New tires, are they really that slippery?

by ssilitonga
(San Francisco)

Hello ladies,

I am a new rider, and got my bike about 2 months a go. I just ordered my tires (both front and rear). I've been delaying changing my tires, because I heard scary stuff about how slippery new tires are. Although, I know that dull tires are not save as well. I finally pulled the triggered, ordered both tires online with my mechanic and scheduled the service this Thursday. The weather channel said it won't be raining that day. So the road won't be that slippery.

My question is, without rain or sand, just regular road, do I have to worry so much about these new tires? I don't want to be nervous about the tires on top of everything else. As I mentioned, I'm a new rider, and I just started commuting in the city with the bike, and I do ride everyday. Worrying about other motorists, hills, potholes, traffic, intersections is already stressful enough ;)

Any advice/tips/comments would be much appreciated!

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Oct 12, 2012
New Tires ARE slippery
by: Anonymous

Left the shop having new front and rear tires put on my '98 H-D Dyna.... cold tires ... cool weather... went down pulling onto the street with minimal throttle. New tires... be careful, they can be a slick as snot. Break 'em in caustiously.

Nov 03, 2011
very happy with my new tires
by: ssilitonga

Thanks everyone for the comments. I got my new tires today, and I test ride the bike by going in circles at a nearby roundabout, went for a ride around town and a highway, I was stupid for being so nervous about the tires, because they're great, I can feel the difference in a good way. As my mechanic said "just ride mellow for the first 30 miles and 30 corners, and you'll be okay". Thanks again!

Nov 01, 2011
Slippery tires
by: Barbara

No one really answered your question, only that new tires are better than used.
ALL New tires come from the factory with a film on them that make them slippery or slick, as all experienced riders will tell you, you need to be a little careful until you get it "scuffed in, which will take about 50/100 miles for the film to wear off. Riding straight down the road is usually no problem, it only becomes a problem in curves or going around corners. So just don't lean to hard
So just be a little careful till the film wear off. Note you can not see or feel it but its there.
good luck

Nov 01, 2011
Slippery tires
by: TonnaC

It rained the entire weekend I took my motorcycle safety training and nobody had any slipping problems. The teacher said something about motorcycle tires being made better than car tires for gripping wet roads. Some of the bikes were new. I worry more about sand and gravel on the roads where I live. Good luck.

Nov 01, 2011
Break-in period on new tires
by: Angie

New tires aren't "slippery," you just need to "scruff them up" a bit before cornering too hard. A motorcycle tire installer will tell you to not corner too hard for the first 50-100 miles on the new tires. But that doesn't mean you can't take a corner at a reasonable rate. Just don't get too agressive until they are scruffed in.

Nov 01, 2011
dont worry
by: sapphire

I just bought my first bike too. And my mechanic put new tires on it before i ever rode it. The roads here are made of coral and are much slippier than the roads in the states (moved cuz of military), but i have had no problem. I havent ridden in the rain yet tho. If you are nervous, take if for a test drive in a parking lot or quiet street.

Oct 31, 2011
by: ssilitonga

Thanks, Sassy. Good to hear. My mechanic said I shdn't worry about it too much. I'll find out this Thursday :) Thx

Oct 31, 2011
new tires
by: sassy2731

Trust me you are much better off with the new tires than the old worn tires. I love getting new tires.

Oct 31, 2011
riding with new tires
by: ssilitonga

Hi Yvonne, oh yea..am doing it. I guess the question is how slippery is slippery. Do I really need to worry about riding with new slippery tires. Is it that different than regular tires. I am nervous about it. Thanks!

Oct 31, 2011
good tires
by: Yvonne - NC

Good tires are a must, much safer than worn ones anyday. Make sure to periodically check your tire pressure, as low pressure will lead to quicker wear of the tire and rougher handling.

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