Night Riding

by ND58

I just did my first night ride and loved it. Any stories out there? Things to beware of? Things to cherish? I am a night person and have always loved being out after dark. Riding a bike is so much better. I know the risks are more but I thought it was great.

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Sep 18, 2010
Critters / Clean Windshield
by: Noelle

Clean your windshield! The haze on it will be magnified 100X in the dark. Ditto if you have a face shield on your helmet.

And ditto on the deer! Personally know two people who hit deer. The HD dealership said the deer hits were just crazy this year.

Wild turkeys tend to stupidly stand in the middle of the road. And, where there's one turkey, there are many turkeys right behind him/her.

Raccoons seem to be out of control this year, too. I can't drive anywhere without seeing a dead raccoon on the side of the road. Some days I see three or four. So sad.

Potholes and running cracks are hard to see until you are on top of them. Avoid riding side by side at night.

Sep 16, 2010
Night Rides
by: Lynn - Florida

There is nothing like a ride at night. We have wild hogs here and sometimes gators traveling during mating season. If we're in the country we keep our eyes peeled for critters. Wear a neon yellow or reflective garment for the critters behind the wheel so they can see you.

Sep 16, 2010
Night Riding
by: Mary

I did a couple already too! Fun! Of course I live in the Bay Area (CA) and the biggest thing for me was not being able to see the condition of the road to avoid potholes and such. I can't wait until I'm ready for a ride that takes me into San Francisco! The hills will be the biggest challenge!

Sep 09, 2010
Night Riding
by: Sassy2731

Night riding can be fun in the right places. I don't like it out in the country as I came very close (3 foot) of hitting a deer. I got stopped but was staring that thing eye to eye. Now riding in the city here is pretty nice at night. A lot cooler in the summer months here in Texas. You do have the street lights to help out. I just don't ride on country roads after dark any more after the deer incident. Please be careful out there and be sure to wear your gear.

Sep 08, 2010
by: Anonymous

Deer, Deer, Deer

Sep 08, 2010
by: RObin

One night when we were riding it was like we were the Millennium Falcon jumping to light speed. The bugs were thick.

Don't go deer hunting on your bike.

Be Careful

Sep 08, 2010
Night Riding...
by: Sandra

I enjoy night riding, too! But I live in a rural community with LOTS of corn fields which means LOTS of critters!! I can remember years ago I was on the back of a Gold Wing at night and we hit a skunk...ewwwww times 10! We did not dump the bike, but...ewwww again! LOL

Night blindness, sleepy drivers, more drivers who have had a drink or two, wandering animals big and small, potholes or rough road patches, your own "invisibility"...just a FEW of the magnified risks involved in night rides...

But the moon and the stars and the cool night air, the feeling of aloneness and peace and solitude...a counterbalance to the risks??

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