Looking for Input for Women's Motorcycle Tail Bag

by Tim
(Anaheim CA)

We're The Cycle Guys (www.thecycleguys.com) and we make sportbike oriented luggage products. We're talking about making a tail bag geared toward women. It would be different from our usual products. So far we're thinking it should be easily removable, with a carry strap to double as a tote bag when you're off your bike. It will have a few pockets in it so small stuff doesn't roll around. But we'd like to get some input from women riders as to what features you'd like. Would you prefer a carbon-fiber hi-tech look? Or a simple leather look? Soft or semi-rigid construction? Expandable? Would a built in light up mirror be desirable? Would you like any colors, or is black still the new black? What about a little bling like rhinestones or embroidery? Anything else you'd like? Please send your ideas to Tim@TheCycleGuys.com. Thanks very much for your help.

Comments for Looking for Input for Women's Motorcycle Tail Bag

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Jun 22, 2014
I miss my purse!
by: HMK

What do I want in a motorcycle bag?
Something I can wear like a purse when I'm not on the bike.

I have a motorcycle and a bicycle. I want something I can comfortably strap to my bike (or myself) during the ride that I can detach and will look/wear like a stylish purse.

So far all I've been finding are ugly backpacks, oversized two-tone messenger bags, bulky/boxy leather/studded seat-like bags....

I also sew, and this might be something I design for myself. Because I haven't been able to find anything like this ANYWHERE!

Apr 09, 2011
I would really love to see more gear for women riders.
by: Michelle P

That's a great idea....someone options I would like see are waterproof, pink as an option for colors, able to be locked, stylish, can fit on a sportbike.

Jul 09, 2010
by: Aili

Ladies, you should really keep your wallet with ID on your person. If you end up in a crash, they put you on a stretcher and cart you off to the hospital, and your saddlebag stays on your bike. You could end up being a Jane Doe for HOURS before someone thinks to check pockets in your tail bag.

This happened to a bicyclist I know. She was hit by a car and her ID was in the pouch on her handlebar. It took two days for her husband and the police to finally figure out the hit-and-run victim and the missing person where the same.

Jul 09, 2010
by: Aili

OK Tim, since you ask.

Black is still the new black. Although a little white or pink reflective strip or graphic would be nice.

I prefer semi-rigid. I like leather, but Cordura is ok too. LOCKABLE would be essential - lock closed and lock the mount onto the bike, but removable is a great idea. Interior pockets would be cool, but so would dividers that you could move around with velcro, like bigger camera bags. The loop tape would go around the whole inside - two rows, while the dividers would have hook tape tabs.

No, I wouldn't use a mirror (I have those on my handlebars) and I'm not vain enough to need a lighted makeup mirror when I have helmet head.

Jul 06, 2010
Roll Bag Retro
by: Anonymous

I was just thinking of finding a vera bradley. Glad to see the comment on it shredding.

I carry my over-sized beach towel, green, white and brown rolled up (12x8x5 squashed) on the back of my bike, tied down with brown rope (garden stuff - jute?) so I have something to sit on or wrap up in at my destination and it looks beautiful. Kind of looks like I have a cool sleeping bag and on a long road trip.:)

I do want something bright and feminine. My favorite color is green, a soft sage green or a bright green with cranberry and blue. A cool classic design like fleur delise or swirls and roses for a woman not a preteen look. Small 12x8.
Inside pockets would be great! As well as one outside pocket. All zipable of course. I carry my wallet and license in my belt loop bag.

I want it soon too! :) Pls post when you will have one out.

May 31, 2010
Tail Bag
by: Marie Wilson

I am wanting to find a tail bag or just bag that is more the Vera Bradley motif...paisley, flowers, polka dots,stripes and monogram-able... I tried a regular Vera and they shred in the wind...and flat and wide are a plus...short leg plus tall bag equals fall over...

May 13, 2010
Tail Bag
by: Barbara

I see this is gear more tfor he sport bike rider. GREAT!

Most of us female sport bike riders are a little on the short side, so swinging our leg over the bike is always an issue, so something more flat/wide. I use a large tank bag now as a tail bag and have a little trouble getting on and off the bike because of the height, this is in addition to my tank bag.

Pockets are great, need places for driver licenses, credit cards, cell phone, pocket for sun glasses (some of us have to carry 2 pairs)

"Lady Rider" stitched across the back would be kind of fun, with some fancy swirls or vines, don't care for pink, think that color has been over done for women. For the stitching use more sophisticated colors (royal blues, purples, silvers, reds, turquoise) take a clue from the color of bikes we ride. Go lite on the bling, metallic threads would look good.

May 13, 2010
Great Idea... guys.
by: Chickapea in Tennessee.

I agree most of the other comments posted by the women on here. A soft bag works well...black or cream color is nice - goes with most bikes. Also please make it "not too big"! Perhaps a shoulder strap (concealed in a zippered pocket on the top, that can be pulled out and attached with some attractive silver clips to silver rings on the top. I agree... no tacky plastic clips - they're so sporty, but not very feminine. A pretty black & silver theme would be nice... most of us like that... perhaps silver logo centered on the front of the bag, with a few rhinestones sparkling on it would be sharp. It could be a monogram or stylized logo (your company logo), in a circular or oval shape, and add a few rhinestone touches here and there on the silver logo. Don't overdo the bling... a little sparkle goes a long way... and no multi-colored rhinestones ... they are for little girls. Too cute! Keep it refined and a little sexy! Would love to see what you guys come up with... please post it on here when it's completed. Happy Riding!

May 13, 2010
Thanks for Asking
by: W. Hudson

I don't think I would want a lighted mirror built into the bag. I can always carry a lighted compact in the bag if I choose. I like the idea of having several interior pockets (and maybe an exterior zip or snap pocket) for cell phone, water bottle, a carbiner to clip keys to. Maybe a loop or slot for an ink pen. Yes, rhinestones would be lovely, but keep it simple, nothing too over the top. I like tasteful, simple elegance, something like a nice purse, but adapted to fit on a bike. Black is a good color. I also like Cream or Brown leather. Embroidery in girl colors is optional. I look at function first and then form. Would like a soft bag that could also be used as a tote. Maybe a couple different size options; I like smaller bags, but some girls like big bags. Thanks for asking!!! Good luck with it. I look forward to seeing the new bags.

May 13, 2010
Men vs Women
by: Anonymous

I am a women, but I really can't see the difference it would make to have a "women" tailbag, or a "man" tail bag. I think a man would like to have the same features, lots of pockets, and stuff.

May 12, 2010
Love the idea!
by: Fiddler

I have been daydreaming of such a bag for months. My thought was tank bag, but tailbag would work. For starters, this bag would have a carry strap that is not an afterthought - please, no cheesy uncomfortable length of webbing with nasty plastic snaps (that don't really work) that snap onto equally cheesy plastic hardware. I would prefer a soft bag because hard bags are not very accommodating for odd-shaped items that I need to carry. Friend, what I am looking for is a decent handbag that happens to attach to my bike, but I think I'm dreaming. Black is okay, it matches everything (yawn), but I'd also like cream, as was mentioned by another poster. Actually, a variety of colours would be a lovely change... pink and black are hardly a variety. Yes, I think a bit of bling would be great. No fringe.

May 12, 2010
Womens Sportbike Tail Bag
by: bumblebee

Small zippered compartments for sunglasses, lipstick, wallet would be great. Easy to get on and off (mine attaches with a bungee and it is not easy). Reflective material of some kind is always good! An elastic to hold a couple water bottles ...

May 12, 2010
by: Anonymous

No Fringe!

May 12, 2010
Women's Motorcycle Tail Bag
by: Anonymous

Compartments yes, place for drivers license, credit cards maybe as an outside compartment that zips kind of like a built on wallet. Small zipper compartment for lipstick and blush, overall size at least large enough for a brush. Some bling is nice and choice of colors black, brown, cream, maybe something with highlight colors like lavender, pink, red. Look at colors that are popular with women.

May 12, 2010
Tail Bag with Pizzaz!
by: roadstarangel2

Something with Compartments...pockets....gussets for more room..and SPARKLE! Studs! Colors! Pizzazz!

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