Miss. Stall Out

by Miss. Stall

Hey gang,

So... I took the bike out for the first time in about 1 month.

Had not been riding up until then, just to busy to put the time in. Well to make a long embarrasing story short, I kept stalling at the stop light.

Of course, traffic is never patient so I had to just flag people to go around even though the where happy to just sit behind me and keep blowing their horns....A$$holes.

Anyway, I'm sure you can imagine the rest of the scene. I'm trying to now hurry up, comming of the clutch to soon and stalling out some more. I was soo bummed out.

Still got in some pretty good riding time after I got comfortable again, but it felt like when I was learning to ride for the fist time and I'm mad at myself for letting drivers unnerve me like that and make me try to rush.

Anyway, my sweet, loving hubby adjusted the clutch and it help, but I know I still need to work on my take off at the light with impatient traffic behind me. Any pointers?

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Dec 03, 2011
don't worry about their impatience...
by: Anonymous

Practice your skills and ride a little nearly every day while you learning (and you never stop learning).
That said, the driver behind you may just be a jerk. I am an experienced rider, I ride good-sized bikes, and I have had drivers go to unsafe lengths to pull around me when they had no reason and they ended up going much slower in the lane they pulled into.
WHY? Who knows. Maybe they think motorcycles are inherently dangerous...maybe they assume a woman can't drive one well... maybe they are just clueless and can't see ahead in traffic...
You have enough to worry about without being self-conscious, just practice regularly and be the safest you can be.
Shiny side up...

Nov 23, 2011
Stalling out
by: Anonymous

Yes, practice starting and stopping in the parking lot! I do the drills anytime I have a new bike or haven't been riding for a while.
The most common error is not looking through the turn, closely followed by not coordinating clutch and throttle use. Use more throttle, and very gradually let out the clutch -while giving it gas and, of course, keeping your focal point out ahead.
Easy, right? Sometimes I wonder how I manage to ride at all.
Now that I think of it, it's really kind of complicated, isn't it?

Nov 07, 2011
by: Katie

I can only imagine how stressful that must be. I would go to a parking lot and start and stop, then find a place that is quieter and on a hill and learn to go from there to. In MSF course we started on an incline all day and BOY can I tell you how much that helped when riding on the street.

It sounds like you are calm and that is a good thing. It is practice for us all and that is it. The more we ride the more experience we will get!

I am sure you will master it soon


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