Need Feedback on Ride (LONG)

by Bridgett
(Roseville, CA)

Before this weekend, I had put on 900 miles on my 1st bike (HD Sportster 883) since I bought it in Feb. This weekend I rode the most miles yet. Yesterday my hubby and I rode 100 miles. We did some highway time and We took Latrobe Rd that is a bit windy. I felt pretty good on the ride, after getting home. Hot, tired, but pretty good. I made a couple stupid errors, but able to recover and learn.

Today I went on my first group ride. We ended up having covered 250 miles! We went from Sac area up to Marleville, which is by Tahoe. There were a lot of windy roads, and altogether we were on the road today for 9 1/2 hrs (with breakfast and lunch breaks). We only had 9 bikes in the group, safe riders. I did great on the way there, about 125 miles, The leader and others were amazed I had only road for 1,000 miles, never had a bike before. On the way back I started feeling really fatigued. I lost it. The last leg of the trip I was so tired and hurt so much (my butt and my arms, rotator cuff minor injur really hurt), I couldn't keep up. I felt like it was dangerous to keep up because I really could not focus. My husband was really worried, and couldn't understand why my riding declined so much on the way home.

Has anyone else had this experience? I don't think I will do anymore rides that are this length. I did not enjoy that last trek of the ride. I was just too tired and stressed. Feedback on first big rides would be helpful, Thanks!


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Nov 23, 2009
by: Anonymous

I myself have a xl883c 2007. Love the bike. Put a new seat on, drag specialty's. Use a good gel pad and have a windshield. I have a double seat so i use my sleeping bag as a back rest. I have forward controls. The bike was made for tall people to, so the handlebars may be to far forward that will make your hands sore. I'm not telling you to go out and buy all this stuff but it helped me.

Good luck you will figure it out.

Sep 09, 2009
Thank You
by: Bridgett

I appreciate you taking the time to write. My grips are pretty big, so that helps. I believe that alot of the reason I was so fatigued and sore was that I white knuckled it the whole way. It was my first group ride, I didn't know the roads we were taking and I was excited but scared too, so it just wore me down.

I'm proud to say, my hubby and I took a 200 mile trip this past Sat, and it was GLORIOUS! We went from Rsvl (CA) to Jamestown, above Angels Camp (Sonora area, for any that are familiar) I lived in that area for a few yrs, I love it there, I was pretty familiar with the territory so I was able to relaxe a bit. There are so many factors involved in what becomes a good, or a not so good ride! Can't wait to do some more!

Sep 09, 2009
Same Issue
by: Kate

Just to add to the comments already posted.

I had the same problem after getting on a bike after a long time not riding one. My new bike had large grips and I felt my tendons after a much shorter ride. My hands, arm tendons and my shoulder cusp ached (I took lots of advil). I was told that the larger grips are the best so to try to get used to them (took a week and a bit) and the tendons began to feel better too.

Anyhow, it makes sense that if you are not used to sitting in that position that you will feel it until your body can adjust.

Aug 03, 2009
Thank You!
by: Bridgett

I appreciate your feedback. I was very thirsty. I did drink water, but prob not enough.

I was really down in the dumps last night when we got home cause I feel like I just couldn't "handle it". But afet your feedback and thinking things thru, I think I did good.

I made it!

I am glad I went slow and "rode my own ride". I didn't let the pressure of all the other experience riders on comfy tour bikes pressure be my marker. They were all great guys and encouraging, but there are alot of difference between me and them. I need to build my stamina and practice, practice, practice. As I get more familiar with different roads, etc, it won't be so emotionally (and physically) exhausting.

Thanks! Love hearing back from you all!


Aug 03, 2009
by: kenberlyc

I agree with Debbie. You probably got dehydrated. You really need to drink a lot of water, even if you aren't hot. Also you need to take plenty of breaks. Don't feel bad if it seems like you need to stop quite often. Another thing, don't get discouraged! Keep in mind that these people you ride with have probably ridden for a long time. You can't expect to ride at their level from the beginning, and a 9 hour ride is long for even the most seasoned rider. Don't give up!

Aug 03, 2009
by: Debbie

On top of the long ride that you are not use to was it HOT? If so, how much water did you drink? My guess is not enough. This is the biggest mistake you can make. Other that heat and dehydration, it is a stock seat? If so changing to a a Mustang seat helped me TONS! I really needed that back rest! Also, the other thing that made me hurt after a long day ride was the angle of my handle bars. I put on risers and it made a BIG! difference. It only drop the bars back by 1 1/2" but my arms and shoulders thanked me! If you are locking or straightening out your arms to far you need riser. Hope that this help. The biggest thing is not drinking enough water. If you are riding with a group and they don't stop enough you must tell them you have no choice. In the beginning stopping every hour is fine!

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