Monster 696 for a 4'11" rider?

by r_simmonds
(Greensburg, IN)

I'm actually doing some research for my wife, who has recently become a big Ducati fan. We recently bought our first new Ducati. She surprised me by sneaking around and taking care of everything to buy us a brand new 2013 Monster 1100EVO 20th Anniversary (#75 of 200). We both love the bike and as much as she loves riding on it with me, she's starting to ache to get her own and learn to ride.

She loves the look of the Monster 696, and I'm starting to look into how to make it best fit her. She's only around 4'11", so I worry about her being able to hold the bike up, as well as riding comfort.

I was hoping to get some opinions from women close to her height, as to what I might need to do to prep a bike for her when we buy one. I've considered getting the lowered height seat, possibly a new set of bars, possibly lower the suspension just a tad, and if need be look into a new set of levers to accommodate her smaller hands.

I'd really like some ideas as to what I could do to help get her onto a Monster, and into the world of motorcycles.

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Aug 05, 2013
Get some experience first
by: Sandy4speed

I'm a 5'0 female rider and when I learned how to ride a motorcycle a year ago, I wanted to buy a monster. But every time i tried to sit on her, i freaked out because i was on my tippy toes and afraid to drop the bike.

Good thing my boyfriend persuaded me to buy something else... Buell Blast - the best beginner bike for short riders like myself.
I know it's a different world from the Ducati bikes, but it was the best decision ever!
When you're a newbie you don't want to be worried about how you are going to reach the floor and avoid dropping the bike. You want to concentrate on incoming traffic, develop your riding skills, apex, avoid holes, .. and have fun, not fear!

For a year, I had a lot of fun riding my Blast. I even gave her some extras, like K&N filter, Vance & Hines exhaust, LED blinkers, painted the rear tire hugger :-)

After some months riding, my skills, experience and even my mind set was so different than before... Now I ride a Buell XB12 yeahhhh even bigger than Monster :-)

So, long story short I definitely recommend she buys something that is easy to maneuver so she can get some experience. Some months or a year later she can always sell that one and buy the bike of her dreams.


May 31, 2013
by: Lynn - Florida

Katie, the host of Girlriders., is small and short and rides a Ducati. Have your wife log on to the site. I'm sure she would be happy to share info. about how she and her husband made the bike fit her.

Tell her never to give up on her dream of riding the Ducati!

May 16, 2013
Monster 696
by: r_simmonds

I appreciate the help. She has very limited experience with any kind of motorcycle. She knows the basic controls, but doesn't have much time actually riding anything. We're currently working on rebuilding my Honda 300EX and outfitting it with a twist throttle so that she can have more time to get used to working the controls. Once she has that down we're going to get her some sort of a small bike to start with. I definitely would not consider just throwing her on a machine like the 696 and just letting her figure it out. I want her to have a feel for how to control a machine and gradually step her up. Ultimately the Monster will come down the road when she's gotten the feel for riding on her own.

I do appreciate the input from some of the female riders out there. It has been helpful in trying to plan for down the road.

May 13, 2013
lowering a bike
by: chiefgopher

My husband and I lowered my Honda shadow aero after adding larger metzler tires and a mustang seat. that all raised the bike about 3 inches. I could touch flat footed before the changes and I can now that we have lowered it but when I hit bumps in the road it feels that it bottoms out the shocks and makes a loud thunk. The ride on a bumpy road is not as pleasant as it was before. Is there a shorter shock I can put on it that can make it like it was when it was taller. It did not do the bottom out and thunk then. I still love to ride but do not want to do any damage to the bike. I finally got it to just the right fit. any help would be greatly appreciated. We do all ou our own maintenance on our bikes. Love the site. It is great to see other women out there riding their own or two up also.

May 12, 2013
by: Anonymous

Susanne is giving you some outstanding advice, listen to her. I started with throw away bikes, (dirtbikes) but a 400cc street bike too. Be careful lowering the Monster too much because I did on mine and it ruined the the suspension and many other things, had to put it back to stock. Once she feels very good riding on lower cc bikes with a few years of experience under her belt, then consider the Monster. The 696 can be lowered to a certain point......Good luck!

May 12, 2013
Monster 696
by: Susanne

Nice present from your wife. Has your wife ever ridden a motorcycle before? If not, personally I'd look into a throw away bike. Something that if she drops it won't cost a thousand dollars to fix. Ninja 250 is a great learner bike that you can find on Craigslist and its rather inexpensive. If she has ridden the Monster 696 is a great bike. I'm 5"1 and just bought a 2013 Ducati Stealth Black . I had them lower the forks and rear preload. Also I bought the low seat and had a inch lift added to my boots. One thing I'm having done is a local upholstery shop is altering the stock seat. They are shaving it down and adding a gel insert. I might gain an inch from that. There are lots of things that can be done to get the bike lower and your Duc dealer will gladly help you get there. I will say one thing. This is my fourth bike. I currently also own a Diavel which is much shorter. I don't know if I would of been as comfortable with a taller bike when I first started riding years ago. Just some food for thought.

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