Motorcycle Trip through Glacier National, Montana

by Sammy

I'd like some advice on what to bring, tips for travel, etc. I've only been on 2-3 hour bikes rides and this will be my first 4 day trip. I have no idea how to pack, what to bring, etc... my boyfriend is a "minimalist" and can get by with 1 pair of jeans but I'd like to bring a little bit more than that. We will be staying in hotels and will have a little storage on our bike. Any ideas are greatly appreciated!!

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Jul 10, 2010
Trip Necessities
by: Alystar Mckenneh

Vitamin C and Potasssium.

The potassium keeps my legs from getting cramped and when I am exhausted I don't start to vibrate. I have had moments when I was riding for days that I couldn't drink from my water bottle because my muscles were so freaky that I looked like a parkinsons patient trying to get a drink from my water bottle. This does not happen when I take potassium.

Vitamin C gives me energy.

Jun 10, 2010
by: Robin

Alystar Mckenneh

Tell me more about what the Vit C and Potassium does for you?

Jun 09, 2010
by: Robin

There are tons of websites that offer motorcycle packing tips. We are going to Sturgis on a 10 day trip. Do your homework and make a list, Mine at first was long, and now I cutting it back every weekend, when I realize that I don't need that much. The Sturgis Rally website offers a publication that gives tips on what to bring.

Motorcycle Trip Checklist

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Jun 08, 2010
Trip Necessities
by: Alystar Mckenneh

Extra gloves in case it rains. Tons of sunscreen. A cap or cover for under your helmet because really long rides make your head itchy. It helps if I put a silk cap or scarf on, under my helmet. A long sleeve light weight t-shirt is best to ride in if you are hot because it keeps you from getting burned, dry and slapped by bugs. Clear glasses for night/evening riding. Extra glasses in case you lose them. Potassium and Vit-c pills are a life saver for me. Drink a lot of water. Get a face cover or bandanna. I wear a cowel neck thing around my neck in case I get behind a dump or trash truck and crap is blowing in my face. Or if I hate the smell of new tar on the road or if my face is just plain burned that day. I pull it up when necessary.

Have fun!

Jun 08, 2010
Easy Packing
by: Linda in OZ

Try this:

Wear the same chosen outer motor cycle garments (Jacket, gloves, jeans, boots and jumper) all the riding time. Don't duplicate them. Don't worry about getting dirty, unless you're a real grub they should last ok for hole trip and everyone knows that motorcycling can be dusty so don't expect you to look pristine.

Two pairs undies and 2 pair socks, 1 rinse at night time - other on. I bra for whole trip.

I pair uncrushable slacks and nice top and jacket for out at night - lightweight ones you can roll. I pair shoes to match, gotta be little ones.

Costmetic/toiletry bag - use small containers for everything you take in it. You may need to decant shampoo etc into smaller containers. Be frugal, you probably wont need much on your journey. Remember lip gloss or lipstick to protect your lips from the wind. A facewasher is good for during the day to freshen up. Keep it damp in a ziplock bag. You wont need a towel - they're in your hotel.

So all you are really packing as extras is toiletry bag, slacks, top, lightweight going out jacket and small shoes, undies and spare socks. Voila!

To top it off take a lovely scarf (or two) they take up very little room, set off your evening and keep your neck warm on the bike.

After you have your bare essentials, if it packs up really small (which it should) and your friend thinks you can take more, then add soft trousers for lounging around the campfire at night.

Have a lovely trip. Come to Australia sometime, it's a beautiful country for riding in too.


Jun 08, 2010
What to Bring
by: Anonymous

Jeans, shirts, most places have a washer and dryer so don't overpack. Something for when its chilly and or rainy. Sunscreen, an atlas (pocket size) toiletries (makeup, contacts and solution, feminine products etc...) cell phone, a small first aid kit, flashlight, and I always carry a small bag of tools with me. That's something my husband taught me. That's a beginning. and of course a camera.

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