New rider and dropping my bike...sitting still!

by Kris
(Roanoke, TX)

I have a 03 Honda Shadow American Classic. Its embarrassing, but all things considered, the last time I got on my bike I dropped it twice. Both times I was sitting still. Once I know the clutch slipped out of my hand (this was after about 2 hours of practice riding in a parking lot...the second time I was manuevering slowly out of the gas station...

This was only the third time I've been on the bike and I'm wondering if I was just tired as it happened toward the end of my practice time or if there is a trick I need to know about finding the balance point of the bike. I'm 5'2. Once I'm moving I'm golden. Any ideas?

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Jul 14, 2018
i dropped my sv650x at stand still in the gutter. NEW
by: geeman

Not a scratch to be found, as it fell in very soft dirt. I bent the gear shaft with my boot caught but easily bent back. It was embarrassing, yet on my last three bikes a 1250, 700, now 650 was where i was most vulnerable too. i dropped a gsxr750 many years ago when taking off on a cold engine.I'd just come down the motor at 140 and i drop it at stop outside my house. Just lost balance i guess.

Sep 07, 2017
Motorcycle Drops NEW
by: Anonymous

Check out Motorcycle Practice Guards on Facebook. They may have what you need.

Feb 27, 2017
best bet...highway bars NEW
by: Peggy

I ride a Kawasaki Vulcan 900. It is not the biggest bike, but it's heavy and one little misstep it's over she goes. I can't stop it and I'm 5'10" of female, so I can imagine my smaller sisters would have difficulty. I have front and rear highway bars installed(best purchase ever/makes picking up easier as well), for such events, just like the cops have. It really protects my baby and my saddlebags. unfortunately I had to have the rears shipped from England as I have yet to find an American manufacturer for my bike. I also like to practice slow speed maneuvers and I have dropped her a couple times doing that. I also dropped her once stopping in an uphill part of a parking lot. One little tip and I can't keep her up. I haven't dropped backing up yet, but I can see how someone would struggle with that. I tend to look behind me before I move and then slowly push back while looking forward. I don't look back unless I am stopped. In parking lots I just do it a little at a time until I can maneuver forward and make sure when I turn the handlebars I am completely level and on top not leaning in any fashion. I only use my front brake while backing and my rear brake (plus a light front brake)for everything else except curves... light rear brake only! Hope I never make a mistake on that! Keep practicing though, pretty soon you won't drop your bike at all. And, if you do remember, everyone drops a bike at least once. We are all human.

Jan 22, 2016
victory fell sitting still NEW
by: gary

i was sitting on my victory cross country in the shed today first big bike I'm a man 6 ft 2 just sitting on it moving it forward a little and down the brand new bike went man its heavy down it went couldn't believe it drove my suzuki c 50 t last year 13.000 miles not down one time sitting in the shed down i go what happen

Jan 22, 2016
victory fell sitting still NEW
by: gary

i was sitting on my victory cross country in the shed today first big bike I'm a man 6 ft 2 just sitting on it moving it forward a little and down the brand new bike went man its heavy down it went couldn't believe it drove my suzuki c 50 t last year 13.000 miles not down one time sitting in the shed down i go what happen

Dec 17, 2015
for slow turning NEW
by: Shaniqua

keep throttle on and back brake. Brake keeps you stable, throttle maintains your momentum.

Nov 27, 2015
Almost dropped it NEW
by: London Biker

Just been reading your comments. I've ridden bikes for 20+ years & for the last 7 years my bike had been a weighty ZZR1400. I do a 90 mile round trip to work & back every day.

Today I dropped it twice! Last time was 20+ years ago. Okay, today I saved it on my knee and struggled to get it back up both times, but I've no idea what prompted me to lose balance. Both times was moving off from stationary.

It's not just new riders who drop them :)

Oct 15, 2015
I'm glad it's not just me...
by: Sarah

I recently (as in 3 weeks ago) got a Ninja 650. I dropped it twice in the first three days I had it. The first time was in my driveway, the second it had just started raining and I dropped it at a roundabout.
Then everything went well, and I got to about 400 miles without dropping it. On Sunday I dropped it at the gas station, Yesterday I dropped it in a parking lot, and today again at a very slow turn. I'm so shook up and feel like a nervous wreck on it. Any advice on how NOT to drop it at slow speeds?

Sep 18, 2015
I've dropped my bike too many times.
by: Christy

I rarely ride which I know I should be practicing a lot more, but to go to work I use my car & i get too tired to ride when I get home. 1 out of 5 times, I drop my bike. I am 5 feet. I'm very petite & just tiny, I have a Honda CBR 300. I've learned how to lift my bike (from dropping it so many times) and it's embarrassing & sucks. I've thought so many times that I'm probably not meant for a motorcycle, I never even knew how to drive stick shift. So I went into it pretty brand new, but I will be using my bike as a means of transportation, so it's crucial that I learn. I tend to have a fear. The faster I go the more afraid I get. When in a car, going 120 I never got scared. It's something about being in the wide open. I've fallen off the bike so many times, I don't know how I'm alive. But I won't give up.

Jul 05, 2015
Dropped my motorcycle 3 times in 2 day!
by: Lynne

I am a new rider. Dis the MSF course. Rode a Virago 250 for a month and then bought a Yamaha Bolt 950
Once I am up and tiding its great but I struggle to back it up without losing my balance.
All 3 times I dropped it, I was virtually at a standstill. The first time was a little incline, loose gravel and trying to do a slow turn... boom! Down I went!. Same day... filled up with gas, trying to do a slow turn... hit a deep groove and down she went! Felt so embarrassed and such a loser!!That was yesterday. Had a sleepless night tearing myself up as to whether or not it was the right decision to get a bigger bike. Got back in the saddle, was tentative and tried to pull off out the driveway... down I went! I feel so shaky and so nervous to ride again. I honestly dont know if I can do this?? HELP!!

Jun 23, 2015
Protection against dropping my bike
by: Anonymous

I found a new product on a facebook page (Motorcycle Practice Guards) a lot of riders where I live have also become aware of. I can now practice my slow speed skills and turns with no fear, no damage minor or serious and also be ready for those mishaps as all of you have had, yet without it scratching or seriously damaging my chrome engine guards and costing a fortune. Best of all these things beef the bike up, look cool and can be easily repaired and re-chromed for about $40 after I master my skills and later if I ever have a mishap. Hope this helps someone else also as it did me.

Oct 19, 2014
I Dropped My Bike
by: Anonymous

Just to day I was reading those articles...And it's seems we've all done it. At first our self confidence is hurt then it''s our pride and I'm sure hoping I don''t discover what comes next. Ladies think about those hwy bars... It i hard on your hide and your bikes paint when you drop it.. The bike is easier to pick up, the bike isn't so damaged and your leg won't get pinned with the bars ...and I've done both.Ride as often as you can, enjoy yourself....most everything comes with time.

Oct 19, 2014
dropped it for the first time
by: Anonymous

Reading all these comments eases the pain. I am a new rider, riding for 5 months now. I dropped my new Harley 72 for the first time yesterday. I have to admit I have come close to dropping twice but always found my balance. I see now what they mean by the sportster is very top heavy. Yesterday as we pulled off on to a gravel shoulder I stopped on a slight incline to my left, put my foot down, slipped and down I went. My husband ran over and a guy stopped to help. Got the bike up, luckly minimal damage to it and myself. She and I just got a few bumps and scrapes. I think I was more embarrassed than anything else. My poor husband felt so bad like it was his fault. He thought I would want to go home, but I figured it is like anything else, gotta get back on that horse and ride again. Since there was minimal damage I told him let's keep going. We had a great day and it was a beautiful ride. I feel proud that I didn't let it stop me or scare me too much that I wanted to stop riding. Reading the comments, I don't feel so alone in my mishap yesterday. It just a part of riding. Keep riding ladies!

Aug 11, 2014
Dropped my bike too
by: Anonymous

I only have one season under my belt but ride a lot, about 7k so far in three months. However I ride a 750 Honda shadow ace with a ton of add on's and wide. Its very heavy and most Harley bikers I ride with say my bikes big. So here's my embarrassing story. Second date with the hottest biker I have ever seen, he wanted to take me to a car show and meet some of his friends. I'm very confident on a bike so didn't even faze me. Pulling in on gravel on a slight sideways slope so the bike was already tilted to the left more. Went to stop and foot slipped out on the gravel and already tilted, couldn't hold up my dang bike. Down I went like a ton of bricks. I'm only 5'3'' and tiny so great way to introduce myself to all his new friends lmfao. Also swore like a sailor so that triggered everyone at the car show to turn and watch me go down. :( but hot guy didn't run away and now I have a travel mirror as it snapped off during the fall.hahahah Crash bars saved my baby though. (ON A FUNNY NOTE, I'm still seeing the guy so clearly dropping the bike doesn't scare off men hahaha) Hang in there, as everyone including this guy I'm seeing in a club who rides all the time says "you will drop your bike more times than you care to admit" hahaha ...More bruised ego then bruised body though :)

Mar 04, 2014
thankyou all so much for adding to this
by: Scorp

Ive had my bike for 4 months now and dropped it or fallen off 3 times already!
Whilst riding in frost very slowly, I went over the sealant that they use after putting new tarmac down, if that's wet please avoid it at all costs no matter what, its worse than ice when its wet, the frost just kept the bike going.
The second time I stopped on uneven ground and had to reach into my back pocket for my garage keys to see which one mine was, standing up with the bike under you and not holding onto the handlebars, the bike started to fall, after trying to regain my footing, I stepped down the hill a little and it just went. 180kg's of beauty down again.
After fixing it all up and painting it back to looking as good as new, 5 minutes down the road I took a hairpin bend too fast and did the same damage again. This is a really nice pickup to see its not just me so thank you everyone and a happy riding! My advice would be to take that extra second to think again before doing anything and always wear protection over your knees no matter how short the journey. All the best to every rider out there! :)

Nov 17, 2013
Keep practicing
by: Anonymous

I have been riding for 2 summers now. And the key to getting past the fear was to face it. I have dropped my bike several times; not almost. So if you haven't dropped your bike and you are a new rider, you are doing well. Stay in neighborhoods for awhile, church parking lots, and practice those turns and stops. The confidence will come. I love to ride now but there are still times when I am not confident. Always take your time. I have a honda vtx 1300 but started on a Harley Sportster 883, which are very top heavy. The bike I have now is so much easier to handle.
Best of luck to you and do not give up.

Nov 17, 2013
by: Yvonne - FL

The only way to gain your confidence is to ride. I've dropped mine 4 times, learned from each drop. I have a Honda Shadow 1100, just a matter of learning to handle the weight in different circumstances. You'll do fine. The main thing is to make sure you feet are securely on the ground. I had to get boots with a slightly higher heel, no problems since. Keep the shiny side up.

Nov 16, 2013
New rider
by: Anonymous

I just started riding in April, 2013 ever. Never sat on a bike before, I went through the MSF safety course and got my endorsement. I am still very afraid and I am trying to build up my confidence as a women rider. I almost dropped my bike once. Any suggestions of how I can gain confidence before I give up would be appreciated. I own a new 2013 Honda Shadow, 750. Thank you.

Jul 02, 2013
Dropping my bike
by: Lea

My husband got me a 883 low rider, it took me forever to learn to hold it up. I almost gave up, during my bike class I practice on a 650 I pass with flying colors. But I would get on my bike It was so top heavy. After two years I seat on a fat boy low and it was amazing different. The bike is not top heavy, I love it, I have dropped it once because I was hot and tired rode it all day. Don't give up, if you find the right bike, you'll love it. I'm 5'2 .

Jun 18, 2013
The key....
by: Kris b

I'm glad my post had so many responses and its comforting to know I wasn't alone. I finally found out what the key was....

Because I am so short...sitting back in the seat, although comfortable, is not the optimal center of gravity for the bike and I. Sitting forward closer to the tank helped me keep the bike upright when still. If you have a top heavy bike, its important to find that optimal place. It's also important that if you are on an incline (like the street in front of my house and my drive way which has a very steep incline) that the bike be as level as possible. So....don't give up!

This February my finances forced me to sell my bike, but I hope to have another within the next year or so. Good Luck ladies and don't give up!

Jun 17, 2013
by: Anonymous

Thank you all for giving me the determination to go on. It has been a rough day with bruised legs, bruised foot and a large goose egg on my forehead -- yup dropped the bike in a parking lot on an incline trying to make a right turn. I was with my instructor getting the basics down before I begin my safety course July 1. In the 4 hours of lessons I dropped the bike in the first 10 minutes and twice today. Then today the first drop shook me up bad and my supportive husband and my instructor got me back on within 5 minutes of the fall -- goose egg and all. After a few slow up and downs the lot tried that right turn and fell again but knew it was coming and just mad at myself. Sitting in bed licking my physical and emotional wounds I was thinking of throwing in the towel. Thanks to all of you, I am forging ahead.

Jun 04, 2013
by: mimirunzz

I got a new bike (for me) in April, a Honda VTX 1300. I had a Sportster 883, which is very top heavy. I dropped the Sportster more times than I would like to admit. Now back to my Honda; been riding doing GREAT, until 2 weeks ago. Was sitting still, in a parking lot, full of people and cars, and I dropped it. In my defense, there was a man with a cart who I thought was going to walk out in front of me, so I stopped. Then he said go, so I tried to go, but I turned over instead. The only thing I can figure is I didn't get completely stopped before I tried to go again, but I am not sure. I was okay and the bike too, but my spirit is bruised still. Later that night we went to a place where there were a good many bikers, mostly male drivers of course. I made them tell their horror stories about the times they dropped their bikes just so I could feel better. What I found out is everyone of them has dropped their bikes at one time or another. Most guys start riding a lot sooner, so they are way ahead in experience by the time most of us women start riding. So hang in there! And I will too. Just be safe, safe, safe.

Jun 03, 2013
Of course it happens on a new bike, and not the old one...
by: Anonymous

I got a new motorcycle last week, after spending quite a bit of time on a used one. Never dropped the old bike during my last 8 months of riding. Of course, I just laid down my new bike today, waiting to take a tight turn out of a gas station on an incline. Had the wheel turned to the right, and hit the brakes to keep myself from rolling... Pretty embarrassed. Almost made me rethink my decision to buy a new motorcycle!

All these comments are great and encouraging. Thanks for sharing!

May 26, 2013
Not quitting!
by: Yamaha r600

Okay, I have to admit I dropped my bike twice in the parking lot a few days ago. I had stopped my bike and it leaned toward one side and I just couldn't hold it up. I was actually going to quit riding, but after reading all your comments I'm going to give it another shot. Thanks all of you!

Oct 07, 2012
Keep at it girls
by: Monica

I've been reading all the comments and feel I can help. I am finishing my first season and understand your frustrations. While I haven't dropped my bike yet (yet is the important word there) I've had a couple of close calls. Practicing in the parking lot is a great idea and taking a riders course is an even better idea! Always keep your feet in front of you. If they get behind you when you come to a stop, you can't keep the bike up. Also, keep ALL of your weight up hill when stopped on a hill. I have to do this everytime I back my bike out of my garage becaue my driveway is very steep. I literally lean uphill with my whole body to keep it up. A great book to read (OK, so I'm a teacher) is "Proficient Motorcycling" by David Hough. It should be called Safe Motorcycling but it is geared towards men after all. lol He describes in great detail how to do many different difficult skills on a motorcycle.

Keep riding ladies! You are all fabulous! And don't ever let someone tell you you can't ride. You can! My favorite saying is Silly boys, motorcycles are for girls too!

Aug 30, 2012
Dropping my New Bike
by: Doe

Whew! I am not alone! I felt terrible and embarassed when I dropped my bike in the parking lot yesterday. I was on a slight incline and went to put the kickstand down because I had forgot to turn the ignition switch. As I was putting my kickstand down and reaching over, the bike went out from under me. Best part -- parking lot full of people. Then today while driving in traffic I went to stop behind a vehicle and I really don't know if I just forgot to put my foot down? Pant leg caught, I just don't know -- Craziest thing -- and embarassed. Two people stopped because I was so shaken that I forgot to put the bike in neutral once I picked it up! I'm under 5 feet and ride an XL883L and love it -- I've only got a couple thousand miles under my belt and practicing like a mad woman -- Thanks for these posts -- I thought there must be something wrong with me. The bike is not bad -- a little scratch on the clutch lever and a couple of scratches on the side of the windshield.

Aug 20, 2012
looks like i'm in good company too!
by: Anonymous

i'm the 'new rider' post on a different board. i'm not glad that we've all dropped our bikes, but glad i'm in good company and have support and advice here! i'm also glad to see so many stay in the parking lots for a long period of time. i was just in easy, low traffic neighborhood streets after a few days in a parking lot and i'm going back now! i'm getting back on, and while i have no advice because i'm in the same situation and still RECEIVING advice, all i can say is WE CAN DO THIS! :)

Aug 19, 2012
Y'all Sure Make Me Feel Better
by: GrammyGayle

I am glad I'm in good company. After reading this string of posts, I feel a lot less foolish about dropping my Vulcan 500 yesterday, on my first real road trip. Seems those left-hand slow starts are a beeotch! I plan on spending more time in the parking lot getting acquainted my my bike. Thanks for each of you for sharing your experiences. I'm still sore and nursing road-rash, but my pride feels much better.

Aug 11, 2012
Doing much better after taking the motorcycle course
by: mimirunzz

I commented on here before about me dropping my bike but I cannot locate my original post lol. But wanted to let you know the beginner's course helped me soooo much! I learned more about the friction zone and turning at low speeds. I have a Sportster 883 and was ready to take it back after I dropped it a few times. But I am doing much better. I have my motorcycle license now ( I passed the course), but I still want to be sure I am confident about turning at low speeds on the 883. So, one or two more weeks in the parking I am thinking...
Do not give up. It does get easier, especially after taking the rider's course.

Jul 11, 2012
We all do it! Get back on & Go!
by: Ria

Now I will start by saying I am a new rider, less that 500 miles under by belt. I dropped my Sporty the first time I went out. Forgot to shift it into 1st gear, sheered of my shift peg & had to be trailered back to the house. Needless to say I felt like a smacked ass! HaHa. BUT I got it fixed within the hour and got right back on! Had an ole biker tell me " it's not if you drop it, it's when you drop it, cause we all drop it". Rode a couple of times that week with no problems, them boom, down she went again & I was in 1st gear! Now a Sporty is not a big bike, but that hussy is heavy when your ticked off, shaking from the drop & all alone. I collected myself and slowly got her back on her wheels. The connection to the two drops was left hand turning, which I have been told by some ole pros seems to be a common thing. Well I came home parked her & ordered drop bars, highway bars, crash bars, engine guards, what ever you want to call them. My husband had a fit, said the bike would not look right with them. I told him, install them or I won't ride it! Simple as that. (keep in mind ladies,he is not a rider & had a fit when I took the course & then bought the bike)anywho...I have not dropped her since. I think it is a mind thing for me. Ya know the security of the bars & knowing it won't damage much if I do drop her. Keep riding & be safe. By the way, almost a year later my hubby is now super proud of me & now plans to get his licence too!

Jun 27, 2012
by: Turtle

There are two things that cause you to drop your bike at low speeds. You either suck in on the clutch and loose power to the rear wheel or you touch the front break with the bars turned. Hope this helps!

Jun 22, 2012
Great Advice
by: Kris

Thanks everyone! Come to think of it...the bars were turned coming out of the gas station...Doh!

I appreciate everyone's advice and look forward to many years of riding. =)

Jun 22, 2012
Honda Shadow 03
by: Diana

I too have a Honda Shadow 03 750. And I am 5'2". I have dropped it twice at a stand still. Once taken off in a parking lot. Had it turned to sharp. Kinda rode into myself. Did the same thing the first time coming off a side street. So I am mindfull not to have the handlebars turned so hard and sharp.I have been riding now 5 years this coming January. Love my Shadow!! Keep on ridin G/F!!

Jun 22, 2012
Honda Shadow 03
by: Diana

I too have a Honda Shadow 03 750. And I am 5'2". I have dropped it twice at a stand still. Once taken off in a parking lot. Had it turned to sharp. Kinda rode into myself. Did the same thing the first time coming off a side street. So I am mindfull not to have the handlebars turned so hard and sharp.I have been riding now 5 years this coming January. Love my Shadow!! Keep on ridin G/F!!

Jun 22, 2012
Happens to all of us.
by: Anonymous

Even me...When I got my first bike I dropped it 3 times while just sitting... its when I started to take off and didnt have it in first gear.. I have learned since then to be sure to put it in first while at a stop. I have been riding for 3 years now. I now have a Honda Shadow 650 Havent dropped it yet. I find that I have to be relaxed and my mind clear while riding. I could never ride my bike to work... I need time to wake up and to be alert. So take care and we all manage. There is always someone out there to help us pick the bike up.

Jun 22, 2012
parking lots
by: Lynn -FL

I've only ever dropped my bike in a parking lot. On my Bonneville I was backing it into a parking spot and my boot slipped slipped out from under me, throwing me off balance and down I went with my leg under the bike. Happened very fast.

On the VStar I was making a slow sharp turn and the front tire dropped into a small pot hole & I think I might have touched my front brake with the wheel turned (a no no!). It was my first ride on the bike after selling the Bonnie & they are quite different.

On the 250 Ninja I got my pant leg caught on the peg while doing a tight maneuver turn in the work parking lot & down I went.

Luckily I have only dropped each bike once & someone was there to help me pick them up each time.

I keep saying I need to practice the pick-up maneuver skill & keep forgetting. Next time the tank is empty, I swear I'm gonna do it.

Jun 21, 2012
Hang in There
by: Sassy2731

Just hang in there lady and you will find that it will get easier with practice. I too get tired after all day riding. I'm 5'2" also and ride a Road King Harley and I really get tired especially if I have to clutch it alot like riding through town and all the red lights. My arms get really tired. But if we highway ride all day my legs seem to tire more from the wind. But I'm not ever going to stop riding because I love to ride and get my wind therapy. We have all dropped a bike or two in our days but that is nothing to be ashamed of. Just get back up and keep going! I haven't dropped my RK yet but I did on my sportster several times as I think it felt more top heavy to me. My RK has neen lowered to fit me so I don't have a problem with it except trying to back it up on an uphill slope. I have to get help in that because my legs are too short to push it back. I can do it but have pulled all the muscles in my knees and that really does hurt so I've just learned to ask for some help in certain situations. I try to park my bike where I know I won't have problems. Now my Fatboy I am able to move it with no problem as it is much lighter for me and even lower than the RK. One day you will all of a sudden say wow this is really easy to do. Just keep your head up and keep going!

Jun 21, 2012
slow speeds how about no speed
by: Lois

How about this, I was out on a ride and stopped to call my husband to get some directions, it had gotten windy and I was in a large parking lot, when I was done with the call I got my helmet back on shifted my weight to get the kickstand up and was blown over by a gust of wind. Yes in the middle of the parking lot, I got up picked up my bike (the kickstand was still down) checked it out the only scratch was on the hard bags, boy did I feel foolish.
Just goes to show sh.t happens, we get up shake it off and get on with life.

Jun 21, 2012
Slow speeds stink!
by: Amy S

Dropping your bike at slow speeds as beginners are very common, unfortunately. My advice to everyone who rides a cruiser? Highway bars. Sure your bike may still fall over from time to time (it happens) but this way it's so much easier to pick it up, your leg won't be trapped under the bike and you save tons on broken parts and paint.

Jun 21, 2012
Don't give up.
by: Terri Wells - Arkansas

Practice makes perfect. I even took a motorcycle safety course which I would recommend to everyone. I am only 5 ft 1 and it happens to the best of us. The only thing I wish people wouldn’t just give up. I know several that have and now they won’t ride at all.
My bike is my therapy. Sure I get scared and worry about dropping my bike at times but I work on being more careful on situations that have caused me problems in the past.
Don’t be intimidated everyone has dropped a bike; I have had others even men tell me it happens to the best of them.
Please don’t give up.

Jun 21, 2012
by: Anonymous

Thank you for the support! I have NO intention of giving up! =)

Jun 21, 2012
taking it easy
by: Lynette

It seems you already have an idea of why you dropped yourself.

If you are still so new, maybe you are getting tired and need to practice for less time, more often. My hands used to cramp something fierce that first year (from holding too tight I think). You can learn to find the balence on any bike, at any size too. I've seen a tiny girl manuver a loaded Gold Wing like it was a sport-bike. Just keep getting back on and practice feeling the weight while the bike is off, in N, and then in first (clutch in). Find some places to practice going in and out of driveways.

Jun 21, 2012
happens to all of us
by: Yvonne - FL

I have a Shaddow 1100, I've dropped it 4 times, I, too am short, 5'3". It's just a matter of getting use to the balance of the bike. I'm doing fine, been riding 2 yrs now. Even the "experts" drop their bikes once in a while. I've learned to pay more attention when I'm stopped or going very slow. Good luck and keep the shiney side up.

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