New Rider..............riding in a group

by Dottie

I took the Motorcycle Safety Class, have a Harley Heritage Softtail that I have about 800 miles on since taking the class, so as you can see I am a very new rider.
I decided three weeks ago to learn how to ride my bike as I was a lot intimidated and more scared. So everyday since then I have been on my bike, both long and short rides, in town, busy streets, rural highways and interstate. I have gotten more and more comfortable everytime I get on it and as dumb as this sounds feel like we are bonding, lol. Seriously.

To date the longest ride I have taken has been 160 miles round trip. I have rode alone, with hubby and with a group of three.

We belong to a group of motorcycle riders and we have a group ride planned in the middle of Sept, there was about 15 bikes last year and we are expecting about the same this year.

I am wondering if this is something I should even be thinking of given my limited experience. I have never rode with a group bigger than three and know it can be tricky at times as I was a passenger with hubby for years.

Just wanting some experience and advice on this subject.


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Aug 16, 2011
by: Robin Willey

Been to both the EPIC RIDES, lots and lots of bikes!!!!!!

Aug 11, 2011
Group (safe) riding web sites
by: Gil

Group riding is totally different but if it's done right you'll be fine.
Remember: a) the lead bike sets the pace (ask how fast he/she expects to ride at before leaving i.e. 5 MPH over the posted speed limit. That said everyone in the group doesn't have to worry and check their speedometers.
b) focus on the bike(s) ahead and maintain a steady speed maintaining the same distance consistently (avoiding the Yo Yo effect)
Enough said.....I would urge you to familiarize yourselves with these 2 web sites.

1) http://www.sunsethog.com/groupRiding.html


2) http://www.msgroup.org/ This website has been my personal riding "Bible". Easy to navigate and dare say it has exceptionally sound safe riding advice for everyones benefit.



Aug 11, 2011
You Sould Be Fine!
by: sassy2731

You should be just fine. Just be sure and inform the other riders of it being your first group ride. Keep your cushion around you and pay attention to the rider in front of you to learn how they ride, stop, etc. I was in a group and the bike in front of me had a brake light problem, so I adjusted my distance from them and was just aware. later in the ride he went down after he crossed the centerline it dropped off and he over corrected and went down. Since I had been more aware of him earlier in the ride I wad able to stop and miss hitting him. I've rode in other groups and everything went smoothly. Just be aware of the bikes around you. I love riding with a group of 10-15 bikes over the larger groups. We have a group of people we ride with a lot and we all know how each other ride and that makes for a more pleasant trip. We have rode with a guy or two that I refuse to ride with because they are all over the place. They didn't know how to ride in a group and made the ride more dangerous for all. Just make sure that the leaders of the group are aware of how others ride too and you should be ok. If you feel uncomfortable riding by a rider let the others know when you make a stop and usually someone will trade places in the line with you to help you out. Try not to worry so much and enjoy the ride. I prefer riding with 3-4 other bikes as we are more visible to the cages.

Aug 11, 2011
by: Anonymous

I went I my first ride with a group of more than 10 after I had ridden about 800 miles. It was a wonderful experience. I found the group riding more relaxing than the solo riding, it was like I had the encouragement of lots of other bikes around me. Make sure you tell them it is your first group ride and they will be sure to place you in the approriate spot in the line up. I was scared to death for the first few blocks, but once I realized it was not at all itimidaing, I had a blast. We rode from St. Charles IL to Devlan WI, then joined the Epic Memorial Ride which was hundreds of bikes and ended in Lake Zurich, and then home again. Enjoy yourself, you can do this.

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