motorcycle licensing

by Lissa
(cleveland, Ohiko)

my temporary motorcycle license expired before I took my basic rider course in Ohio? Help, what do I do?

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Jun 21, 2012
Re MSF Course & Testing
by: Anonymous

The basic course for beginners is just that..for beginners, complete newbies, non-riders. The course is to introduce you to the skills you need as new rider. They have a certain amt of material to present in a certain amt of time. If they don't complete the course material they've not done their job and the new rider has no gotten what they paid for. Yes the range part can be very stressful but it's the types of things you'll see when you are on the road. They not only have you doing the range exercises but they also give you theory on why things are the way they are. What they teach will save your life..if not today they will tomorrow. But if you don't complete the course you've lost in many areas...sort of like a pilot saying "I think this is to hard the way you're teaching it and I can fly this plane and will learn on my own." Even if you don't pass the course you've walked away with knowledge that you didn't have when you went in. Training is what saves lives. Training gives you the tools to help keep your rump out of the ditch or a head on crash or swerve to avoid an accident.

Jun 19, 2012
by: Michelle

In Ohio your temp is good for 6 months from day of passing the written. I took the beginner course and it was aswesome. Our instructor taught us so much and he was so patient. At the end of the course you had to do your skills test, If you failed when you got done he would go back out with you and work on things you had issues on then you go back and redo it with him. I had Brian Bender as an instructor he was GREAT. I had never rode before or even on the back of a bike before so I was an all out newbie. I would suggest the class.. Also sorry about the double post before.

Jun 19, 2012
MSF course and testing
by: sandysue

I bought a Honda VTX1300 in March, 2012. It is my first bike. I've never ridden on my own before, but my boyfriend at the time had one and I practiced a bit on his and liked it. I'm tall and a BBW so getting a 650 or 850 just didn't "fit" me.

Being a complete newbie, I immediately signed up for the MSF course before taking a licensing test. If you are a brand new rider, DO NOT attempt this course. It is quite advanced for a complete newbie. You will be expected to do hairpin curves, figure eights, 10 ft swerves, etc on your first day! If you go outside the painted lines or put your foot down, you will points off your score. You will get 4 or 5 tries to get these exercises down and they will move on whether you are ready or not. Needless to say, I did not return the second day of class. I basically blew $200 for someone to make me feel like an idiot. I decided that I would go home, practice on MY bike and then take the state test.

Not sure about other states, but in Oklahoma, you get a permit after taking the written test that is good for 30 days. Then before that time period is up, you take the road test. This test is conducted by you receiving instructions in a transmitter in your ear while the highway patrolman follows you in his car.

Yes, if you pass the MSF course, you will not have to take the road test, but KNOW what you're getting into. Do your homework ladies. And have a safe ride!

Jun 17, 2012
by: Michelle

Hi I hope this does not post twice. I live in Ohio too, all you need to do is retake the test. Where are you taking the class at? I took mine at Thiels Wheels in Upper Sandusky. Good Luck!

Jun 17, 2012
by: Michelle

Hi I am from Ohio too. All you need to do is retake the Where are you taking the class at? I did mine at Thiels Wheels HD in Upper Sandusky. Good Luck!

Jun 15, 2012
Do it over
by: Anonymous

You'll have to take the test again! From the Ohio BMV website:

•You must have and present a valid T.I.P.I.C. (Temporary Instruction Permit Identification Card) on the first day of class for the Basic Rider Course and the Basic Rider Course - Returning Rider.

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