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by Lillee
(Camden, AR)

This is My New Bike

This is My New Bike

I'm 25 and have been riding a BMS Heritage 150 Scooter for several months now for commuting to school. I was talking to a biker guy at work recently and he told me it was not too good to make my little GY6 engine go 75mph every couple days and if I kept it up I'd kill my scooter. So I decided to get something bigger. I looked around and found a bike I really like and it to going to be delivered Saturday. Its a 2006 Honda Shadow 750. I'm in love with it and havent even paid for it yet. But when I told my parents (who I am living with while I finish school) my mom said "I'll pray for you" and my dad actually said "Where do you want to be buried?" This morning when I got up my dad offered to sell me his car for the cost of the bike and now I'm really mad. I really want them to be supportive. I know they think I'm crazy and maybe I am but it would be nice if they would just understand. I don't think they understand that I can end up just as dead on my scooter as I can on the big bike.

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Apr 08, 2011
by: Arcana

I got a lot of the same from my parents whom I also live with when I bought my bike to commute the 50 miles to the university. When I told my dad I did it to save on gas, he offered to pay for my gas if I took my car. Nice offer, but who pays the maintenance on my barely-hanging-on-to-life car? The other day he questioned me before I headed out on the best (safest, slowest, least traffic) route in town, and he complained about the route! I've taken to waiting until he and mom leave for work to braid my hair, windex my helmet, and gather my gear. Cuts down on their worry time and the pestering comments.

Occasionally dad brings up the old, "why not just get a scooter" argument. His big defense? With nothing between your legs you can bail if you have to. I gave up trying to explain that at highway speeds, there is no "bailing" and that hugging the bike with my legs adds stability and improved handling. Not to mention how ridiculous tiny scooter wheels are at reasonable roadway speeds!

There's not much you can do about the parents.

Mar 16, 2011
They'll adjust!
by: Jane

Don't worry, they'll adjust. It's just that they love you! :) I got my first bike at 50 years old, and my brother (who'd been riding all his life) was NOT happy. He was even more worried when he saw that the bike was a HD lowrider; he thought it was 'too much bike for me'. I took the motorcycle safety course, and while he's still nervous he did say that we could ride together this summer! That's a big step for him!

Take the course, ride safely, and have fun! Does your state have a helmet law? Even if it doesn't, wear one! That will also make them feel better.

Good for you on the bike! It's a beauty!

Mar 08, 2011
More comment...
by: Cathy

I got my first motorbike last year, at age 46, and my Mom has decided this is my midlife crisis :) I think it's the only way she can deal with it. Mine's a 650 Suzuki Savage, and I'm also loving riding it. Perhaps you could explain to your parents that your bigger bike is actually safer than the scooter in many ways: what I've learned (and it did take me a little while to get the courage to do it) is that if you're riding something more powerful, you then have the ability to accelerate (safely!!) AWAY from traffic, and then you only have the cars ahead of you to worry about. Go between the cars at red lights, get to the front, and then get ahead when they turn green - much safer than being caught in amongst them. Also, the extra power means that if you are caught up in a tricky situation, you can get the hell out of there - on a scooter you are so much more vulnerable.

Also, the scooter's wheels are so much smaller, any little bump or pothole can send you flying. Plus, you're already used to riding with traffic, so that learning curve is already safely under your belt!

Please don't let them put you off the most fun you're going to have in your life - I wish I'd started riding when I was your age! Just be safe out there, listen to your own inner voice, and they'll eventually see it's OK.

Mar 04, 2011
by: Anonymous

I agree with "Another Thought", take a motorcycle safety course, this is so very important. Remind your parents that the media sensationalizes on motorcycle accidents but don't report every auto accident, bicycle accident, or how many people die from slipping in the bathtub! You enjoy yourself and that great bike, I also have a 750 Honda Shadow and I love it! Good Luck!

Mar 04, 2011
Motorcyle Comment
by: Anonymous

Just be alert and cautious, you will be fine. I have a Yamaha 750 and love it. Your parent's will get over it, mine did.

Mar 04, 2011
Another Thought
by: Anonymous

Have you taken a motorcycle safety course? If you haven't, you should, and that might help alleviate some of your parents fears. Good luck!

Mar 04, 2011
What Better Way to Die
by: Anonymous

If your parents' predictions turn out to be true, what better way to die than in the middle of an experience that you love and enjoy? I fear having a wreck on my bike that ends up permanently injuring me more than I do having a wreck that kills me.

Mar 04, 2011
It's not about dying...
by: Anonymous

At first, I got the same from my family. It's hard to make them understand that it's not about dying--it's about LIVING!! The harsh reality is we're ALL going to die someday, and we have zero control over how/where/when...so we might as well live while we can. My father lives with & depends on me, so a couple of things I did to ease his fears was to make sure my 'affairs' were in order so in the event something did happen he wouldn't be out on the street. A few other things...I always wear my gear, I'm not a drinker anymore, and I even pay attention to not only my physical well-being but my emotional, too--like I won't ride when I'm upset or angry. We can only control so much of our environment, and it's more about mitigating the damage than preventing it anyway. Prove to them you can handle it and in time their fears will ease up...good luck!!

Mar 04, 2011
You can't live in fear.
by: Anonymous

I personally believe that when it's your time to go - BAM! You go. Doesn't matter if you're in bed, on a scooter, on a big bad bike or waiting in line at the grocery store. Live your life by your definitions! You can't live in fear ;)

Mar 04, 2011
Ahhhh parents.... you gotta love 'em.
by: char

I was 53 when I got my first motorcycle and my mom still says "Have you lost your MIND!"

Your parents love you and want you to be safe - there will be no getting around that. Truth be told they probably didn't realize you were doing 75MPH on the scooter. Somehow the word 'scooter' just doesn't lend itself to going that fast.

Give them some time. .... take YOUR time. Be safe.


Mar 04, 2011
i understand!!
by: Cheryl

I am buying my first motorcycle in about 3 days. Coincidentally its a 2001 Honda Shadow 750 also! :) I am so excited.

When I told my ex-husband...He told me to make sure that my will stated that he gets our kids, when I kill myself on it. Dumb ass!

Don't listen to them!

Have a great time on your new bike and happy safe ridding girl!!


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