My story..

by Kate
(Queensland Australia)

Hi Guys, I got my bike license last year. It sounds so easy put like that but it was one of the most enormously rewarding things I have ever done. I rode a dirt bike as a kid, mustering sheep etc but this is completely different. Riding my road bike is special because I think as an adult (that is always accompanied by family) you really appreciate the seat capacity of one (I don't double). It is truly only about you and for that minute, hour, day you are not a mum or a daughter or a wife - you are just a rider, a wind gatherer - one little insignificant thing under a huge sky, cast adrift in the landscape and having to fend for yourself the same way a bird or any other creature of nature does.

Whatever emotion clogged your veins when you get on the bike is gone within seconds, blown away, torn away in the wind. Reiki by God. When you dismount it is like the wind has actually gotten inside your body and made you lighter, braver, fiercer and you can take whatever else is coming with a grin. Lots of bikers blow through this town on their way through the outback and every single one of them look youthful and energetic even when they have gray hair, they have bright eyes and a sparkly glow. I watch them disappear down the highway and bless them silently on their way.

My bike is my tool to beat fear back to its black hole in the ground. When that anxiety builds up and makes you feel small and weak - you can get on a bike and within minutes leave fear behind you. Caution can ride pillion and whisper it's wise advice in your ear but not fear - fear causes crashes and locks you up right when you really need to move. Fear either on the bike or in life is simply the most crippling emotion that anybody can feel - and for me - the bike is my way out and away from that energy sapping emotion.

There are very few women riders in the town where I live. We are big enough to have Maccas and Woolies but small enough so that everyone feels entitled to their opinion and judgment and they air it frequently - which is good and bad. I wouldn't like to count the odd looks I get when people see me remove a helmet or find out that I have a bike. Most people assume that the cool black roadbike in the shed is my husbands and get a shock when he happily tells them nope it is Kate's. 98% of people (not just women) wonder why on earth I would want to ride a motorbike. They think it is a death-wish or look oddly at me thinking I may be a closet adrenaline junkie or I am going to start sprouting tattoos and leather - a mid life crisis?? It really frustrates humans when other humans won't fit in that neat little pigeon hole created for them or when they go changing in unfathomed ways. How on earth to explain? So I don't bother - unless I see a glimmer of something else - a glimmer of excitement and understanding - then toooooo easy, I'll happily encourage those sparks into flames.

Here amongst other female bikers it is nice to say these things though, knowing that they will clunk into hearts that beat to a similar drum. This is a great forum and I enjoy reading it.

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Mar 10, 2011
by: Lori

I love it, "Reiki by God".. awesome. When I get on my bike and whether I ride up to the corner store or go for a 5-6 hour ride, I am so exhilarated after I get off. I've thought a great deal about why I love to ride so much. When I ride I am so focused on everything around me, not only because you use all of your senses but for safety too, there is no room for any other worries or troubles to creep in. Love it! I'll ride until I can no longer lift my bike up, then I'll get a trike!!

Mar 05, 2011
by: Sue

Just read your story..beautifully written. I just got my license and bike...although I have only ridden 2500 miles, it was a major accomplishment for me, first time riding!! I so had the anxiety but didn't give up on the experience and if I could I'd ride all year long..any fears disappear, I can focus and have the time of my life!! Thanks for the share..wow...

Mar 04, 2011
by: Mary

Beautiful post.

I know what you mean. Having a motorcycle and telling other people about it is pretty polarizing. You either get the (mostly) guys who used to ride, or want to ride and they give you a thumbs up. But the other group look at you like you're the walking dead! One of my friends actually exclaimed "Oh my God you're gonna die!" while I told her sitting calmly during dinner.
I watch the weather religiously, and I do ride when the rain is light. (More for practice if I'm ever caught in it). I've had perfect strangers share their unasked for advice about how reckless I am, etc, etc.

Feb 21, 2011
Great story!
by: Cathy

Kate, I loved reading your story - you've echoed so many of my thoughts exactly!!

It's taken me a long time (over 40 yrs) to get my own bike, and in doing so I've somehow rediscovered myself - not me as a wife/daughter/sister/aunt - but me as an interdependent person - I think perhaps it's that 'seat capacity of one' as you put it, that makes the difference!

Feb 17, 2011
Wind Therapy
by: Sandraq

Someone else here coined the phrase, but you definitely discovered it:



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