My motorcycle journey after a year later, and((((( theirs some good days and really bad days!?)))))

by Gia Rivera
(Lakewood, ca)

I took the beginner class last summer June of 2011 and I passed. then two months later I bought a honda cbr 600rr 2006. Then a week later I went with my bf to an empty parking lot, and everyone was so excited to see me learn. I went sucessfully around the building without any problems, and my dad wanted to learn as well, but he didn't take any class, and he told me that he rode once before but long time ago (once) key word,lol..... So he got on the bike and as he ease off the clutch and gave it gained of gas, and crash my new used bike on the wall. Luckily he was okay, nothing permanent but two big cuts on his leg. But my bike was pretty mess up. . We had to rebuild the fork, new tries, brakes, faring, levers, radiator, triple tree, clutch cable, resets, wheel, light bracket, coolant, sensor, horn switch, bar ends. My dad paid for everything well about 2000. Labor was free cuz my bf did all the labor so that was only paying the parts. I was lucky that my bf knows how to fix the bike, it took about couple months. Then it was finally ready, we went back to that empty parking lot, I was scared ass hell, I felt like I was going to do the same thing as my dad did. I would take my time getting off of first, and I stalling out so many times, oh I forgot to say I'm 21years and 5'0 feet tall and weight about 110. I'm pretty tiny, and yes this bike is huge for me and I know 600 might be to much for me for beginner. But I already bought the bike without thinking, I wish I could bought a 250. But oh we'll, gots to work what I have. seriously I took a long time to practice cuz I don't want to look like fool on the streets. I think it took me eight months to finally be on the streets, I drop my bike as of today four times. First time I stall out on first and I put my feet up right of way and I didn't give it enought gas and ate shit on my right side, second time I freaking forgot to put the kick stand down (ugh), third time I was on the street late at night and I stall out like the first time. This time I didn't give it enough gas on to first and I was making a right turn and it stall out and i ate shit again. please ladies take your time, practice, practice, and practice. Don't be rush to be on the streets. Always remember to have the kick down when getting off. Be comfortable and always wear your gear, its a must. I love to ride and I won't stop. . :) I rather be safe then sorry.

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Jul 20, 2012
Lowering Link
by: Deana

Hey Gia, if your bike still isn't low enough, you should be able to get an aftermarket adjustable lowering link. Adjusting the settings on the mono-shock wouldn't have lowered it nearly enough. I had my mechanic replace the stock link with an adjustable one.

Jul 19, 2012
by: Gia Rivera

Hey everyone, yes I did lower my bike, cuz there was no way I would learn if it wasn't lowered. My bf lowered it as much as he can, actually I wish it was one more inch lowered!!!!! When I wrote my story, that was the night I fell out on the road while trying to make a sharp right turn, I felt so sad, and lost my confidence, and I was so embarrassed.!?!? My bf kept telling me, don't beat your self to it. It's okay. But I couldn't stop replay in my mind. When I found this site, I couldn't believe their where other ladies just like me who felt like this. I felt so much better, and realized I can't give up over one little fall. I swear to you you guys are so nice and helpful, and all the love we give each other with our stories. And reading other people stories, made me feel like I was actually talk to someone. Thank you , thank you girls so much, you really truly made me feel better. :)

Jul 19, 2012
Keep Going
by: Lisa

Thanks for sharing - I've been riding for a couple of years now, go for a while without an incident and feel really confident, then presto two or three silly things in a row, mostly bad habits I have got into, or not engaging the brain and hands/feet at the same time, enough to put a dint in your confidence, and make you really mad with yourself. I do believe they happen for a reason, no use getting too cocky before you have the appropriate skills and instints, and writing yourself off. Just have to take a couple of steps back, engage the brain, regain your confidence and continue - because I certainly won't give up after a few setbacks (quite a few) I love riding too much!!

Jul 18, 2012
by: Deana

I give you credit for not giving up. You've had a rough go. Thanks for sharing and now I don't feel so bad. You said you're only 5'. Did you have your bike lowered so that you can reach the ground comfortably? When I got my first bike, an older ZX6R, the first thing I had done, besides a safety inspection, was have it lowered. Being comfortable on your bike is really important. And you're right about having the right frame of mind when you ride. Get comfortable, but never complacent. I've been riding a couple of years now, and some days I wonder what I was thinking. I got a second bike recently, a V-Star 1100, and within two weeks, I slipped on some loose dirt and fell over, ran into a parked car and got rear-ended at a stop light. The icky feeling in my stomach is gone, finally, and I'm starting to feel a bit more confident again. Now if I can just not do anything else stupid, lol. I agree gear is a must and expect the person in the car next to you not to see you.

Jul 18, 2012
by: Lynn - FL

Thanks for sharing your story. It helps others know they are not alone while learning. I give you credit for not giving up.

My first street bike was too big and I rode it for 18 months before deciding to sell it for something more suitable. It was such a pretty bike (Triumph Bonneville) but just wasn't right for me.

Best of luck this summer and happy trails.

Jul 18, 2012
by: Deb P

Oh you poor thing... I feel like with me.. I need to be in the frame of mind to ride. Like I would never take my bike to work in the am until I am fully awake! Need to use the power of our brain helps make the bike work the right way. 600 is a big bike to learn on. I had the 250 for 3 years before I got my 750. I love it but at times feel unsure so yes be very careful.

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