Need encouragement from other riders

by Granny Jan
(Burlington, OK, USA)

After riding as a passenger with hubby in the early 70's, the mid 80's, and now (2 years ago he bought a Harley Heritage Softail), and having an accident last September (9-10-11) that left me with a broken right humerus (at the top where it goes into the rotator cuff), a broken left wrist (now has a plate and 6 screws) and a broke left ankle (2 plates and 13 screws), 6 weeks off work, 8 weeks in a wheelchair, and physical therapy until the first week in March, I have signed up to take the Harley's New Rider course - women only - the first week-end in May. Told hubby that next time it would be my fault, not his -- even though we have been over 400 miles in the last 2 week-ends after I got my new helmet and new boots! Anyway, I am getting nervous that at 59, I might not be able to learn to shift the gears, use the clutch and brakes, etc. Would appreciate any helpful suggestions!

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Jun 21, 2013
Getting your nerve back
by: Laurel

I'm 62 and learning to ride for the first time, took my bike out on the road, wiped out and my face took the full force, got back on the bike and rode home...it takes nerve to get back on the bike, but can be done.....you can do it too.

May 05, 2012
get that devil out of your head!
by: Aili

It's the devil (rhetorically speaking, not literally) whispering doubts in your ear. You just need to shut that negative voice right out! It's not always easy, but whenever those voices tell you you can't do something, or you don't look good enough, or you somehow are not worthy... KICK 'EM OUT OF YOUR HEAD!!

May 01, 2012
Class starts Thursday!
by: Anonymous

Got my packet with the workbook, list of class times, dates, items I need for class, etc. yesterday. Class starts on Thursday, and I am getting really nervous! Wish me luck! Granny Jan

Apr 21, 2012
Same boat
by: Lindy

After a few long rides on the back it became clear to me that I needed to ride my own. Me...Miss terrified of motorcycles. I'm a police officer and I have seen enough of what can happen when careless meets stupid and oblivious. However, my boyfriend taught me how liberating and zen like it is. I'm still scared that I won't figure out the gears and technique. I'm told it becomes muscle memory and I look forward to the day I can enjoy a nice long scenic cruise with out sweating the mechanics. I have my bike all picked out, now I just need to pass my safety class. I feel 16 again!

Apr 09, 2012
Go for it!
by: Softail Glitter

So glad you are deciding to go for it! I was over 50 when I decided to get off the back of hubby's bike and get my own. I took the MSF course which I failed but learned a ton of very helpful, useful information. I went on to get my license from DOT two weeks later and have never looked back. I have put on over 5000 miles since I got my license last July and don't plan to stop anytime soon. So ride..............congrats!!!!


Apr 09, 2012
Thanks for the suggestions!
by: Granny Jan

Thanks, ladies, for the encouragement! Will take the class on May 3-6 and have lots of gum with me. If that all goes ok, will look into getting my endorsement --I will be 60 the week-end after the class. Maybe a new bike for my birthday????

Apr 09, 2012
Life begins in your 50's
by: Barbara - Tulsa, OK

Yeah for you, I was 58 when I decided to start riding my own after 40+ years on the back. All the controls will come with time in the saddle. You are in a perfect location to learn, low trafic, long stright roads with easy curves. I have a suggestion, once you get some miles, Edmond, OK police department puts on a really good survival/skills class and it's free. Just get on their website to find the dates. It is always on a Saturday and they try to have about 2 time a month. I think they have one scheduled for Woodward next month.
I am now 65 and having a great time.

Apr 08, 2012
Yeah for you!
by: Maya

Most definitely take that course, and you will love it....you will know right away if being the driver of your own bike is for you.

One person recommended staying in your comfort zone, and she is dead on RIGHT. With practice, comes comfort and ease....i am a new rider. I bought my first bike 1 week after my course and did short rides, then longer rides, faster rides...

GOOD FOR YOU on getting back on the horse- on your terms.

Keep us posted on how you do!

Apr 08, 2012
Keep at it!
by: Connie

I got my license at 58. Stay in your comfort zone and practice, practice, practice. You'll know when you're ready to take it a step higher. I rode up and down the road I live on for a whole summer, then ventured out a little further the next summer. I'm 60 now and feeling very good about my skill level! Hang in there. Also, the MSF course is an absolute must. They provide you with the knowledge you need to be a safe rider - and you'll enjoy the course! Keep us posted on your progress!

Apr 07, 2012
by: Mary

At 62, I am getting into riding. Gum helps for sure!!

Apr 07, 2012
You Can Do It
by: Livinsassy

I suggest you get as many miles in as you can. That is the only way to get comfortable but after a while you will be doing it and not even thinking about the mechanics. Good luck, be safe and have fun!

Apr 07, 2012
Keep riding
by: Marion

Granny Jan,

It sounds like you love to ride, and why not. It is thrilling. It will be 2 yrs. since I took the course. That was the BEST money spent. I will be 54 in a few months; if I can do it you can too.

You will learn alot in the class. Just practice what you learn in class. A very wise women from this site told me to chew gum when I ride. I do not leave the house without it. I really don't know why it helps but it does. As far as the clutch and brake, it sounds over whelming, but you pick it up fast.

Good Luck and be safe

Apr 07, 2012
never too old
by: Jenny- Oklahoma

I got my endorsement last year at 60 yrs young. Go for it! I'm still in the learning stage but had a blast in the safty course & looking forward to learning more this summer. just wish I'd discovered this years ago.

Apr 07, 2012
You're as Young as you Feel
by: robin_uganda

If you're alert & coordinated, you'll do just fine! I'm 64 & ride long distance & off road here all the time & have a blast!

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