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(Lake Charles, LA)

I have recently started riding, so far as a newbie I have put about 200 miles on my bike in less than 2 months. I am riding to work everyday and weekends when I am free. I took the Motorcycle Awareness Class offered by the state, passed and got my endorsement. I am constantly still running the "statement's" of how to ride in my head..."look where you wanna go, lean with the bike, don't look down, etc...." However, this day was no different than any other, I rode to the gym after work..switch off,turn handlebars,take out key-get off bike....ahhh skipped the "put the kickstand down" step. I was mortified. Of course so embarrassed. I knew at some point I would drop my bike, everyone does, I was however expecting to drop it when doing a task that I have not yet fully mastered with comfort..like driving on gravel or something. But just climbing off the bike and not putting the kickstand down was NOT one of the reasons I felt I would ever drop my bike,especially for the first time. I laugh about it now, thankfully I only broke off the blinker & that is not a high priced item. My friends got a good giggle out of it too. So my word of the day today is "Kickstand Kellie"! Anyone, else had any of the "moments" to share, I would love to hear about them.

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Apr 01, 2010
by: Rocco

My husband and I pulled up to the bottom of our driveway after a day of riding. The driveway has a slope to it. He pulled up to the garage door, went to lean off his bike, realized the kickstand was not down, flew off the bike, flipped on top of and over our big trash can, rolled down the hill and jumped up as if nothing had happened. I laughed my butt off. It was quite a sight! I gave him a hard time over it. The next week, we pulled our bikes in the garage. He got off his bike, went to go in the house, I went to get off my bike and guess what I did...Needless to say, he had to rescue me. What goes around comes around.....Also, some people say it's not if it happens but when it happens. I say BS to that.....

Apr 01, 2010
Thank You!
by: Kellie

I so appreciate the comments. I feel so much better...and today I went to the bank's drive-thru and I made sure I put the kickstand down while I was doing my transaction because I didn't want to lean over to get the tube out and have it fall over again...LOL...my new motto is: If I am not at a red light the kickstand is going down! LOL..Thank you ladies so much.

Apr 01, 2010
I Don't Have the Dropping the Bike Mindset Either
by: Rene L.

I have to agree with a previous comment about the adage "you are going to drop the bike." I personally don't subscribe to it. If it happens of course I will deal with it, but I agree that learning and practicing safe maneuvers and practices will help to guard against these kinds of mishaps.

I think it is more likely that folks with the mindset that it is inevitable are more likely to have a self fulfilling prophecy.

I go with the adage, dropping the bike is not required, lol.

Stay safe and enjoy the ride.

Apr 01, 2010
Down it Went!
by: Anonymous

Hey girl... You're not alone. I pulled up to the gas pump one day, turned off the bike, put the kick stand down, and proceeded to get off my bike. The minute I got off the bike the kickstand collapsed back up, and DOWN SHE WENT. Luckily there was no damage to my bike (my floorboards on my VStar just folded upward, and the weight of my bike rested on the floorboard bolt/spring mechanism underneath. PLEASE BE CAREFUL WHEN PUTTING THE KICKSTAND DOWN. Be sure it is all the way front and locked in place! I've only done this once, I've learned my lesson. It was embarrassing and humiliating to have to pick my bike up in front of a bunch of people at the pump. Guess we learn from our mistakes. Safe riding!

Mar 31, 2010
Riding doesn't have to be painful.
by: Anonymous

Ladies, you seem to have the wrong outlook about dropping your bikes. Everyone doesn't necessarily "drop" their bike at some point in their riding career. Not even when some (insert favorite bad word here) darts out in front of you. There are techniques and habits you can use while riding to all but eliminate the risk of laying it down.

I know several people who have logged or are approaching 1 million miles of accident free riding! Riding doesn't have to be painful.

Mar 31, 2010
I can't blame the kickstand.....
by: Anonymous

I can't blame the kickstand for my mishap. I was parked on the sidewalk and turned to talked to my friend when I lost my balance. Trying to catch myself my right foot hit wet grass and over me and the bike went. The kickstand wouldn't have helped me since it was on the opposite side of the bike, lol. About 6 people witnessed it and instead of helping me up they laughed until one of them realized I was stuck. I don't turn around to talk to people anymore while sitting on my bike :)

Mar 31, 2010
by: Lydia

After riding for a long time on the back of a bike with my husband, I decided to take the riders safety course and within the first thirty minutes of class I dropped the bike twice because of not putting the kickstand down. As a passenger I never thought about doing it. Everyone got a chuckle out of it and I learned quickly to put my stand down first thing.

Mar 31, 2010
Oh yes-the kickstand!
by: Theresa

It's been my one and only drop (so far!) too! Backed into my parking space, and when I went to lean the bike over before stepping off not only did I forget to lock in the kickstand, I was taken down by my bike and pinned under it! Had to wait for a co-worker to come over and lift the bike off my leg. My bike has the marks and my leg and ankle did too for a few weeks. A set of highway bars have since been added to prevent that indignity again and I try to always double check before leaning the bike over on the stand. Others I've talked to forget to put their feet down when stopping at a light or stop sign. One woman has done that 3 times now!

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