Ok, so I am thinking of getting a motorcycle....

by Laura
(Spring, TX)

Always wanted one, never gotten one, but I think now is the time. It would have to be lowered, as I am only 5'3 and don't weigh much. I am looking for a bike that is preferably yellow and black, or red and black.....make doesn't really matter. I would be a complete beginner and am not looking for something overtly fancy. Prob is, I would have to finance it. Any of you gals have any leads? I don't have have the cash up front to buy it outright (I'd love to).....let me know if you have any leads for a bike. And I have a man that has a CBR600RR but doubt very seriously he would let me "practice" on his....so if I am able to pull this off, would any of you ladies be willing to give me pointers and lessons 101? Haha. I live in Spring area...north of Houston.

Thanks so much,


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Jan 12, 2011
Getting a Motorcycle
by: Susan

First and foremost, take the motorcycle safety course. Next, find somewhere to practice. The class teaches the basics and then you have to expound on them. Don't take for granted that after you take the class you are ready to ride. You'll end up hurt and minus a bike. Unless you are loyal to a specific brand, go seat hopping. When I got my first bike, I got an antique that I could ruin if need be (until I found out it was a rare bike and they couldn't place a value on it) and practiced in an empty parking lot for a couple of months until I felt ready to go it on the road. After a couple of years and only one drop, I decided to move up to a new one. I went to several dealerships and hopped on and off of numerous bikes until I found the one I wanted - a 2009 250 Ninja. Was actually smaller than my beginner bike. At 5'2", fit was very important and I liked the way it fit me. My husband wanted me to get a different bigger bike, but I went with what I was comfortable with. Don't let anyone talk you to a bike you don't feel comfortable with. It will ruin your riding experience. Never let someone push you to ride outside your comfort zone. Don't become a statistic. Try to find a local meet up group to ride with. Or start your own. I ride with a group of ladies who dictate how we ride together. A lady always leads and the routes are rider friendly for all levels of experience and if someone is uncomfortable with a route it is very easy to speak up and tell them that they are uncomfortable. We have over 200 lady bikers and do a lot of stuff together besides ride.

Remember that comfort is a big factor when you choose your bike and enjoy what you pick.

Jan 11, 2011
Take the Course
by: Lorraine

Hi Laura,

I'm from Bryan-College Station area. I took the A-Plus Rider course in Magnolia Texas back in 2005. I am also 5'3" and started out on a Honda 600 which was a very good first bike. I started out in the parking lot, then to the highway feeder roads (drove all the way to Houston one day just using feeder roads...ha). Now I ride a Harley Davidson 1600 Street Bob. So don't think you are too short or small. It fits me like a glove - center of gravity is excellent. Anyway, do take the course. You don't need a bike to do that. A-Plus Rider's website is below in case you are interested. They were very good. Good luck.


Dec 29, 2010
To Flo
by: Kristi

Flo, my spirit 750 is quite a bit heavier than my rebel was, but I think the seat is low enough for you at 5'1" to put your feet flat on the ground. In comparison to the rebel, the spirit is more difficult for me to park and maneuver at slow speed or in neutral (my garage or a parking space) because of the weight. Once you are moving, she is smooth as can be and easy to ride. My Husband has a big Harley Ultra Classic but he loves to hop on my bike any chance he gets---its just fun! He looks a little strange on the bike with pink flames though....

Dec 29, 2010
Question for Kristi
by: Anonymous

I am also a beginner and will be taking my lessons and license in spring. I am only 5 feet 1 and small. so i am looking at a Rebel to start but I really like the look of the Honda shadow spirit 750. So my question to Kristi is since you are a bit taller then me can you tell me at a guess will I be able to sit flat footed on a shadow? To the person selling her Rebel I would love to buy your Rebel but I live in Canada.


Dec 29, 2010
First Bike
by: Renee

I agree! Take a safety class. I am 5'4" and weigh maybe 120. Learning to ride a motorcycle was my over 50 challenge and I was scared to death but almost 2 years later, I ride every time I get a chance.

I started on a Rebel and it was a great first bike (it's up for sale if you are near eastern OK). I moved to a Honda Shadow 600 and although I really like the bike I've found that I prefer my controls beneath me instead of forward so I'm looking for a Boulevard S50. The smaller bikes are easier to maneuver and lighter. I know I learn something everytime I ride but I'm sure glad I didn't start out with too big of a bike.

Good luck and let us know what you decide!


Dec 29, 2010
You Will Love a Rebel
by: Kristi

I am also 5'3" I took the MSF class which I highly recommend and you don't have to own a bike to take the class. My first bike was a 2008 Honda Rebel I picked it up for $2000 on Craigs list. I loved that bike it fit me perfectly! I rode it for about a year and a half and gained confidence to move up to a larger bike. I now ride a beautiful (white with pink flames) Honda spirit 750 and have so much fun "keeping up with the boys" on the long rides... and by the way your height is not a limitation, there are plenty of motorcycles with a low enough seat for you. shop around, and sit on a few see what feels right for you. What ever you do don't let some salesman talk you into more bike than you can feel confident on. My good friend that took the class with me bought a huge V-star 1100 on advice from the salesman, long story short, her motorcycle sits in the garage getting dusty because she is afraid of it and mine gets out on the road every day that the weather cooperates :)

Have fun and ride safe,


Dec 28, 2010
For Starters
by: Anonymous

You should consider taking a safety class. MSF has an excellent program. I believe there's one in Houston. They usually have a variety of bikes to pick from to use during the skills portion of the class, all with smaller (250cc) engines, many with low seat heights (i.e. Honda Rebel, Suzuki GZ250). I would do that before putting money down on a bike. You'll have a better idea of what you want in a bike, plus you'll start off with a good foundation. You might also want to consider buying a good used bike for your first if money is an issue. Other than that, go to a lot of different dealers and just sit on the bikes. See which ones feel right for you. Ask a lot of questions. Above all, stay safe and have fun. Good luck!

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