New Bike

by Kim Owens
(Trinity Al USA)

These are my 2 Babies.  MY bug and my bike

These are my 2 Babies. MY bug and my bike

My husband bought me my V-Star 650 about 2 months ago. I love her! I was very nervous at first, several trips around the block and many days in the School parking lot. I have taken a few short rides but nothing major. I think I have logged about 160 miles in the last 2 months. We took our bikes to Helen GA this weekend thinking I could just do some easy riding. WRONG for some reason when I got on my bike I completely paniced. Dropped it in the parking lot and it was all over after that. I was so mad at myself. After that there was noway my mind was going to let that bike turn- left or right. I parked it and got on with my husband. I am signing up for a safety course that starts Nov 9th. I want to ride my bike and be relaxed more than anything. I love doing what is not expected. I am a firefighter/EMT I drive fire trucks and go into burning building for goodness sake. I'm not sure why my bike can scare me so sometimes. I think I am doing the right thing by just putting on my brakes right now and start over and regroup. I'm just not ready to do what I want to right now I need a lot more training.

I have not been on a bike since I was very young and then it was just a dirt bike. I just thought... well I did it then I can do it now. I am now 46 and I know how bad a crash will hurt. :)

I am so glad I found this website. Just looking around today has helped.

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Nov 04, 2012
New Bike
by: Neena


I am experiencing the same as you. I took the safety course and purchased a Harley Sportster XL 883. I rode her in parking lots when my husband was able to trailer the bike. I dumped the bike the first time I was in the lot. I know why it happened some my inexperience and the Harley dealership. When they put on my windshield they crimped the throttle open, so when I slightly rolled on the throttle the bike took off.

The next time I dumped it I jumped a curb & bent the shifter shaft in the gear box ($200 fix). Tried to get back on 3 weeks later and more nervous than day one. I am also a firefighter & was an EMT (let the certification lapse). I tink some nervousness is that you know what can happen if a motorcyclist is in an accident. I responed to several bike accidents.

I purchased a CFMoto (cute bike). It is a 250 & an automatic. I do ot have an issue shifting. I learned to drive on a standard and my husband and I owned a car that was a 4 speed. I alos drove standard school bus for 2 years. I just needed the confidence to go on the road.

Whe I got the bike my husband trailed it to a park in our area. I rode for 3 hours on Saturday & Sunday. On Monday I was on the road. Went downhill on my gravel driveway and to the firehall and back. otal of 24 road miles. This may not seem a lot to most bikers, but for me it was a huge accomplishment. I was actually so proud of myself. I was nervous, but I did it. I rode my own ride. The speed limit is 55 where I live (country roads), but I went 45 mph. I did not care if a car was behind me. I moved over so they could pass if the wanted to, but no one did.

It is cold where I live now & snow is around the corner. I will be on the road next season on the CFMoto & then on my Harley. I am the master.

I also took a provate lesson & will do so at the bginnig of next season, to get my feet wet again. I am hoping to put a lot of miles on my Sportster next year.

Good luck & keep trying. You are not the only one to drop at bike, be nervous or dought being on the road. YOU WILL DO IT.... Ride safe & shinny side up!!!!!!

Oct 26, 2012
by: Kim

Thanks for your comments! I purchased "Ride Like a Pro" By Jerry Palladino when I got my bike and did the course with cones in the parking lot at our local school. That helped a lot. I think I am one of thoes people that needs a real person telling me and looking at me to let me know what I did wrong. Of course my Husband was a big help. I am just going to take it slow and work on my stills. I can do this!

I have seen several post about getting your motorcycle license. Here in Alabama I was "grandfathered" in, I have motorcycle license with my regular drivers license. Never really thought anything about it , but thats not a very good idea.

Oct 26, 2012
Bike Drop
by: Anonymous

No one should ever consider getting on a bike unless they have the safety course. No wonder you were freaked out.

Oct 26, 2012
Start Fresh
by: Ginny

I started riding young on dirt bikes at grandparents farm when very young then when they passed i went till after i gradurated from highschool to purchase a sportster i rode that bike for 18 yrs with out a scratch.. then was in near fatal accident.. that put me in wheel chair. i was told i would not walk or ride again.. it took 11 yrs to get out of the chair and 3 yrs to get off the walker and cane.. and this pass summer i got someone to loan me a 250 honda that i used to regain my riding comfort.. and license. but
for the first month no matter how hard i tried i couldnt figure out why i couldnt jump back on that bike and just start riding as if the accident never happened..
Then one day I had the realization.. that i am not the same person as i was in my late teens or childhood.. i was older my body shape, weight, and experiences made me a different person..
So if i was gonna succeed at riding again I had to approach the rebirth of my riding self as if I had never rode a bike in my life.. because the current actually had not..
So i stop thinking of what i used to be able to do and made myself approach this as if i was a student rider.. with no previous experience.. and it worked with in a week i had the comfort level to start racking up real miles on the bike.. and to get my license.. with in 45 days that i was loaned the bike i rode 3500 miles..
recently i gurchased a second hand 700 and yep at first i experience the same thing.. why couldnt i just pick up where i left off with the 250 .. the ansuer.. this is not the same bike.. and i can not approach riding this bike as i have been riding 3500 miles few weeks ago.. cause the bike and i are once more student riders.. learning how to become one with each other..
so this is my suggestion to you.. if you have not gotten your license yet.. go on line and do search for the motorcycle riding skill test lay out.. then find a parking lot and lay out a course for yourself..
using the frame of mind that you are brand new to the bike and to the art of riding.. ride the course everyday till you can do every element well enough to pass the test.. then venture out to around the neighbor hood..
to this day i go to the parking lot and ride the course i marked out several times with no errors before i allow self to go out on the public roads.. it gets my mind to focus on the skills required to ride safely.. and is like warming up before going for a jog..
before long you will be able to ride past the parking lot and it will remind you of everyting you need to be safe..
forgive yourself if you drop your bike even those riding for years drop their bikes now and then.. just mark it up to experience and get back on.

Oct 25, 2012
Mind Over Matter
by: Anita from Clarksville, IN

I can understand being nervous, I felt the same way after taking the Basic Riders Course. The practice bikes were much smaller than my own, so I was scared the first time on mine. I decided that I had to keep trying so each week I would practice and the jitters started going away. I'm far from being an experienced rider but practice helps along with my boyfriend encouraging me to keep at it. The course will help! So keep your chin up-You can do it! By the way nice bike & bug!

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