Mommas, Please Let Your Babies Grow Up to Ride Motorcycles

by Melissa
(Vancouver, BC)

Mommas, Please Let Your Babies Grow Up to Ride Motorcycles

Mommas, Please Let Your Babies Grow Up to Ride Motorcycles

Back in the bad old days, motorcycles were associated with big, bad guys who were not always thought of as pillars of society. But with more and more people looking for better gas mileage and more economical travel, motorcycles took on a more mainstream appeal. It was just the answer that people needed- and more people started thinking that among other things, riding a bike was super fun. You can find motorcycles practically everywhere, ridden by practically anyone. In the bad old days, mothers warned their boys and their girls against riding motorcycles or even associating with those who did so.

My mother took all of my oddball quirks with great grace. I am going to be a major league pitcher- Mom would sit out in a lawn chair watching me pitch into a tire for hours on end, shouting what she thought was inspirational slogans. (They were not.) When I changed my direction, Mom changed right with me. I miss her greatly.

I started riding a motorcycle when I was fairly young, and I know that she was nervous and afraid, but she never said a word against the idea. After I became a mother myself, she confided in me that she thought of riding a motorcycle herself but had never worked herself up to do so. She was glad that I was never afraid to try- and she made me promise that I would never let my own children be afraid to try things either, no matter what they might be.

My children rode bikes. My son started thinking about breaking bones, scraping knees and rearranging his face and his body parts at every chance. My older daughter was a climber- she could never say no to scaling any summit. My younger daughter is a burrower- I keep praying that she is never going to find a cave of any kind to get lost in. The older two loved their go karts, and I admit to racing out to their wrecks with heart pounding and a forced smile. They both want to ride; I will encourage them to do so, with great pride, insisting that they learn how to do so safely. I am more than proud when they say that they look up to me, that they want to be like me. I am even more proud when they say they want their first ride to be with me.

Now, I do have an issue with my children and their bike idea: they plan to pool their money and buy one to share. Have you ever watched a sitcom? Yes, we all can see how this is going to turn out. I feel bad for the bike.

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Jul 28, 2010
Riding Age
by: Raijen

I started riding when I was in high school, no one in my family rode motorcycles, so I had to save my money and buy my own bike. I did not make the same mistake with my daughter, I had her on my motorcycle at age 3, she would sit in front and actually fall asleep on the gas tank. (yes I am dating myself), My daughter soloed on her first dirtbike at 5 years of age. I just purchased a PW50 for my 2 year old granddaughter, and she soloed (not very far but soloed) her first time last weekend. She still has some major learning to do but so far she enjoys it.

Apr 15, 2010
My First Ride
by: Sassy2731

My first ride was with my hubby and both our sons on my hubby's birthday about 5 years ago. What a great feeling it was all riding together. My Mom rode with my hubby once and she said she wish she was 20 years younger she would ride her own also (she was 75 at the time). I have always encouraged both my boys to do what they want. I was behind them in baseball, football, and bmx. I even went so far as buying my own bmx bike and riding the track on practice nights with them. Their friends always told them I wish my Mom would come ride with me. They always told my boys how cool a Mom they had. I always tried to make sure that they made their races too and cheered them both on. I even lost about 60 pounds when I rode that bmx bike, but as soon as I stopped riding it I started gaining it all back then some. Oh well, can't have everything I guess. I really enjoyed raising my 2 boys and all their friends. LOL I agree to please let your babies all grow up to ride motorcycles.

Apr 15, 2010
by: Debbie

Could be my story.. I saw Evel make that jump in Las Vegas and knew that I had to learn how to ride. lol.. I know my Mom got a few gray hairs over that decision.. but she never stopped me...

Apr 15, 2010
Ride Motorcycles
by: Lynn - SW FL

My Mother rode a BSA 500 single. My Dad rode too. We grew up with a garage full of motorcycles. My Mom felt mini-bikes were dangerous (no suspension) so when I could touch the ground at age 13, I could ride my own. She made sure I wore a helmet, boots & leather gloves. I rode all over the desert on backroads with friends. My brother and I raced motocross throughout my high school years with Mom driving our van & Dad working. She was scared but always encouraged us. She understands why I need to ride.

Apr 14, 2010
by: Laura

Love your article!! Made me laugh! I was the same kind of Mom...now I'm the same kind of Gramma lol... Good luck to you, them, and the bike!! Ride safe, all of you! :)

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