New Rider Needs Some Advice

by Judy

Hello all,

I am a new rider of a Ural Side car. I have had my bike since September of 09. I have yet to go over sustained speed of 40mph. I have been riding the back roads, twistes, hills and bonding with my bike. My bike is great for off road. However, when it comes to getting on the highway I just don't feel ready.

Someone told me "small steps and not to do anything that I wasn't ready for." I would love to hear others and what they did to get on the highways. Words of advice would be great. I don't have to worry about the balance that it takes for a 2 wheeler. I am perfectly happy with my Russian side car bike. I love it and can't see riding anything else at least not at this point.

That is my dilemma for now.

Thank you,


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Mar 04, 2010
Question for Barb
by: Judy

This is for Barb,

Is you group willing to take on another side car rider?


Mar 03, 2010
by: Barb

Hi Judy,

I don't have a Ural, but I do have a Spirit of America chair hitched to a '77 XS650 Yamaha. I ride with group of women and we camp around the western half of Washington State, and over the passes on occasion. So far my outfit has kept pace with various Harley's, Harley clones and the occasional sport bike. Of course, we don't speed, and I should admit that I am usually the anchor going over the passes, but she works for me.

I've been riding sidecar bikes since around 1978, and am on my second one. I love them, especially giving my granddaughters rides in the chair. Probably half of my miles are freeway miles, and my suggestion would be to just get in the slow lane and stay there. Let traffic go around you and enjoy the ride. The freeways are like any surface road, only without the intersections! If you need to ease into it, go out on the freeways in the evening when traffic is light, and get some miles under you and your bike. I bet you'll love it!

I put 6000+ miles on my outfit last year, and I bet when you get comfy with yours, you will do the same or better!


Feb 21, 2010
by: Kathy

Hi Judy!

I hope I can meet up with you... I am planning to ride north through OR & WA.

You will hit the freeway when you are ready. I remember when I first started riding only 5 years ago I was yearning to get on the freeway on my Sportster but still feared it, when I finally got on it, it was a last minute decision when I was just riding around. Its funny, but once I hit the freeway I wondered what took me so long. I thought it was age too... I was 51 back then and will be 56 this year and have a couple of Harley's and scooters and just love the Ural's convenience. Being an old bag on a bike isn't so bad. Just enjoy it.

Feb 20, 2010
On Your Own Pace
by: Anonymous

I started riding from Aug 09, and I have not been on freeway neither. I had terrible time adjusting to bike brakes and I used to grab and fall when I come to stop. Now I am ok, but I always like to look ahead when I come to stop. So when I was thinking about trying the highway before freeway, I thought about places I feel comfortable around here, but I haven't found one. There was one possible highway, but I have to merge into traffic from freeways off ramp. And I didn't want to look back checking the traffic and have a possibility of need to stop while I am NOT looking ahead.

I've been changing lane without feeling uncomfortable. So I am sure the day will come I will feel ok to go on highway and freeway.

Some people dare themselves and do it. But I rather have a confidence in me to do it when I do it.

Jan 26, 2010
Ural Sahara
by: Judy


I love the Sahara. My goal is to get a Patrol so I can ride in the snow.

My tourist is an 05. I purchased it use so it has been broken in. I am a new rider and older.

There is a man and his wife that live in Bodega Bay that ride their Ural all over. He has about 4 Urals. I met him and his wife this summer on my quest to purchase a used Ural.

I have ridden with ballast in my side car. I have slowly taken it out and I can really feel the side car now and when it starts to fly on the roads I can handle it. It is a lot of fun. I really what to start going faster but just am not quite ready but the time is coming.

Please keep us all posted of your x-country trip. I am in the state of Wa. Not that far from CA.

Happy Uraling


Jan 25, 2010
by: Kathy

I have an '09 Sahara Ural and love it. You will get to speed. They really have to be broken in before you full throttle though. Put some poundage in the sidecar like a couple of large bags of dog food or sandbags for the weight. You will feel more comfy and throttle on more and more each time you get on. You will get there. Which state are you in? I am in California and am in the works of planning a cross-country trip this year on mine. Can't wait and very excited!

Jan 15, 2010
Riding the Highways
by: Judy

I have taken my 3 wheel endorsement class and have the endorsement.

I think I will take the advice given here. I may just be pushing myself too hard. I will keep on the side roads . We have lots of hills and twisties where I live. I do feel that time for riding the highway is coming soon.

If someone wants to see a picture of the Ural tourist just go to the Ural site and you will see a picture of the tourist. They are great for doing errands It has a trunk and the side car for placing groceries. There is someone I know that takes her recycle stuff to the dump on her Ural.
Thank you all for your advice.


Jan 15, 2010
by: AngelVal

That's freakin awesome that you have a Ural!
Which model do you have?

Are you in the US? The Goldwing clubs throughout the United States offer Trike classes from time to time. Do some googling on that and maybe you can find one close to your location in the near future.

I always say...ride your own ride. Do what you are comfortable with and if you ever feel like you might be riding beyond your ability...back off on the speed and do not worry about everyone else. If you are riding in a group that seems to be riding more aggressively than you feel comfortable with, get with the Ride Leader and let them know at the first stop so they can adjust the speed of the ride and perhaps move your position in the group.

Jan 15, 2010
Getting on the Hiways
by: Kim

I would suggest to first start taking the main roads and get used to the traffic there. Then adventure to the hiways. Your first time on the hiway I would ride with a group of experienced riders. You really have to watch out for the four wheelers but that is anywhere you ride. Good luck and safe riding.

Jan 15, 2010
by: Anonymous

Would love to see a picture of you & bike.



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