Motorcycling After Having a Baby

by Kelly

My husband has always driven dirt bikes and motorcycles, and when I met him, I quickly fell in love with riding on the back of his motorcycle. It wasn't long before I wanted a bike of my own and wanted to be able to drive myself.

This summer I got my first bike- Ninja 500R. I practiced in parking lots with my husband, and then on back roads. After a couple of months of practicing with my husband (about 500 miles) I took the ABATE course. I passed and now have my endorsement and I ride my bike every chance I get.

Here's the dilemma, though. We are getting ready to have our first baby. We plan on trying to conceive in January/February of 2011 (hoping to have a baby born in fall of 2011). That means I'll be pregnant next summer- so I probably won't be able to ride or drive. But even after I have the baby- what happens then?

Do any of you gals have infants or small children? How do you find the time to still ride your bike? I'm guessing hubby and I will just have to take turns watching our baby and whoever is not baby-sitting can go out for a ride. Either that, or have family/hired babysitter come over and watch our infant for a few hours so we can go on a ride together. I know it also means I probably won't be able to just run over to the gym or bank on my bike during the day, since I'll have the baby with me.

We are so excited to have children, and I know it involves sacrifices in your life... but I'm looking for hope that you don't have to give up on motorcycling just because you have a baby. How have some of you gals made things work?

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Jul 27, 2010
Risk Ladder
by: Sandra

Riding while pregnant should not be a huge problem, until perhaps you become huge if you're trying to manage your own bike...don't want to pull an already stressed groin muscle catching a bike! LOL

But riding at all, is about accepting personal risk. For women, while pregnant, and while "raising children" (however long that is varies in each mommy's mind as well) many personal pleasures are sacrificed in deference to the needs of the family and little ones in particular...and it's usually mommy that gives up more than daddy. Believe me, there are MANY pay-offs in the simple pleasures of mothering so don't get too freaked - it's the whole "seasons of life" thing.

Physically, you can ride again after delivery rather quickly. The body recovers well. Mentally, you may not be able to accept the risk of having an accident that could not only change YOUR life forever (a risk we've already faced and dealt with) but could prevent your child from having a healthy mommy around...and you may even find DADDY no longer willing to let mommy risk too much!

You will know when you are personally ready to get back on the bike - hopefully your husband will be comfortable when you are comfortable. Finding the time will be the easy part when the desire is strong. You may have shorter rides, or weekly rides - a coveted and guarded Sunday ride from 3 to 5 p.m. or something. Some moms will wait years, and that is okay, too.

Now, is it worth that tax deduction for a full 12 months when you only had the child a quarter or less of that time ($1000 or so) versus HUGE discomfort of pregnancy in heat and humidity? Depends on where you live, how your body deals with overheating, blah, blah, blah...but then welcome to parenthood - where every decision takes into consideration MUCH more than mom's personal comfort and desire - and worth EVERY second of it! LOL Best of luck in all your future parenting decisions!!!

Jul 27, 2010
Pregnant in the Summer
by: Kelly

Thanks for the advice so far!

As far as being pregnant in the summer, the biggest reason we are timing it as we are is due to tax purposes. It's better tax-wise to birth a baby at the end of a year, than at the beginning. Lol... maybe some people think that's a crazy way to plan having a baby, but it's a reason for us I guess, lol. We are just planners by nature I think - and always trying to maximize good things.

One good thing is that I work from home and make my own schedule... so I can take as much time off as I want depending on how I feel during the pregnancy.

I didn't realize you could ride when you are pregnant... and you did it up to 9 months? Wow! What type of bike was it? I can't imagine riding on the back of my husband's Yamaha FZ6 with a big 'ol belly. Don't think it would work too well or be safe for me.

It will be really neat if our baby ends up growing up and liking bikes, too.

Jul 27, 2010
Enjoy it up to the end!
by: Natalie in Tennessee

When my husband and I were young and expecting our little son, we cherished those rides on the bike together. Going for ice cream - or a ride to the beach... knowing soon it would be the three of us! It was such a wonderful feeling - rolling down the road with my round belly pressing gently against his back - our little son inside, all safe and warm. I'm sure he heard those
room-room motorcycle sounds even while in my tummy, because he could imitate those sounds with great accuracy even before he could talk. We rode all through my pregnancy, right up until the end of my 9th month with him on board.

Mom helped us out every week or two to watch the little guy while we took off on our bike for a Sunday ride. It was great to have time together as husband and wife, even though it was a thrill to know we could go and pick him up afterwards.

Well, our son just turned 21 yrs old 2 weeks ago... He is now 6"-3" tall, and is working on his 3rd bike now. Still the 3 of us often go riding together on weekend trips, or even out to supper together. Each of us has our own bike. "Boy" rides a crotch rocket. I'm happy I have the memory of our family from the very beginning to now, and cherish every day together.

Jul 26, 2010
by: Aili

I ride back & forth to work, do errands (with backpack) on my bike, etc. so that's pretty much my riding time.

I didn't ride when my daughter was young. I was careful about calculating risk because it's a parent's responsibility to raise their children to be competent adults. That said, you also don't want to raise your children to be terrified whimps either. Its all a trade off. I was always into motorcycles and big trucks, so I did a lot more Jeeping with my baby girl (who now has her own Jeep), and now that she's grown and can take care of herself, I'm riding again and so is my husband. Sorry, this probably isn't what you had in mind...its a personal choice, as a parent or not a parent, to weigh the risks and decide whether you want to take them in order to enjoy the benefits. Such are all things in life. :)

A word of experience: being pregnant in the heat of summer can be quite uncomfortable, so unless you're a teacher and are timing pregnancy for professional reasons, you might want to hold off and conceive between May and September, so that the majority of your largeness is in the cooler months.

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