Never give up!

by Michelle
(Mansfield Ohio)

I have posted about being discouraged several times and I have always gotten so much good advice. Well this past weekend, we took a long ride my longest as of yet, went 100 Miles in one day. I thought I enjoyed my bike before but now I know I Love my bike. I was thinking back to just a few short weeks ago and how I was wondering if I really felt the bug to ride. Now I am planning a longer trip. I am so happy and I think my good days are finally upon me. I do sing christmas songs as I ride. The only issue I had was on sunday I almost hit a big buzzard flying low, but I was able to slow down enough and duck my head. It scared my hubby, but when the danger was over, him and my friends who were riding too was laughing. I have a huge fear of big outdoor birds. I say to all the new riders, never give up it gets easier! I do have one question though, How do I get over my fear of merging onto the highway I avoid it at all cost? Hubby says I ride so well, if I would just do it I would do great but my fear is to large. I do ride 65 with no problems. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Aug 04, 2012
trans. vest
by: Natalie V.

I know that title sounds odd... but my gal pal rider friend wears a transportation department safety vest, you know the orange thin striped ones like crossing guards wear. She wears it open so it flaps like a flag in the wind. The first time I saw her wearing it I thought she forgot to fasten it! Haha, then I saw how smart of an idea it was. Looking cool is overrated being seen is so much better. You can bet I copied her. Sears carries them.

Safe rides for all :)

Jul 24, 2012
by: chiefgopher

It is scary the first time. it is just like the first time you passed someone on the bike. We have the natchez trace parkway here. it is a backroad parkway that has a speed of 50. if you have something like this around you try working on it there. just look at merging into traffic like passing another car at 65. you have to speed up and get around the other car and then get back in front. merging is really no different. you have to look first to see what is coming and then speed up and go around and then find your lane again. hope this helps. good luck and keep riding.

Jul 24, 2012
Thank you
by: Michelle

Thank you, I have taken the course and considering taking the advanced one on my own bike, I wear bright colored clothes as for fashion as long as I am covered that all the fashion I care about, even if I considered fashion once I'd whip off that helmet it'd all be over.I am gonna go practice on some less flowing traffic portions of the highway to just practice merging. Thanks for all the advice and I believe pray works.

Jul 24, 2012
by: Turtle

My husband always practice what you can't do. When merging on from an on ramp. You have to get up to speed just like you do in a car, look for oncoming traffic and if clear merge. If not know how to break just as you would do in a car. The merging technique is the same as in a car you just have to look better because people in a car or truck are not looking for a smaller vehicle as a motorcycle. I agree with the other advise. HIGH VIZ clothing. If my motorcycle is moving I have on High viz clothing, I got over trying to look cool years ago, now I want to be seen. A great place to look for lightweight longsleeve wicking hi-viz clothing is www.ruseen.com I like the long sleeves because there is more hi-viz to be seen as apposed to a vest which only partially covers your torso.

Jul 24, 2012
by: Cat

I've been ridig for 3 yrs & I love it.What work's for me is prayer. I never get on my bike without first praying that God will keep all obstacles out of my way.Keep my bike upright ,a hedge of protection all around me & always add please don't let me do something STUPID. :)
You'll do fine,I remember the first time my husband had me on a highway that I had to merge. He said you have to speed up & do it or they will run over you. Got to love a husband that says it like it is LoL!!! But now I don't even think about it I just speed up & do it.May God always have a hedge of protection around you. Ride safe sis & enjoy!!!

Jul 23, 2012
re: high viz gear
by: Anonymous

Just to add to my previous comment - high visibility gear is by no means a guarantee that drivers will see you, but it can help them see you. I know there are many who think getting geared up is an unnecessary burden, but wearing a good protective jacket, pants, gloves, boots (and helmet) should help your confidence on the road b/c they can make a difference if you ever find yourself in a bad spot. I personally like white gear but I see nothing wrong with wearing some of the better visibility neon/fluorescent colors - it's best to be safe and alive than the alternative!

Oh and I echo the other commenter's suggestion - practice, practice, practice.

Jul 23, 2012
high viz gear
by: Anonymous

I don't know how fashionable you prefer to be, but it might make you more comfortable if you wear high visibility gear (i.e. white, yellow, or bright orange jacket, helmet, etc.) to increase your chances of being noticed by cars when you merge.

Jul 23, 2012
by: RSVPStar

Ride, ride, ride. Practice is the best. Also, take a safety course. I rode a few years before taking the course and still picked up a lot of good information. Take care, and enjoy!

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