Motorcycles and Insurance

by Karmic
(Sacramento, California)

If I am 18, and I get my motorcycle license, will my parents insurance be notified. My parents have no motorcycles, however I am still listed as a dependent, and I know that unless I opt to never drive one of their cars, their insurance will be notified when I obtain my driver's license.

I really want to get a motorcycle, I have taken the courses and I have enough money to pay for insurance on my own, however my parents adamantly refuse to allow me to allow me to get a motorcycle so long as I live in their house. I currently attend college away from home so I am not home often (except during breaks), so having my own motorcycle and keeping it from them is not a problem. I simply do not want them knowing as long as I am paying for it myself until I move out in a few years (hopefully).

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Jul 05, 2011
by: karmic

I have attempted to convince my parents, or at least get them to the point of considering it.

Before I began the conversation, I made sure I had plenty of research (I spent 4 hours the night before reviewing information on motorcyclists and motorcycling from various websites including traffic information), because I knew that it would not be easy. I even looked up various motorcycles I was interested in buying (all 350cc or lower) and received estimates of insurance (comprehensive and uninsured, not just liability).

Before I even began the conversation he shut me down. I pushed through anyways, and I spoke for 20 minutes uninterrupted. At the end, he said his answer hasn't changed at all. Not even an "I will consider this since you feel so strongly and have obviously looked seriously into it." Later I found that he told my aunt about how stupid he thought it was and how crazy I am. Not a budge.

I am not asking for anyone here to solve my parental problems. I have lived with my parents for 18 years, and I knew when they will or will not budge. I decided to try the "let's talk it out" method out of respect for those trying to give me advice, but it has had no effect. I simply want to know if when I buy my motorcycle, I have to worry about the blowback now or when I'm living under my own roof.

Jul 04, 2011
Try Compromising!
by: Sassy2731

My first question is: Do you have a vehicle to drive now? If so, you could possibly sit down with them and explain that the cost of fuel for your vehicle is really very high for your budget and you were thinking that maybe a smaller motorcycle would be of a help to you and them (if they are footing your bills for you) for you to use while in school to get around. Explain that you would pay for the insurance or whatever. You might be surprised at the outcome if you explain and talk to them in the right direction. If you just want the bike to play on then I would side with them all the way, but if you do need transportation then it would be the least expensive means of transportation while you are in school. I say try it and the worst they can say is no! But like I said if explained correctly you just might get a yes!

Jun 21, 2011
Wet Blanket
by: Dawn

Sorry to be a wet blanket, but I'll try to keep the lecture short. : )

As a parent I would advise you to NOT do this behind their backs unless you are fully prepared to deal with them when they find out. Because they will. Someone, somewhere will blab. Or God forbid, you have an accident, even a minor one. They would not want to find out from the sheriff that your motorcycle has been towed and you are at the hospital.

My advice would be to prepare and do your research. And have a calm discussion with them AS AN ADULT. If you want to be treated like one, act like one.

Find out from an insurance agent the cost and if it's triggered by your endorsement or the actual motorcycle purchase. How long it stays increased, and all the other fine details.

If your parents still say no, then my advice would be to just get your endorsement and hold off on the actual bike until you move out. The endorsement doesn't expire and there will be much less ruffled feathers.

I know it's not what you wanted to hear, and I was there once so I understand, but you and only you can decide if the fall out will be worth not waiting until you are truly on your own. If you live with your parents and get financial assistance from them, they do get a say.(for now)

Jun 17, 2011
Hehe...good times!
by: Sandra

I used to be concerned about my parents finding out about my birth control through their insurance - my how times have changed! LOL

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