Learning to ride with motorcycle permit

by gina
(portland, OR)

To all experienced, riders you have been there and how do you ride the street with your permit? I am a new rider just learning how to handle my bike, I took the motorcycle safety course just this month. I didn't pass the skills part of test. I learned a lot from the class which I am applying to my riding and as given me more confidence. I still do not have my endorsement and I found it rather interesting that is so hard to get other riders to spend the time with a new rider. Why is that?, How do you learn if you can't get out on the street. I want to "practice" what they taught in class which will help pass the driving test, I have rode around my apartment parking lot almost everyday for the last week and I am sure my neighbors are tired of seeing me go in circles. Do I just go out on the street by myself? I went over to the local DMV to watch the test, they said I could practice on the course. I have rescheduled my skills test for September 6th so that is my timeline. I would really like to hear back from other riders with your suggestions.

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Aug 24, 2008
by: Laura

Too bad you don't have a friend to help you. I had my very patient patient husband. It took me sooo long to get my nerve up, but my deal is, I want to already know how, before I try to learn anything new (Perfectionist is the term they say). I even insisted on practicing in our yard in the grass, which Jim kept saying was harder and more likely to make me fall. Oh no hardheaded me, was sure I knew more than him. I never did fall, but felt like if I did it wouldn't hurt as much! Do you not have any roads that get very little traffic? Or go out early on Sundays, before most people are up. Or go to a large parking lot, ie: college, municipal, or the like and practice there. Hang in , and the best advice I have always heard is practice, practice,practice

Aug 18, 2008
Good luck!
by: Anonymous

I don't know the law in your state, but I'm in New York, and when I had a learner's permit, I could not go on the streets without a licensed rider who was within 1/4 mile of me and "actively participating" in my ride (so the licensed rider couldn't be inside washing the dishes while I road around the neighborhood) until I had a license in my hand. If you can't get a licensed rider to go out with you, I'd suggest that you find a way to get your bike to the course and then leave you there for an hour or two and then come back for you. Another option would be to load your bike into a trailer or the back of a truck and drive your bike over to the course. The final thing I can think of would be to take the MSF course again. I took the course and did pass the test (I didn't think I would, though). I still had to practice with a licensed rider for a month until my paperwork came in so I could go to the DMV to get my license. You could also check with the folks you took your MSF course with. They told me that if I failed the test I could practice at home for a week or two and then go back and re-take the test with whatever class was in session at that point. Perhaps you could do that; you've been practicing over and over and over in your parking lot!

I don't know of any other options other than riding around your parking lot over and over. Don't worry about what the neighbors are tired of seeing :-) Oh! One other option would be to get your bike (using another rider or a trailer or something) to a different parking lot for a change of scenery. Just make sure that it's not public property. I was practicing on a university campus and was told that till I had my license in hand, I needed a licensed rider with me to ride around the university parking lots and roads because they were public land.

Aug 18, 2008
Keep on practicing....
by: Eva

Hey Gina,
Boy you brought back some old memories for me. I also took the class and passed the written 100% but failed the skill test. I thought my world was going to end. I cried all the way home. Here I am 2 years later with almost 20,000 on my Harley. Just keep practicing any where you feel comfortable. You will have to push yourself a bit at first out of your comfort zone but given time you will be fine. Happy trails girl!!!!

Aug 17, 2008
Practice is important
by: Anonymous

I'm in Ohio, and a temp. allows street driving, daytime, no passangers, and no highways. I've had my lisence over 20 years and did all my practicing on small city street. Lots of stops, and turns going around the block. A temp. is good for 6 mo. here and had ridden a couple before taking the course. Your better off in a neiborhood then around a parking lot, real roads give you the best experance. Good luck and good riding.

Aug 17, 2008
practice time
by: Lauren

If they will let you use the course, go any time! Other wise, branch out to some more parking lots. Depending on how congested your area, and how much of a risk youre willing to take, its possible to sneak out on country roads. Course, no license, no insurance, youre asking for it if something happens. Nothing can beat "Butt time."

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