttle was loose and tightened it up. It's actually easier to turn from a stop now, but I am not going back to the street I dumped on anytime soon!!!

May 05, 2011
This is the exact reason...
by: Shannon

...I make my husband ride behind me. :) He is forced to go at my pace and on my routes! I am an evil wife!

May 05, 2011
by: Wanda

I understand what you are going through. You just need more practice. I don't think your husband is disrespectful. Men just don't tend to be as nurturing as women. He's treating you the way he would want to be treated. He will assume you can handle all these different situations unless you tell him differently. Ask him to cut you some slack in a non-emotional way. Ask him if he would consider going slower so you can keep up until you get a few more miles beneath your belt. Sometimes he will have to go on through a traffic light to clear the intersection for safety reasons. You can stop, continue to ride at your own pace, and catch up to him when you can. Ask him to stop and wait for you when he gets way ahead of you. Men want to be helpful, but you have to spell it out for most of them, because they truly do not know what women are thinking. They only know what other guys are thinking. Good luck.

May 05, 2011
"Biker Mama" lol
by: Yvonne

I know what you mean. I've been riding a year now, rode many yrs ago. My husband tends to do the same, and I have learned to do it my way, he can wait. He has gotten ahead of me often, I don't usually know where we are headed. So, now, if I do lose him, I will go straight for a short time and pull over until he finds me. Have to play phone tag sometimes, but, we do get back together, use to upset set me, now I just laugh. I will not let anything ruin my ride. Keep the rubber on the road and enjoy.

May 05, 2011
It's all good!
by: Anonymous

So glad you made it out unharmed! Don't worry though, I have dumped my 750 GSXR many times...never in the middle of a busy street but...just the same! All is good and another lesson learned! My ex was the same way, they are just guys, you'll be ok! :)

May 05, 2011
Respect & Repeat
by: Anonymous

My husband would have never taken that route if he knew I was that uncomfortable with it! (He may have made me go back and practice it during "slow" times to take the pressure off!) He also would NEVER have gone through the stop sign without waiting for me! That's just a matter of respect! Even when we ride with a group, he won't go until the whole group can slip on through! (That doesn't always work, but he tries!) I think you may be right-a new riding buddy may be a good thing! :)

But, anytime you can find a nice low-traffic time, go practice that route and get comfortable with it. You never know when you might encounter a similar layout on a road trip, and you don't want that little knot in your stomach creeping up on you!

Good Luck, and I'm glad you are OK!

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