No beginner bike for this newbie!

by Lenora



Three years ago, I took a course and got my license but have been unable to purchase a bike until now. I really want to take a refresher course but really don't want to spend the money when I can just ride around the neighborhood. I learned on a Buell and purchased a Dyna Switchback that I love! I just need to get lots of practice riding it. I am so excited to finally be riding! Yayyyy!!!!

in MD

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Sep 12, 2014
First solo ride
by: Anonymous

I took the course, followed the husband and will never forget my first "solo" ride. I felt like a 15 year old sneaking off with the parents' car. I just needed to go to Wal-Mart to get clothes soap. It's only 3 miles away. I can do this. And, so I did. Coming back I got to our street, made the last turn, feeling quite proud and when I got off the bike the clothes soap was dangling off the side. Needless to say I take as much care tieing stuff down now as I do in all other preparation. Lost a lot of steam to my ego wondering how many people were thinking "Look at that idiot. She won't have any soap when she gets home."

Jun 25, 2014
Just started also...lots of practice
by: Anonymous

I took the rider course in early May and just a couple of weeks ago finally bought a bike to ride, a 2006 Dyna Super Glide Custom. I didn't want a bike too small as I am 5'10". My fiance's bike was wayyyy too big for me to want to ride so just now getting to practice what I learned. We ride in the evenings after work in the large parking lot where I took the course and also stops and corners in our neighborhood. He leads! My confidence is getting better but sometimes my heart still races a little! He just says to keep at it and I'll do fine. My chearleader. Ha. Keep up the practice all of you! I applaude you all for taking on this challenge also.

May 13, 2014
Me too...newbie
by: Anonymous

I just took my class about 2.5 weeks ago. I also learned on a Buell. I purchased a new Harley Sportster 883 Iron. I honestly did NOT plan on a "new" bike. But because I got a good deal, the payments were close to being the same for the used one I was looking at (a 99 Low Rider) plus I got the 2 year warranty iwth a new one, while the Low Rider was "as is". I was scared to go on Craigslist and buy one because you never know how well it was maintained or if there is something wrong. anyway, I have been out on my new bike 2X so far just in the parking lot of a local park. I am still scared sh*tless. I am so paranoid about dropping it. UGH. That is why it would have been better to get an old one, but....this is how it worked out so... I had never ridden before the class except as a passenger. I have a whole new respect for riders now and bikes! I dropped the Buell 4X in the class. 2X the first day and 2X the second. Despite that, I got back on it and kept going. I was embarrassed and a little bruised but nothign major. Everyone else in the class had ridden before. I know I need to continue practicing slow maneuvers but man I'm scared! I think I need a bigger lot to practice in for the time being. I also want to try to ride thru my neighborhood a little (speed limit of 25) just to get some practice at stop signs, etc. anyway, congrats on your new purchase and good luck! We can do this!!

Apr 02, 2014
It would be worth your while...
by: Franm

and money to take a refresher course. I don't know what the class is in your neck of the woods -- ours is $200 -- but you probably dropped a good chunk of change on that bike, so what's another hundred or so that may very well save your life.

Apr 01, 2014
by: Lynn - FL

I know someone who has the same bike and loves it. Have lots of fun. You must be getting some riding weather by now?

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